Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

TeamSarah: Possible ARSON At Sarah Palin’s HOMETOWN Church
TMZaol: Sarah Palin’s Church Goes up in Flames: Paranoid much? Sarah Palin actually apologized after the evangelical chu..
almacy: @daltonsbriefs RT: Governor Palin’s church set ablaze by arson If true, this is appalling & taking it way too far!
mono_chrome: Wow….apparently someone has burned Gov Palin’s church to the ground. Scary.
PierreLegrand: The very first thing we should be doing is fixing a system that gave us McCain as a candidate. Right after we thank him for Palin
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Couric Stumps Palin With Supreme Court Question:
Sarah Palin interviewed by Katie ..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Bill Ayers and Obama – Hannity & Colmes Panel – Part 2 of 2:
Hannity & Colmes ..
bostonherald: Suspicious fire causes extensive damage at Gov. Palin’s church in Wasilla, Alaska: WASILLA, Alaska – An overnigh..
veronicaeye: HOLY SHIT..someone set Palin’s church on fire? WTF!
comtnclimr: @daltonsbriefs re: Palin’s church. That is very sad.
thenytimes: Palin’s Church Is Badly Damaged by Fire: ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church was bad..
stringman: Palin’s Church was just Severely Damaged by Arson–she apologized…
powersblog: Arson damages Palin’s church. Seems her clothes and stylists are more important as the story is buried on page 13a.
CarrieWorthen: Palin is worried she inspired the fire at her church.
daltonsbriefs: Governor Palin’s church set ablaze by arson
BNN_HR: [BlogNetNewsHR] The Virginian: Palin’s Church Severely Damaged by Arson: Palin hatred has not aba..
timedalkat: funny video..thanks sarah palin
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: Rush Limbaugh Gives You The Real Story Of Thanksgiving:


cygnusx6: I hope I don’t see Sarah Palin on the television today. She gives me the willies.
SusanPi: crazy night. Went from Palin Turkey Fiasco to Jamie’s Fowl Dinner Say hello to veganism
ET_nowplaying: Change to Promote Your Career, Or Your Career to Promote Change – Sarah Palin talks about the different… –
damiencaselli: @underflow_ le meilleur étant quand même "php, lolcat, sarah palin"
sandersonjones: Doug Stanhope’s starting the Sarah J. Palin abortion fund, to help girls not ruin their lives with unwanted kids. I heart Doug.
oxbloodruffin: Sarah Palin’s ‘Turkey Interview’ Outtakes Slightly awkward mashup, but still funny.
ET_nowplaying: Why Not Do Your Holiday Shopping With Us? – Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) is as confused about shopping… –
nevadaBNN: Nevada Mojo Rising: Liberals thank Sarah Palin!: Get the latest news satire and funny videos at
ThomasCrampton: @darnoc Palin was totally set by the cameraman. The framing with the turkey slaughter is perfect.
yahoobuzz: Elisabeth Hasselbeck pitches for Sarah Palin
darnoc: @ThomasCrampton another Palin classic. hasn’t she learned yet to find and listen to some competent media advisors? amazing.
ET_nowplaying: Fuck You – Jon Stewart comments on Sarah Palin’s rhetoric at campaign events. –
MacysDayParade: RT deliriousgirl: I heard that Sarah Palin is gunning for the Bullwinkle the Moose balloon at Macy’s TGD Parade tomorrow!
tmofee: – Thank you Sarah Palin ad, from the Democrats :P
ThomasCrampton: Sarah Palin interviewed while Turkey is killed in background. Cameraman really set her up.
freerepublic: [Governor]Palin brings Utah partisans closer together on issue of working moms: Sarah Palin’s p..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] [Governor]Palin brings Utah partisans closer together on issue of work..
ElectionWatch: Tabling politics (Boston Globe): Pamela Worth knows better than to bring up Sarah Palin’s name on T..
BadGirlzBathCo: @kagey10 Wow, Palin just keeps chalking up more browning points with me. NOT!!! You could not pay me to live in my parents basement, lol
uglyrug: Maybe I watch too many horror films, but I expected the Sarah Palin turkey-killing video to be much more graphic and gory. Am I that jaded?
atypicalblonde: I saw an ad that Barbara interviewed Sarah Palin as one of the facinating people of 08. Please GOD, make Sarah Palin go away!
jayjay13: @MarketingProfs Damn — U just ruined the great Palin-free week I was having…first time I read/heard her name all week….restarting clock
celebritygoss: New blog post: Chris Martin – Martin Confused Over Palin Crush
mccombover: Sarah Palin Vs. Todd Palin:
Posted in Barack Obama, Election, Joe Biden, John McCain, News, Politics,..
palin_quotes: Asked what she planned to cook for Thanksgiving, #Palin said: "I’ll be in charge of the turkey."
animalsvids168: Asterpix Interactive Video – A Very Sarah Palin Thanksgiving: Sarah P..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin’s Awkward Press Conference:
Sarah Palin came before national re..
antonie: @schiphol Waiting for my flight to London. Going to a swanky reception with Cherie Blair, Michael Palin & a bunch of UK gov’t Ministers
deliriousgirl: I heard that Sarah Palin is gunning for the Bullwinkle the Moose balloon at Macy’s TGD Parade tomorrow!
twitmastwee: feeling like sarah palin watching the colbert yule log – feeling like sarah palin watching the colbert <b>yule</b> log http: …
twitmastwee: watching the colbert yule log; feeling like sarah palin – watching the colbert <b>yule</b> log; feeling like sarah p… http …
tennesseeBNN: WisdomIsVindicated: My roller coaster love affair w/ Sarah Palin . . .: I just stumbled upon a re-br..

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