Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

terror_fist_jab: @Lisa_Nova hey Lisa, when are you going to make another Sarah Palin video? I can never get enough of that "wink".
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – SARAH PALIN – JOE VOGLER MENTOR – ALASKA INDEPENDENCE PARTY:
jgillmartin: My 1st tweet on this fine windless day was a Palin Tweet … fire was "purposely set" Chi Trib #Palinchurch #TCOT
daveburris: Somebody tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church last night.
SarahPalin: Official: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s church purposely set on fire (Chicago Tribune)
californiaBNN: Marooned In Marin: Arson Suspected In Fire At Gov. Palin’s Home Church: On and also at the bottom of p..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin’s Church Severely Damaged by Arson: Palin hatred has not abated. ANCHORA..
yahoobuzz: Suspicious fire burns Palin church
danalonso: Sarah Palin, después de conceder el "perdón" a un pavo. Falla de locación.
bmiller949: I am watching the Macy parade today. The Sarah Palin balloon seems to have floated away it had too much hot air and it wasn’t well grounded.
newspin: @leannebanowetz you should twit pic your palin hair do!
LeanneBanowetz: My mother just told me i had a palin hair do today.
momusmeister: Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends south of the 49th… well, and those north of it if you find yourself in Palin territory… <gr …
chasv: Happy turkey day! Thinking about Palin pardoning one turkey while another was being slaughtered right behind her… Brilliant!
jamesnewman: Happy Thanksgiving: Palin Slaughter Edition.
pcnonlinegossip: Happy Turkey Gobbling, from Sarah Palin!!: By now, you may have expected Sarah Palin to be swimmi..
shanparker: @319Ricky like Sarah Palin!
jemaleddin: Dear, people on the Internet: I’m thankful for each and every one of you. Unless you voted for McCain/Palin – you assholes can burn in hell.
bcollinsmn: I’m sure the rickrolled thing is a huge story I don’t get. It’s probably all they’re talking about in the Palin household right now, too.
dickforan: Having my thanksgiving raw turkey with Palin,Don’t be afraid.
jerryzurek: @jks724 Jill and Sarah Palin on turkey duty!
AFSienko: Not sure why everyone is disturbed by Sarah Palin’s turkey slaughter video. Seriously, where do you think turkeys come from?
kristenrudd: had a nightmare last night: W decided to get out now and appointed Palin until Obama’s inauguration. *shudder*
wamurray: Good to see Twitter used to connect people on Mumbai and for charitable causes. Also see bad info (eg Palin Africa rumor) spread on Twitter
larrytanoury: Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to Sarah Palin, I’ll be passing on the Turkey this year.
NewMonarch: In the last 10 minutes, in-laws have uttered "liberal media", "one-world government", "Skull & Crossbones", and "I really like Gov. Palin".
SusieBlack: @cygnusx6 Palin never misses an opportunity to embarrass herself.
agawley: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
bodysnatchers: @bobbryar are you going to eat the turkey Sarah Palin watched die ( cause everyone knows it’s on Ebay)
disjointedness: Big SUV. Black Flag sticker. McCain Palin sticker. I think Mr. Rollins would flip that beast over in a rage.
clash_music: Clash Music News: Coldplay Singer On Palin Crush: Chris Martin Struggles With Feelin..
blm849: @DavidBrain that was just….so…odd….and so….Sarah Palin! :)
thatturtle: Ok, you can take your McCain-Palin lawn sign down now. The election’s over. Shouldn’t you be going into hiding about now?
sarahcpr: @keithweaver If I hated America, I would have mentioned the Sarah Palin turkey slaughtering video, but I didn’t do that did I?
DavidBrain: Sarah Palin talks turkey….while a turkey awaits its Thanksgiving day fate behind her:
winequester: @1WineDude Excellent Palin video! Alaska gets their turkeys from farms around Wasilla, coincidently :-)
jasontm: @danadee gobble gobble.. not so happy if you happen to be a turkey in a Sara Palin interview.. :P
DenisCampbell: @jeanettejoy two necks, that’s just scary, Maybe Sarah Palin did it?
MarilynM: Sarah Palin’s favorite holiday recipe…heh….
clashmusic_now: Coldplay Singer On Palin Crush
studiozeroseven: Sarah Palin lookalike…
sethharwood: Like the new pic? Can Sarah Palin really be this dumb? (**Turkey Killing Video Interview**)
bolobao: – Would the real Sarah Palin sit down….
catashton: Palin a like – shelldon’s mum in big bang theory.
dianakuan: Oh Sarah Palin, you and your turkeys crack me up.
BondGyrl: McCain Palin signs finally down. Lol
AudioShocker: Zombie Palin #7 – The Mac is Back!
fattie20xl: i bet sarah palin’s kisses taste like turducken….
Aknauta: Palin brings Utah partisans closer together on issue of working moms

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