Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

ernetas: Po truputį publikuoju vakar dienos blogo įrašus (: . Tikėkimės RSS reader’iai spės susisinchronizuoti, kad neprarasčiau įrašų…
Diecast_Dude: New GAC post about Sarah Palin: If you like it, please go to Yahoo Buzz and say so:
ernetas: Kaip mane erzina, kai blogo įrašų komentavimas užblokuotas, o el. pašto autorius nenorodo!
johnhalton: RT @brownpau Whoa, Palin’s church badly damaged by fire, possible arson. Sirs, that is just not cricket.
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: Arsonists burn Sarah Palin’s church.: Number of comments: 1An overnight fire at Gov. Sarah..
floridaBNN: East Florida Gazette Online: Arson Attack on Sarah’s Church: Hang in there, governorAlaska Governor Sarah Palin’..
iowaBNN: DI blog: "Suspicious" Fire Devastates Former Palin Church: CNN reports:A "suspicious" fire devastated the church..
topix_popular: Fire Rush Limbaugh: How can the Republican Party rebound? The first step would be to quit letting R..
snackfeedbuzz: The Ballad of Sarah Palin-The Ballad of Sarah Palin
Song Written, Directed, and Performed by Mason Storm
Produced by …
snackfeedbuzz: video added Late Show – Katie Couric Post-Palin-For the first time, Katie Couric talks about her interviews with Sarah…
legaufre: lmfao sarah palin 2012 gingerbread bus
lejoneric: -oh and my Born Again Brother and his lovely wife even approved of my homosexual lover. I never saw so many McCain Palin signs in my life
ET_nowplaying: Stump the candidate – Sarah Palin challenges people to try to stump her.
drewstin77: @alliswell what about sarah palin?
reidstott: Sarah Palin’s is coming to Georgia tomorrow. Donna Brazille suggests they had to send her a memo, ‘it’s the state, not the country.’
ToastMachine: Did anyone ever make the joke about Sarah Palin’s appeal to "schwing!" voters?
ShawnaCoronado: @perrybelcher Great blog – I look forward to seeing more – laughed until I cried over the Palin videos. Thanks for that!
snackfeedbuzz: we’re watching Jack Cafferty Loves Sarah Palin, Part II-Jack Cafferty on CNN’s Situation Room, September 29, 2008
TexasMonthly: Burka on Rush Limbaugh, the Hispanic vote, and how the R’s lost it.
politicalinsidr: Dems and GOPers rely on female surrogates for final Senate push in Ga. Plus Sarah Palin’s Monday schedule.
joycassell: writing The Loony Left’s election of President Palin
silas216: Anyone ever told you… « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more
tonyisimportant: "It’s not clear exactly what kind of book Sarah Palin is planning, but it sure as shit won’t be an atlas." – John Oliver, The Bugle
snackfeedbuzz: Sarah Palin CBS Interview (Katie Couric)-All the segments in order as you’ve seen it nowhere else: the economic crisi…
DanielthePoet: Joes Crab Shack radio ad uses Sarah Palin impersonator. interesting sales strategy.
Phoena: I hope Palin supporters are paying attention at how incredibly useless she is as a governor since she still isn’t doing her job.
pa5fn: Palin back on campaign trail: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will campaign for Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss.


huffpost: Palin back on campaign trail -TheRealMcCain
emflip: … totally shouldn’t have watched the turkey dying Sarah Palin youtube before bed…
n_carolinaBNN: Thunder Pig: An Ode To The Intellectual Giant Rush Limbaugh: Rush has a well-thought-out political ..
shellinaya: retweet: Palin back on campaign trail eeek
huffpost: CNN: Palin back on campaign trail: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will campaign for Georgia Sen. Saxby .. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: CNN: Palin back on campaign trail: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will campaign for Georgia Sen. Saxby ..
Kudzu630: @ewerickson any luck on the face time with Gov. Palin? How about us commoners? Last politician I saw in GA was President Bush, the first one
josephdee: RT @politicalticker Palin back on campaign trail – umm did she not get the memo? and why am i still following CNN?
ProgressiveElec: Sarah Palin campaigning in Georgia – Yuck
illions: @mattlewis01 Palin – Jindal ’12 covers all the bases!!
melle: @havi Also: Palin. Excuse me while I go drink more coffee and study this new-fangled "keyboard". :)
politicalticker: Palin back on campaign trail
Havi: @melle I see Sarah Palin’s rhetoric has spread northward. REAL Canadians must be lovely people. Is that toque yours BTW? It looks familiar.
anorak_uk: Margaret And Helen Say Shut The Hell Up Sarah Palin: I thought I was done. Rea..
amichetti: @emflip Don’t forget – Sarah Palin video.
MattLewis01: @illions
illions … @EAterrell Theory: Guys like Palin, Gals like Jindal…
stlouiscardinal: St. Louis St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck..
YatPundit: @BethHarte it’s the same sort of thing as how Rush Limbaugh tightly screens calls. you can’t have your ideas shot down that way.
snackfeedbuzz: liking Thanksgiving Special-Palin and 2 Turkies-Back stage Youtube Live with
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Why Rush Limbaugh is a leading American intellectual: I have a bone to..
laconics: i <3 jon stewart. reviewing best sarah palin moments – "beautiful, charismatic… creationist!"
ThunderPig: Blog: An Ode To The Intellectual Giant Rush Limbaugh

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