Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

alaroche: I’m no Palin fan, but this is disgusting –
richanddaveshow: Watch SNL Blogojevich & see Twitter attacks on IL Governor! FUNNY TWEETS!!
huffpost: The Hill: McCain declines to throw support behind Palin bid: When given the chance on Sunday, Sen. John.. -Huf …
HuffNewswire: The Hill: McCain declines to throw support behind Palin bid: When given the chance on Sunday, Sen. John..
mamaelizabeth: So sad! Gover palin’s church was set on fire in Alaska! That is terrible!
freerepublic: Is Huffington Post Article Connected to Palin Church Fire?: The September 2, 2008 edition of the Huffington Post..
doc4600: Arson blamed in fire at Palin’s home church – Crime & courts-
blm849: @stephenfry truly, only michael palin can go more placed than twitter! :) have a good flight.
richanddaveshow: BLOGOJEVICH TWITTER ATTACK! …and these tweets are real baby! FUNNY!
HenryNews: Huffington Post- McCain Won’t Say If He’d Support Palin: "My Corpse Is Still Warm!": In an inter..
bloisolson: Vanity Fair has a solid twitter spoof in the Tina Fey edition. Palin Biden tweets….
gcotharn: Yesterday in Wasilla, sunrise was 9:23A and sunset was 3:56P. My inner nerd loves info. My inner male loves info about Sarah Palin.
jtoc72: Palin’s hometown church gutted by fire ( See what happens when you play with hellfire and brimstone?
greenpointe: Governor Palin’s church set ablaze by arson: From Advance IndianaPalin’s Church Torched"An arsonist set fire to ..
CanadaElects08: Sarah Palin’s Church Attacked By Arsonist (via Blog)
hypotyposeis: Holy Smoke! Palin still in the news…
retiredfirecapt: What are the odds of an arson-caused fire at Gov.Palin’s church? Extreme leftists in action? The Dems must be scared of what she represents.
dharmawrites: RT @tbeckett FoxNews reports: McCain/Palin campaign sells off its pile of Blackberrys–and forgets to wipe them.
politicalgroove: PoliticalGroove Arson at Palin’s Church: Palin’s Church Severely Damaged by Arson (http://www.was..
zlind76: fascinating that McCain wouldn’t endorse Palin in her possible run for 2012 on the ABC morning show.
reddit: A SNL Blogojevich Weekend Update with Lots of Hair Jokes: submitted by tejastex to funny [link] [2 comments]
AHN: Fire At Church Attended By Palin Investigated As Arson
popfeed: [tmz] Sarah Palin’s Church Goes up in Flames
TeamSarah: Team Sarah, a community of over 61,500 Palin supporters announced a fundraiser to help Church in Wasilla, AK to recover from these damages.
aimeeorleans: watching the colbert yule log; feeling like sarah palin
aimeeorleans: feeling like sarah palin watching the colbert yule log
mccain_quotes: "I think that Governor. Palin’s future is very bright in the Republican Party. I think she did a gr..
RalphBernardo: Sarah Palin ‘Pardons’ A Turkey, Then Does Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered in the Background..
entertainvid168: Asterpix Interactive Video – The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre:
The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre ….
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her:
MSNBC – ..
pashmina: is laughing at the Palin turkey fiasco.
maegancarberry: But first: Palin’s Top 10 excuses for Turkeygate, per Letterman:
kagey10: So Sarah Palin at "On The Record" on Fox News, just said that the entire blogger community is a bunch of people "in their parents basements"
MomsterGina: Letterman Top 10 excuses from Palin on turkey slaughter interview
DogReader: Governor Palin giving an interview while turkeys are being "prepared" for market in the background: – whoooops!
tufadvisor: @TheEntertainer greta on fox in backgrnd of parents tv, nterview of Palin over clothes controversy…now that reall matters/news worthy lol
louisianaBNN: Adrastos: PALIN’S TURKEY INTERVIEW: THE OUTTTAKES: Sarah Palin meets Julia Child; kinda sorta. [...]
ChipNeal: I’m going to ask James Dobson to be my VP and if he says no than I’m asking Sara Palin!
ChipNeal: I’m going to ask James Dobson to be my VP and if he says no then I’m going to ask Sara Palin!
gjwilson0: will admit it…I am excited to see palin on Monday
sunili: Just to clarify, I think @TurnbullMalcolm is pretty decent for a Lib. He is to me what a pre-Palin McCain was to most US Democrats.
thedramagirl: Sarah Palin, I still love youu.
jssl: Fox news: epic fail.Sarah Palin rerun. CNN is not only reporting, but telling guests when to evacuate via blackberry#Mumbai
shawncook: a turkey day prayer: praise our bloodthirsty forefathers for stealing land from savage terrorists. god bless sarah palin. amen.
ET_nowplaying: I’m Going To Washington To Serve The People Of This Great Country – Sarah Palin on why she wants… –
SoNevBenS: My lord, Greta Van Susteren STILL riding the Sarah Palin horse! The election was three weeks ago! And Palin still yakking about herself! …
billbarhydt: roflmao, watching gretta interview palin in palin’s office with dead bear on counter behind gretta. absolutely hilarious.
azzyrampa: L’interview de Palin avec l’execution de la dinde derrière ! :D DDD
insomniacsteph: Happy Thanksgiving!: Sarah Palin very nearly ruined my Thanksgiving, but I refused to give her tha..
acousticrandall: Palin disses bloggers, basement dwellers, anyone living with folks etc on Fox News. Pure puke

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