Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

wisconsinBNN: Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative: Colin Powell takes on Rush Limbaugh: Tim Cuprisin on his blog links to a C..
techwatching: Obsessable News…: McCain-Palin campaign sells BlackBerries with private cell numbers –
PreZZure: @Ms_Murder iZ the Sarah Palin of Monopoly
usaconservative: I’m thankful that no one was hurt at Governor’s Palin’s church, and hope such acts of terror and intimidation won’t be tolerated.
SarahPalin: Arsonist burns Sarah Palin’s church (Everett Herald)
mendedwings: @amup aim your speakers at their house and blare talk radio. like…sean hannity or something
freerepublic: Why Rush Limbaugh is a leading American intellectual: I have a bone to pick with Rush Limbaugh about..
CarrieWorthen: What this doesn’t tell you is that Bobby Jindal is WAY more ideologically frightening than Palin. BE VERY AFRAID.
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin pardons a turkey while another is killed as …:
Sarah Pa..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Gov. Sarah Palin pardons Turkey [FULL]:
Turkey pardon – Palin style A..
freerepublic: Sarah Palin: A digital superstar: A recent YouTube clip that featured her being interviewed while, u..
stlouiscardinal: St. Louis St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck..
carriagetradepr: (SAVANNAH, GA) Stage Front Presentation Systems Providing Sound and Lighting Support for Palin Event
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) On Gov. Palin All the Lies Fit to Print
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin pardons turkey ahead of Thanksgiving (HQ):
Gov. Sarah Pal..
radiotwit: Radio-Info: Re: Rush Limbaugh on WVMT
MattLewis01: Jindal or Palin in 2012?
ideasmaverick: The US Presidential elections couldn’t get funnier than this. Sarah Palin becomes a sing-a-song:
whkoh: @tsuei I agree but Fey no longer wants to play Palin :-( maybe she’ll return in ’12 if the hockey mom runs? (shudders)
gerbenvanetten: "It was a beautiful day! 45, Hazy, just like Sarah Palin!"
daredukes: Red-eye layover in Atlanta airport. Sarah Palin on CNN. Big man peels redolent grapefruit. Older woman asks me to watch her bag.
iMelanie: Sarah Palin is the most searched person on AOL! Why people??? Why?????
sayfienews: Politico: Sarah Palin: A digital superstar
freerepublic: $7M FOR PALIN BOOK? MAYBE
: I really don’t want to write the following item, but it’s hap..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] $7M FOR PALIN BOOK? MAYBE
: I really don’t want to write the fol..
newsbusters: On Gov. Palin All the Lies Fit to Print : It seems that Froma Harrop of Creator’s Syndicate news serv..
ET_nowplaying: Sarah Palin has challenged her party – Carly Fiorina thinks Sarah Palin walks on water. –
quantumtuba: "It’s like drowning in one’s idiocy and bigotry while feeling self righteous and persecuted for no reason."–Me on being a Palin fan
snackfeedbuzz: liking Sarah Palin Gives Interview With Turkeys Being Slaughtered Behind Her!-
November 21, 200…
authalic: @thatsnotnice John Cleese is hotter than Michael Palin. Michael Palin is cute, yeah, but he probably even ranks below Eric Idle in hotness.
snackfeedbuzz: another one Palin Enjoys The Levity Of A Turkey Slaughter-On Thursday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared in her ho…
acageybee: You know it’s time for bed when you resort to watching the Sarah Palin turkey video. Being unconscious would be much more productive.
snackfeedbuzz: Sarah Palin visits the turkey farm-Why not let Gov. Sarah Palin pick out your family’s Thanksgiving bird?

Comedian J…

north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: The World Is Still Fascinated With Sarah Palin: Interesting…

Three weeks aft..

ET_nowplaying: Change is coming – Sarah Palin thinks that John McCain is bringing change. –
tsuei: @whkoh no, she could replace palin herself. nobody can replace tina fey! nobodyyyyyy
gabalish: "and to all you Joe 6-packs playin a drinkin game out there… Maverick." man sarah palin really did save snl from oblivion
sendchocolate: watching Keith Olbermann watch Palin’s "turkey pardoning but really slaughtering" video. heh. (she is just a wreck)
techlifeweb: yeah…the election is over…snl is in reruns…still, Tina Fey is hi-larious as Sarah Palin
amymcroberts: In the words of Sarah Palin, A Happy Habbit, "you becha":
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Sarah Palin at the Turkey Farm
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Sarah Palin’s Campaign Memories – "From illa to illa"
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Thank YOU, Sarah Palin! – w dark humor ending
thatsnotnice: Whoops, I was totally not thinking of terry gilliam after all. For some reason I thought Michael Palin was Terry Gilliam. Thanks IMDB…
fatheaddesign: @billcarroll good advice, especially for someone who uses Rush Limbaugh as a point of reference when discussing current events.
RightGirl: @infidelsarecool Likewise! Limbaugh rules.
Kristamea: @frhood Haha! Or, like much of FoxNews’s coverage overall, it was a complete fabrication from the start … to make Sarah Palin look good
wabisabi: @StevenLJohnson the Palin turkey video also makes Tofu a preferred holiday option. Who knew she would inadvertently promote vegetarianism?
caitpenn: @zippityd I heard about that. Their version of palin looks non-white… kinda goofy.

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