Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

WestleyAnnis: What I would like to know, why do uber-libs feel such joy that Palin’s church was burned down? #tcot
daltonsbriefs: “Gov. Palin’s church set ablaze video #diggcons”
WestleyAnnis: If the DNC can be pulled left by Obama, why can’t the GOP be pulled right by Palin and Rush? #tcot
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Biden / Palin Debate Part 3 – Taxes:
Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden debate ta..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – SARAH PALIN – JOE VOGLER MENTOR – ALASKA INDEPENDENCE PARTY:
atamirny: McCain relaxed and sensible on This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos. Distance from the campaign and Palin agrees with him.
top_news: nytimes: Palin’s Church Is Badly Damaged by Fire: ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Gov. Sarah Palin’s ho..
daltonsbriefs: Gov. Palin’s church set ablaze video #diggcons
CraigTeich: @JimMacMillan Palin has no idea what she says, how if affects. She is the reigning Queen Puppet Panderer.
TheOzz: RT @RDBONES @susan_s_smith: Palin home church fire by arson?
raine1967: – Palin’s church is ravaged by fire -
spoonsrant: Palin still making it about her:
jimmacmillan: Church damaged in arson fire; Palin apologizes for possible connection with "undeserved negative attention" –
huffpost: McCain on Possible Palin Bid: ‘My Corpse is Still Warm!’: During our exclusive interview today on ‘This Week,’ S..
GStephanopoulos: McCain on Possible Palin Bid: ‘My Corpse is Still Warm!’: During our exclusive interview today on ‘This Week,’ S..
SarahPalin: Fire damages Sarah Palin’s church (Baltimore Sun)
lucase: is Palin’s church fire really NYT front page news? i’m so sick of hearing about her..
jordo2: @daveburris Burn down Palin’s church? Not only are they sore losers, they are sore winners too!
mclgreenville: Palin’s hometown church burned. Arson suspected. That’s really REALLY *ucked up.
brianmarsh: Palin’s church severly damaged by arson #TCOT
tjonsek: hmmm. i just heard that Palin’s church was burned in suspicious fire…
remywilshaus: 1. Berman, 2. Douma, 3. Monasch, 4. Belliot. Oftewel: 1. Goede Kandidaat, 2. Slim Maar Saai, 3. Zuur Ego, 4. Sara Palin (via @lostnomad)
yrnetwork: The not-so-tolerant Left?: [CDATA[Sarah Palin’s church badly damaged by arson Updated Sat. Dec. 13 2008 9:35 PM ..
theotherniraj: This just in: Sarah Palin burns down own church to get sympathy long after everyone stopped caring about her:
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Gov. Palin You Have Nothing To Apologize For
jkp1187: Sarah Palin’s church burned; arson suspected.
cali_librarian: Dear Sarah Palin Now would be a good time to get out a map to see where India is & bone up a little Glad to help Your friendly Librarian
JackHerrick: Heading to Tricia’s parents for Thanksgiving. Wondering if Palin’s turkeys are for sale on eBay.
jayjay13: @MarketingProfs Much appreciated! Will definitely help with Palin detox plan (to stop the uncontrolled twitch every time I hear her name)
Sweetnote: OMG! PAC just had a Thank You Sarah Palin Commercial on FOX…I am Speechless….
ccarella: Another happy vegetarian Thanksgiving. Be like Sarah Palin & pardon a turkey today.
ims: Would she just GO AWAY!? No, not Sarah Palin… Miley Cyrus. Ugh. Well, if both would go away that would be ahhmazing.
coffeygrinds: – Is this Turkey giving me the finger? Or Palin?
Sethholenchicks: And palin got shot.
ubergeeken: Palin turkey slaughter – warning, kids should leave the room!
ET_nowplaying: Invading Pakistan – Sarah Palin flip flops on invading Pakistan if there are terrorist.
dieliste: @tonygigov it was the Palin-Connection who did that. ;)
jjpolitics: Post: Keith Olbermann on the Palin Turkey Video
creativeideas: Kids watching Seseme Street. Wife says look it’s Sarah Palin! It’s Tina Fay on with Elmo.
AmishPhoneBook: Bird Brained Governor Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardon Interview Runs A-fowl #palin
rspineanu: @catalinarusu Sponsorizat de Fondul Pentru Alegerea Sarah Palin 2012:)
MarketingProfs: @jayjay13 Sorry … Won’t mention Palin again (oops). ok… Starting now. ; )
danhavlik: Hitting the road for Thanksgiving in DC. (Wish me luck.) We’ve banned turkey after that Palin video. Standing rib roast tonight.
marylandBNN: monoblogue: Sarah Palin – the Thanksgiving edition: It’s likely there’s not a whole lot o..
jahsmah: Poor Ann Coulter, first Palin steals her title as Princess of Right-wing Crazy, and now she breaks her jaw. I wonder if she will have to
gaufre: Up early for long trip, should be leaving here in ETA 30 minutes. (Sarah Palin): Passengers, please get maverick-ready as we’re travelin’.
ki_lo: Up & thankful that I’m not Sarah Palin.
MixxPopularRSS: More Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughter Interviews To Come! –
PunditKitchen: RSS – Political pictures for your blog – Sarah Palin – Her only regret was that she was taking..
DiamonDie: RT @blottingpaper Sarah Palin for Poet Laureate, a William Blake-ish visionary:

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