Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Old AP Article: Gov. Palin’s Pastor Right After Her Annoucement as VP Pick:
Palin’s pastor urges flock to pray..
2012Palin: Palin Comments on Fire, Apologizes if fire is connected to her:
December 13, 2008
Chief: Gov. Palin’s home chu..
2012Palin: Donate Today! Team Sarah supports Gov. Palin’s church during this time of need:
Due to arson, Sarah’s home chu..
2012Palin: Possible ARSON At Sarah Palin’s HOMETOWN Church:
Bill Collier

(Picture of the Wasila Bible Church from their..

John_Westra: @WOODTV Here’s a working link to the Palin Church Fire Story:
freedomist: sorry 4 r/t but urgent Donate to Sarah Palin’s Church pls r/t #tcot $dontgo
peoplevideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Lies about her Faith and her Religion:
Spread the real McCain! http://..
macleans: Sarah Palin’s church damaged by arson
itsvintageduh: Possible arson at Sarah Palin’s home church: This was in an email from Team Sarah: While details are sketchy and..
stltoday: TOP STORIES: Chief: Gov. Palin’s home church damaged by arson
readmylipstick: Send $’s to rebuild Sarah Palin’s church. Wasilla Bible Church 1651 W. Nicola Avenue Wasilla, Alaska 99654
takingcharge: Oh, people. Be as political as you like. But setting Sarah Palin’s church on fire? Gah.
m_dot: @_tophe I also hear she idolizes Palin
m_dot: @_tophe I also hears she idolizes Palin
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin’s church damaged by arson (CNews)
msnbc_us: Arson blamed in fire at Palin’s home church
daddyclaxton: Gene Chizik’s being named Auburn Coach has to rank right up there with Sarah Palin being named VP choice for McCain. Nuts.
abiteofsanity: @mosqueda Sarah Palin doesn’t speak for me, but arson against *any* place of worship is a deplorable.
randy_haddock: Arson suspected in fire at Palin’s church:
Flap: Colin Powell on the GOP, Polarization and Sarah Palin – Plus Rush Limbaugh
MyFoxKC: Chief: Gov. Palin’s Home Church Damaged By Arson: Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church was badly damaged by arson, lea..
Palin4President: @swhitley I’m not goin away…E-V-E-R. get used to seein me on the TV!! PALIN 2012!!!!!
SavannahNow: Several hundred people awaiting Palin’s speech at Civic Center: Several hundred people are already ga..
SavannahNow: Crowds gathering at Civic Center to hear Palin: Several hundred people are already gathering in the S..
huffpost: Palin’s Star Dims In Georgia: Networks Barely Cover Speech -TheRealMcCain
gazelem67: Sarah Palin in Georgia
timmyf: @ricksanchezcnn Georgians absolutely adore Sarah Palin… a folksy, pro-life conservative with strong family values. Not my type, I’m afraid
celebs_gossip: Tina Fey: Sarah Palin impression wasn’t ‘mean’
swhitley: Sorry for the Palin news, but I have to ask, when is this woman going to go back to her job? –
TheSuperficial: Tina Fey: Sarah Palin impression wasn’t ‘mean’: Tina Fey is standing by her Sarah Palin impression..
tennesseeBNN: Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee: You Only Get One Shot: Sarah Palin is milking ..
USATOnPolitics: Palin campaigns in Georgia on eve of Senate runoff: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the former Republican..
630wmal: SOUND OFF: Rush Limbaugh says we’re punishing the kids. Is he right?
Phyaflyjones: Sarah Palin is once again on my TV. Will this never end?
ET_nowplaying: What Other Supreme Court Decisions Do You Disagree With? – Katie Couric stumps Sarah Palin with… –
TinaDupuy: GG Libby talking about security is like Todd palin talking about birth control.
nipslip: Tina Fey: Sarah Palin impression wasn’t ‘mean’
rikmeistr: @ricksanchezcnn Palin=Chambliss runoff loss…sorry:(
columbiajames: Sarah Palin’s stumping in Georgia and has possible book deal… should I laugh or cry. Isn’t Alaska in need of moose hunting or something?
popfeed: [thesuperficial] Tina Fey: Sarah Palin impression wasn’t ‘mean’
huffpost: im also looking at why palin in ga, given saxby chamblis military record or lack there of. alaska papers questioning. -ricksanchezcnn
ricksanchezcnn: im also looking at why palin in ga, given saxby chamblis military record or lack there of. alaska papers questioning.
EndTheRoboCalls: Enough! Palin on CNN campaigning in GA. Can’t she just go away.
zachunderwood: @jtshelton On behalf of sane Republicans everywhere, I’d like to apologize for Daniel Essek and anyone that voted McCain "because of Palin."
writerchad: Palin is in Georgia today. I hope the election goes Martin’s way. I don’t want any credit given to that moose.
CREEativeRight: Heading out the door to see Sarah Palin. We’ll see if I can get any photos.
gadkins: @ school doing nothing in class. psyched for the saxby/palin rally later today
ursulas: lol! @huffingtonpost Shannyn Moore: The Alaskans Are Getting Restless….: Governor Palin Neglects Alaska Duties
bnmeeks: I monitor TwitScoop, informative, sometimes the words just line up in great poetic phrases, just now: map naked Palin photography :)
latimestot: Georgia Senate fray enters last day: Chambliss-Palin vs Martin-Obama –

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