Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

blogislam: Sarah Palin Is No More A Real American Than Any Of Us Elitists: editor of racialicious calls it as she sees it.
zipzink: Fire hits Palin’s church in Alaska – arson suspected –
redditfeed: Sometimes God has a Wicked Sense of Humor: Fire hits Palin’s church in Alaska: submitted by wang-banger to polit..
libertyrant: Colin Powell: "Can we continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh?" #rushbo
ryancormier: Burning down: first her dream, now her church. Bad year for Palin.
MurDog: @GeoffPeterson yeah, that seems to happen… TwitScooped me Sarah Palin, Macy’s Parade being Rickrolled, India being attacked… handy
daveingland: @jimwalton the winking worked for Sarah Palin too…haha :)
ronragsag: @jasoncrouch yeeh! & @ElizabethNieves for VP!! Palin – see yah!
EndTheRoboCalls: When will Palin stay in Alaska? "Palin to speak at Gwinnett Arena, Ludacris to help Martin" –
washingtonBNN: Strange Bedfellows: Poll: Palin not popular with ‘center’: Politico’s David Paul Kuhn deconstructs ..
wisconsinBNN: The Political Environment: 2012 Is A Long Way Off: Palin-Watch: I can’t imagine Sarah Palin can sust..
JannieAlexa: I saw Sarah Palin on Greta/FoxNews today. This woman consistently impresses me. I love her plain, down-to-earth expressions of her beliefs!
mccombover: Revisting the Rush Limbaugh Detained with Viagra at the airport incident: CBS News Limbaugh was detain..
freerepublic: Palin Remains Threat to Liberals/Democrats: Hebert wants her to shut up or shut down. Do we need any..
foxnews_pol: FOX NEWS POLITICS: Palin to Stump for Georiga Sen. Chambliss: Sarah Palin was to ar..
snackfeedbuzz: another one Part 2 – The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville, Ohio-Part 2 of McCain-Palin supporters at a rally in Stron…
quicoulol: * lol * Sara Palin nue telle qu’on ne l’a jamais vue habillée
TxSkirt: Most of my lib followers went dormant aft election. Hmm maybe Palin’s right–they really are just a dude in his pjs in his momma’s basement.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] The Battle for the GOP Is On: Palin, Romney or Jindal: The Battle for ..
bjohnson: @davidmorelli Give us credit for Sarah Palin. You must have had a few laughs ab
foxnews: POLITICS: Palin to Stump for Georiga Sen. Chambliss
foxnewspolitics: Palin to Stump for Georiga Sen. Chambliss: Sarah Palin was to arrive in Georgia for a private…
Meryl333: Looked up Georgia news coverage on Chambliss / Martin race. Only coverage was line that Palin would be stumping for him. Ugh.
huffpost: Palin to campaign for Sen. Chambliss -TheRealMcCain
hkorb: Palin still an idiot and Georgia needs a Dem
yazicimm: Let the Republican race for 2012 begin!! Palin must be on Expedia for a quick trip to Iowa
11AliveNews: Palin to Campaign for Sen. Chambliss : Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss enlisted Sarah Palin to rally ..
Marenda: hmmm Palin to campaign for Sen. Chambliss: Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss enlisted Sarah Palin to ra..
oklahomaBNN: SoonerThought: Palin Stumping for Chickenhawk Charlatan: Georgia palby Matt ZenceyGov. Sarah Palin is..
hugodwarf: At some point in school, John McCain, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin have all performed in a production of the musical Oklahoma.
NewsOnTwitter: MSNBC – Palin to campaign for Sen. Chambliss: Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss enlisted Sarah..
tcampbell1000: I’ll try to stop obsessing over Palin, but I think Boopsie nailed it here:
jerrod75: Yo why won’t Sarah Palin just go away,damn this is just ridiculous now.
vitalicvision: generally unhappy at any resemblance to sarah palin
anaedream: @bigbadchang Mebbe you should contact Sarah Palin. I hear she’s a pro at creating bridges…. ;)
msnbc_politics: Palin to campaign for Sen. Chambliss
PoliticsFix: Palin Campaigning Monday in Ga. for Chambliss – – NewsMax
blakemitchell89: @gjwilson0 it was really great! I’m totally hooked now; I want to do more! P.S. What’s Palin doing in Augusta?
Craemmir: likes Olbermann on Sarah Palin and the turkey on Boxee. check it out at
ElectionWatch: Palin to campaign in Ga. for Sen. Chambliss (Boston Globe): Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss enliste..
gowherehiphop: Wow this traffic is unbearable! Finally passed up the car with a mccain palin sticker, Phew!
1wbprice: idea for a t-shirt. A picture of Sarah Palin Parasailin’ with the caption, "Palindrome"
oregonian2008: Palin to hit campaign trail again tonight, backing Georgia senator
soulpowr: Luda-Martin, Palin-Chambliss
nilicule: @vanmaanen De nieuwe president in 24 lijkt me intelligenter dan hockey-mom "I can see Russia from my house" Palin ;-)
vanmaanen: @nilicule Lopen dus gewoon 4 of 8 jaar voor: Palin vs Clinton?
snackfeedbuzz: checkout McCain rally in Colorado Springs hits snag before it begins-John McCain / Sarah Palin rally in Colorado Sprin…
WBTV_News: From WBTV News: Palin campaigns for Chambliss: Associated Press – November 30, 2008 4:03..
Race42008: There Can Be Only Two: My opinion regarding the so-called “Big Three”: Huckabee, Palin, and..

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