Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tweetieman: Just seen the Jon Stewart tribute to Alan Colmes leaving Hannity and Colmes. Very nice with Hall and Oats "He’s Gone".
oregonBNN: Oregon Catalyst: Tine Fey explains her Sarah Palin impression: Last week this video was among the top Google wat..
mrsperez915: They (libs) better be afraid of Palin! She’s going to rip them all to pieces!
Rightwingmadman: The numbers tonight sorta fit my theory that if Palin had been the GOP nominee for prez, we’d have won.
terristuckey: @GeoffSurratt who is winning? did either one do a Palin *wink* as they made their point?
hanna_e: WHOIS sarah palin
totongski: sarah palin filling up some gas…
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – McCain Reacts to a Party Under Palin:
ABC, 10/31/08

Author: asterbo..

larrymwalkerjr: @libertyrant Looks like a Sarah Palin hangout. Never heard of it before.
minnesotaBNN: Lake Minnetonka Liberty: Sarah Palin talk & "moderates": Palin 2012. Some are already getting that i..
NerdTweeters: @quantumtuba I’m dying of laughter at that article. The caption under Palin’s picture, oh man.
ryanbooker: Why is Palin still talking? Doesn’t she go back to being a nobody now?
palinsupporter: The Libs are still unnerved by Sarah Palin – they can’t get over talking about her. I love it. Hey Libs – be afraid, be very afraid.
shaunduke: @purplepingpong As old as your response was, I need to respond…no I don’t think Palin is attractive, but general people do.
HAZIQ: @rahiemshabazz word. even sarah palin came thru..i voted 4martin but im sorta glad there’ll still be debate in congress-’groupthink’ is bad.
Rightwingmadman: Bill Bennett = Old boy network. Palin is cleaning house in ’12.
DailyMePolitics: Obama makes nice with Palin at governors’ conference
DailyMeNews: Obama makes nice with Palin at governors’ conference
HoffmaniaDotCom: Palin Will Take Credit
samiiam: woot! ANZ on Google’s top 10 list of AU’s fastest growing searches in 2008… we out-searched palin & underbelly!
dannydarko: Sarah Palin needs to go back to her igloo and stay off my tv. Im sick of her…you betcha
cemiami: Bill Bennett says that Palin is just one of many Gov as leaders
alexsaves: Stephan Dion is Canada’s Sarah Palin. The more he talks, the more people are scared he could actually become prime minister.
Rightwingmadman: "A clear defeat for Barry and a win for Sarah Louise Heath Palin" Georgia has three senators, one of ‘em is … you guessed it!
ckorenowsky: Thank You Sarah Palin
Rightwingmadman: With Sarah Palin, I’m reassessing my long-held opposition to cloning. ;)
mvatlarge: Oliver Stone’s ‘P.’ (Palin parody):
cemiami: A clear defeat for Barry and a win for Sarah Louise Heath Palin
seanhackbarth: @kevinbinversie Boo-ya! Chambliss wins! Secondary winner: Gov. Palin.
bestintent: CNN projects (R) Chambliss winner in GA – *darn it* Palin will never go away now.
kimmance: Saxby Chambliss (R) Wins Georgia Senate Runoff (via @nytimes) — ya know, they guy who called Palin a "rock star" today.
downwithtyranny: Alaska– Still Here: Will Palin Move To Oust Murkowski?
carlcoryell: McCain and Lieberman are in india. I wonder if we’ll see a Palin/Lieberman ticket in 2012.
tslloyd: I am SOOO over Sara Palin. Why won’t she just disppear?! or would her preacher burn her for witchcraft..and I approve this message.
cemiami: Martin is toast, like a wolf in Palin’s Alaska
TheAdmiral1: Sarah Palin talk & "moderates": Palin 2012. Some are already getting that in gear. I don’t know about..
styleit: @iPhillyChitChat it’s actually the same photo with some silly holiday stuff around it. so full face I look like Sarah Palin?
styleit: @iPhillyChitChat well, apology accepted. would like being told you look like Sarah Palin?
natashamazumdar: Crap. After saving abortion from Palin, we get freaking Jan Brewer in Arizona.
katek8: My mom left me a voice mail after 8 years, she sounds like Sarah Palin. Eek!
iPhillyChitChat: @styleit That is a scary Sarah Palin looking avatar. I like your reg one.
Rightwingmadman: 53% reporting, Palin 62/38
iowaBNN: Century of the Common Iowan: The Sarah Palin Movie:

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my websi..

Rightwingmadman: 52% reporting, Palin 62/38
Phyaflyjones: @superhussy very true. I have a life long enemy for saying that Sarah Palin’s daughter was "knocked up". GROW UP!!!
Rightwingmadman: 46% reporting, Palin 62/37
kvanh: I now fast forward through Sarah Palin mentions faster than i did before the election.
Rightwingmadman: 43% reporting, Palin 62/37
Rightwingmadman: 40% reporting, Palin 62.6%/37.4
Rightwingmadman: Chambliss doing much better in key counties than he did on Nov. 4th. Call it the Palin Effect.

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