Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

pa5fn: TV station buys 2 BlackBerrys with private info about McCain-Palin campaign: A TV station owned and operated by ..
kaijuisme: @TimHall Can’t compare Obama, Palin, Bush visibility. Obama =Productivity. Palin =Hilarity (and not in a good way). Bush =Disgust and Anger.
BohoPoetGirl: @Akelaa.. I usually see both sides. people say thats crazy. Excluding anything GW or Palin has evr said…. They just don’t make sense!
chai_guy: @kosmonaut – I think Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to the Democratic party since Dan Quayle, I hope her star keeps rising!
mmDonuts: Holy crap, did someone forget to tell Palin that the campaign is over? Obama/Biden at the Govs meeting to discuss policy and she’s sniping.
tufadvisor: @craftyGAgal yep, least its over, tired of getting called from Pres bush, VP Cheney, Gov Palin, Gov Purdue, Gumby, Superman, Michellen man..
lorens210: @joelima Sarah Palin?
mikesamerica: "Palin Power" Holds Georgia Senate Seat and Filibuster for GOP: Despite an all out effort by Obama a..
davala: dear neighbors, it is ok (and time) to take down the McCain-Palin sign.
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: Palin Caught Wearing Wardrobe She Was To Have Returned After Campaign: According to..
arkansasBNN: Val’s Bien: No Wind, But A Lot Of Hot Air: A listener from Fayetteville got in on the Rush Limbaugh s..
douglasbass: Winners in GA Senate runoff: Saxby Chambliss, Sarah Palin
snackfeedbuzz: another one McCain concession speech-Proud to be a Republican again.

After watching weeks of Palin stupidity it feel…

Tiffanyg89: @harper_andy Haha now I’m watching the new SNL Tina Fey skit as Sarah Palin in the Vice Presidential debate against Biden.
palinsupporter: Bruce Willis is on Letterman being very anti-Palin. Bye for me Bruce. Hope your career is not important to you. I know that I’m done.
Marwan_vs_Shark: @drunktrash @michelleadams i once asked why sarah palin was a dumb bitch. i got the answer, "bc she never went to a prestigious university"
la_directora: @racingpenguins Ooo, it’s like the Palin defense. "I can see numbers, so I must be a mathematician." :)
ursulas: WOOOOOT! @ewoman @ursulas – amen, sistah – May Palin experience hot flashes non-stop! That would be change we can believe in!
poetspirit: News: Group: Palin not only one with donor-funded duds: 2 Dec 2008 // WASHINGTON — Turns out Ala..
ewoman: @ursulas – amen, sistah – May Palin experience hot flashes non-stop! That would be change we can believe in!
dotMR: bruce willis has a palin hairdoo on Letterman right now
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Congratulations Sarah Palin (and Saxby)
chrissandoval: missing election season. had to watch palin turkey massacre photo-op to cope. YouTube it – iPhone no have copy/paste.
chrisneedham: Package Wichita Palin. That’s what I’d be called if I’d been born to Sarah Palin.
downtheticket: Listening to Rich Lowry trash Palin on Dennis Miller’s radio show. National Review is teh lame.
dekkerd: “I didn’t really invent the internet.” “I’m not really Sarah Palin.”
penguinponders: My post about Tx Federation of Republican Women making Gov Palin Appreciation Day ran at Texas Weekly.
ursulas: I’m doing ok, glad to see you are back! @ewoman @ursulas – hey! How are you? I’ve missed your rage abt. all things Palin, sweetie.
ursulas: I almost forgot about her for a few days! LOL! @ewoman @ursulas – hey! How are you? I’ve missed your rage abt. all things Palin, sweetie.
seanhackbarth: @markdkelly2 I’m really starting to like the Palin-Jindal 1-2 punch.
ewoman: @ursulas – hey! How are you? I’ve missed your rage abt. all things Palin, sweetie.
markdkelly2: @seanhackbarth Did Palin beat Obama today? Here’s hoping the very popular Gov. Jindal can provide a push.
ursulas: Sarah Palin is still wearing her expensive campaign donor clothes she was supposed to give back/donate: Hussy!
mylanlarue: I wonder if Obama met Sarah Palin today… I would have loved to be the fly on the wall:-).
ursulas: Eeuuww! Conservatives will be beating us to death with Sarah Palin in the future. Horrors!
seanhackbarth: @markdkelly2 Where’s Gov. Palin? It’s not like she has a state gov. to run. ;-)
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Warns Palin: Don’t Run For My Seat: Someone’s g..
oklahomaBNN: The McCarville Report Online: With Palin’s Help, Chambliss Wins Georgia Race: Riding a wave of enthus..
Flap: Serving Sarah the Old Patriotism Lie: Some of the criticisms of Sarah Palin are fair. Some of them are unfai..
georgiaBNN: Peach Pundit: Notes on the Race: Number of comments: 3Both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama campaigned in ..
topix_election: Group: Others Used Campaign Funds For Clothes: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wasn’t the only candidate w..
EvilJeremy: seriously Sarah Palin nobody cares about you anymore
Michael_Hoffman: Calvin Trillin on Daily Show. The 2008 election in rhyme. Palin singing Streisand "On a clear day, I see Vladivostok…"
RightGirl: @Ithildyn @TxSkirt – we’re talking the band Rush, not the Limbaugh.
HistoryHitman: sucking down sunkist and oreos. can’t believe anyone is surprised that Chambliss cleaned up in Georgia. It’s Georgia and Palin was there!
ohsnapitskyle: @junnyqwa The "Thank You, Sarah Palin" commercials? I LOVE THOSE.
arasmus: ABP: Sarah Palin is alive and canvasing for Saxby Chamblis in Georgia.
Michael_Hoffman: Jon Stewart showing Saxby Chambliss "groping" his granddaughter. Then shows Sarah Palin campaining for him, "She’s ALIVE!"
dfarnworth: Listening to @GrammerGirl explain irony in the best possible way: Via Sarah Palin’s Turkey video [Mignon's first video]

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