Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

thebcast: Million Dollar Arson Fire Hits Sarah Palin’s Church as Women Gather Inside
sarahpalinfeed: Fire damages Sarah Palin’s church :
tracykarol: Someone posted on FB that Palin’s church was burned down. Anyone hear this? #TCOT link if you have it.
seeThruDrew: A "suspicious" fire has devastated the church of Sarah Palin That’s like Book of Job grade Irony
seeThruDrew: A "suspicious" fire devastated the church of Sarah Palin That’s like Book of Job grade Irony
latimestot: Services today moved as suspicious fire wrecks Sarah Palin’s church –
SarahPalin: Arsonist burns Sarah Palin’s church (Everett Herald)
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: Sarah Palin’s Church Damaged In “Suspicious” Fire: Palin derangement syndrome?

(CNN) — A &#8220..

zippityd: the script to "who’s nailin’ palin": i’m dissapointed that the porn/actress doesn’t look anything like sarah palin
AnnetteFix: @StephenTiano Was a big SNL fan back in the Gilda Radner days, then not for many years. Watched the Tina Fey/Palin skits, now off SNL again.
snackfeedbuzz: watch "They Kill Turkeys, Don’t They?" – Sarah Palin Meets Monty Python-READ FIRST! In Alaska, Sarah Palin pardons a …
sjprohaska: la pequena sarah palin. u tube it at your own risk. thank you ecuador.
tsuei: does anyone else agree with me that our former school principal and sarah palin bear uncanny similarities? :(
37blindtunas: @StinkyTPinky You too honey. We had tofu turkey. In honor of Sarah Palin’s turkey pardon right in front of the guy slaughtering turkeys.
RightGirl: @seanhackbarth NO MORE RUSH! Limbaugh only, please.
rschwertley: Palin as President?: Check out this amusing little site:
BudGibson: @benkunz Palin may still be the gift that keeps on giving…
vjd: Going to see Sarah Palin on Monday!
7th_tone: Looking at Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey is si funny as Sarah Palin.
GrandNewParty: SNL did the Palin debate episode again. Wow – it sure has gotten old and tired. I wonder how they will handle Obama…
trnwebmaster: TRNLOCALNEWS ’50s pinup girl image adds some bebop to senior art exhibit of artist Palin..
queenbee75: still laughin’ over Tina Fey as Sarah Palin!
candycanelane: I know the election is over but Palin skits on SNL are still hilarious.
benkunz: @BudGibson Re SNL, I knew we’d miss Sarah Palin …
amylauren4585: Wow…Tina Faye and Sarah Palin could be identical twins!! Watching SNL and thought Palin was speaking!
xavierla: watching SNL. biden-palin debate, haha.
WillieTenorio: watching tuna fey as Sarah palin on snl
PresJackFord: OMG! Making hilarious Palin beatbox!
natasha08: Say what you will, Sarah Palin, but I have my convictions: melting polar ice caps have left Santa with less storage space. #blackfriday
blog_am: still loving the palin
YatPundit: @EndTheRoboCalls Saxby Chambliss is, as Limbaugh would say, a piece of human debris. The man is shit, and deserves to be scooped away.
aftermarketgirl: The conservative thing is a small issue though. My last bf loved palin and said i looked like her. lol. But you can work around that stuff.
GriffinClubMerv: @Jessabelle207 Was it Palin’s?
hairboutique: Ireland’s Health Minister Mary Harney’s hair expenses attacked Did she take spending lessons from Sarah Palin?
ayax79: @ctb wow that is so far right 2003. Not even Sarah Palin wears that bumpersticker anymore.
willjohnston: @jaephine Obama, Boehner, McCain, and Palin too. I’m a former hill staffer turned church staffer who runs
HumbleEurotrash: The world still "fascinated" of Palin? Quite a optimistic interpretation. By the way people don´t only look up POSITIVE stuff on Google…
chuckobama: Before Barack meets with Sarah Palin (, he’s having her meet with Chuck Obama. So I can kick her in the FACE.
blogomama: Aside from the Sara Palin skits, SNL just doesn’t do much for me.
AbayKamau: Watching the Palin turkey pardon…wow!!!
Heuristocrat: Never saw the Palin/Biden spoof debate on SNL. Very good. Thanks
jessshepard: Right now Nickk is flying over Russia. Maybe Sarah palin can see his plane from her house!
roadkillrefugee: RT @sarking @roadkillrefugee I suspect that on Xmas Eve, Palin’ll do an interview standing in front of elves whipping obstinate reindeer.
roadkillrefugee: Caribou=reindeer. Ergo, Sarah Palin likes to shoot Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. How sweet.
Jennyjinx: Really, read this one on Sarah Palin… hilarity
Chompa: Palin is so amazing.
PilotNews: Sarah Palin: A digital superstar
24thstate: @jeffq73 – the bit about Palin – I’d like to see what she does in the next 2 years before polls start calling her the presumptive nominee.
snackfeedbuzz: new video Nader and Palin on The Bailout!!!-You are watching The Annotated News! Please Answer Comment questions belo…

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