Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

butindaro: [NewsDigest] In fiamme una chiesa evangelica "E’ qui che va a pregare Sarah Palin"
huffpost: McCain Refuses to Say He’d Support Palin: In an interview on This Week, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) refused to say w..
HuffNewswire: McCain Refuses to Say He’d Support Palin: In an interview on This Week, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) refused to say w..
lossfizzle: My heart goes out to Sarah Palin on loss of her church; next time, don’t make Norwegian black metal artists so angry with you.
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Defends $150,000 Shopping Spree 10-26-2008:
Sarah Palin addresses the ..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Hannity and Colmes on Obama:
Hannity asks Obama supporters to name an accomplishme..
atompkins: Arsonist torches Palin’s home church
tamole: @Justinas labai tingiu kur kitur rašyt: typo "Blogo talpinamas" dešinėj pusėj… :)
AFSienko: Palin’s Alaskan church set aflame:
KnowYourObama: @DinkyShop Mitt Romney disturbs me more than Palin. Yikes.
claytoncubitt: I call inside job on the ‘suspicious’ fire at Palin’s church, but expect GOP to blame pesky liberal terrorists:
thehill: The Hill | McCain declines to throw support behind Palin bid: When given the chance on Sunday, Sen. Jo..
myerman: McCain-Palin campaign sells off old blackberries–but didn’t wipe the data! Ouch.
SiamWarchild: Palin’s Alaska Church Damaged in Suspicious Fire: "Suspicious"… no shit. The fire danger in AK is the same as Palin’s IQ. SUPER LOW!
indianaBNN: Porter County Politics: Governor Palin’s church set ablaze by arson: From Advance IndianaPalin’s Church Torched"..
orbitz: HuffPost McCain Won’t Say If He’d Support Palin: "My Corpse Is Still Warm!": In an interview with ABC Ne..
tmofee: I’m guessing everyone’s seen that Palin video now. Check out Olbermann’s reaction on watching it.
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: SARAH PALIN DVD – I WANT TO BUY!!! – VP DEBATE and/or GRETA INTERVIEW:
GPHemsley: I just watch the Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughter video…. Not only is she stupid, but she’s completely HEARTLESS!
snackfeedbuzz: GOP Governor Laughs At Suggestion Palin Will Be Future Star-Republican Governor Mark Sanford cracked up when Alan Col…
billcarroll: @mortonfox Schadenturkey is when you take pleasure in the death of the Turkey being killed in the Sarah Palin interview.
politicaladdict: New Challenge! — What’s a word for: Sarah Palin’s Starbucks-sippin’ interview i..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Craig Ferguson’s Thank You Sarah Palin Video:
quartertonality: Why did George Carlin have to die before Sarah Palin came into the picture?
danielkufahl: Saw the Palin video seemed like a normal day for her, hell of a way to go for the Turkey; But we must FEED!
michelleberry: Ok if I see the Palin/turkey clip 1 more time i’m serving tofurkey.
CocteauBoy: Sara Palin Speaks Up For Veganism?!
jasontm: @danadee you should start playing Palin speeches and claim you’re a real American, just for good measure. :p
kingofdaburbz: Blender Magazine put my "sarah palin" song in its list of top songs to download
avahdi: Wow, making fun of Sarah Palin is still funny!!
AngelineDP: Palin is still cracking me up! Have you seen her latest and greatest gruesome turkey slaughter gaffe?
flmortgagepro: Ugh.. just saw a clilp of Palin’s interview in front of "Creepy Guy" slaughtering a turkey.
doll_revolution: @carleton97 she’s just so SMART & CUTE & GIRLY but also a TOMBOY who can HUNT & FISH. . .omg she’s sarah palin!
phubbard: @al3efroman would it better if palin broke it? Or limbaugh?
MarionCoe: Whoa, that Sarah Palin turkey pardoning?
ET_nowplaying: Now doggone it – Sarah Palin uses ridiculous "everyman" speech to point out that Joe Biden keeps… –
jldavid: Palin is serving moose chili and hot dogs. Moose chilil FTW!
BeckyGoLightly: Why is Sarah Palin speaking her gibberish on tv again?!
jldavid: watching Palin serve reporters chili to reporters in her Alaskan house on Fox News. Now I’m hungry for homemade chili…off to the microwave
kmbrly101: watching Keith Olberman mock Sarah Palin! lol
KennyPedersen: eyeing the turkey with a sarah palin glee…
theHOMUNCULUS: is wondering if anyone sees the irony of micheal vick in jail for dogfighting and sarah palin shooting moose from a helicopter???
robport: Rush Limbaugh Gives You The Real Story Of Thanksgiving
conservatweet: [SayAnything] Rush Limbaugh Gives You The Real Story Of Thanksgiving
NLPTrainer: Just finished watching the Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre on Youtube ***Warning…May be distrurbing
lakeicychill: why is Fox News running Sarah Palin interview right now, talking about her running in 2012? India was under attack today – not news? Idiots.
bocockrell: Sittin here wiith my dad watchin hot palin
topace12: @ryanwhitacre nooooooooooooooo! turkeeeeeeeey! oh, and sarah palin pardons a turkey with another one being killed in background. youtube it.
tj: If you get MSNBC, you must see the last 5 minutes of Countdown for the Palin Top 10 excuses and other mashups. WIll be on iTunes (free) too.
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) Rosie Breaks Pledge of No-Politics Show With Obama, Palin, O’Reilly Jokes

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