Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Fluid_Darkness: @DianaThemyscira Agreed. I watched one ep. earlier this year with Tina Fey as Palin. The Obama impersonator is the only good one left.
UCBearcats: Arson blamed in fire at Sarah Palin’s church
starsnsnipes: Arsonists hit Palin’s church: ALASKAN Governor Sarah Palin’s home church has been damaged by arson, leading her ..
huffpost: McClatchy: McCain declines to back Palin in 2012, says it’s too early: WASHINGTON — John McCain .. -Huff …
HuffNewswire: McClatchy: McCain declines to back Palin in 2012, says it’s too early: WASHINGTON — John McCain ..
AKdude: Reading: "Arson suspected in fire at Palin’s church: Top Stories |" ( )
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Debate Highlights:
Irrepressible Sarah Palin in the Palin-Biden Debate..
ElectionWatch: Palin tops list of memorable quotes (Boston Globe): Sarah Palin lost the election, but she’s a winner at the ult..
rockmanac: @rvandersteen ooh! I see Sarah Palin got a new car!
indystar_top: Palin’s church damaged by arson, chief says
rockstarpolitic: Looking at bags of Political Artifacts. collected since 2001. WH, Hill,RNC,Campains, deaths, protest, 911, principals,Obama,Palin, SNL,E …
SarahPalin: Official: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s church purposely set on fire (Orlando Sentinel)
Ramona_W: @JasonFinch I read this as "Stop Palin Now" and wondered why we couldn’t just leave her alone in honor of the holidays.
ranty: @swirlspice LOL, I’ve been having those kinds of feelings lately too. (Also, being called Sarah Palin at Chino Latino recently didn’t help.)
orbitz: memeorandum Palin’s church damaged in suspicious fire (Associated Press): Associated Press:
Palin’s c..
newsherd: Sarah Palin’s Church target of Arson:
silas216: Cuz wearing real shoes with this outfit… « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain,…
silas216: Born to be mild! « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more
Mountainsister: @vergelbradford Sheeshhhhh I don’t do bipolar. Tired of listening to it.
She gets on my nerves almost as much as Palin.
MichDdot: Reading: Sarah Palin and Moose Stew Recipes
kate_the_great: I only saw this today on Drinking Liberally in Cincinnati. A "Thank You Sarah Palin" video??? Gross.
ReginaLafay: Just had to delete two Facebook people. They were all Team Palin and shit. I tried, I really tried!
destry: Prediction: No private meeting on If President-elect Obama meets privately with Palin in Philadelphia, how long will it last? http://hu
eviltwins: That Palin Turkey Guy Loves Photo-Ops: I was looking at that awful video of Sarah Palin babbling cluelessly while that turkey ge..
connecticutBNN: Hat City Blog: Sarah Palin giving thanks: In honor of thanksgiving, lets enjoy Keith Olbermann as ..
victoriaaaa: colbert: "sarah palin is getting a book deal which means wasilla is getting a bookstore!"
mrbanker: That turkey thing with Sarah Palin is killer.
koskim: Colbert: "Sarah Palin is getting a book deal..which means Wasilla is getting a bookstore!"
todtod: Omigosh has anyone seen the infamous sara palin turkey massacre? I’m sure the peta folks just love that.
entertainvid168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving turkey as others die around her. ..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre (NSFW):
Just after Palin announced sh..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin Prank Call Reveals Her Incompetence:
This is the full recording..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – PRANKIN’ PALIN! Sarah Palin’s prank call… HER SIDE!:
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Countdown: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardoning Fiasco:
Sarah Palin pardons..
gofanc: In the tank for SuperGuv Palin, I send info about her to lists. :-)
crooksandliars: That Palin Turkey Guy Loves Photo-Ops: I was looking at that awful video of Sarah Palin babbling c..
11AliveNews: BLOG: Palin Visit May Head Off Obama Visit : By scheduling Sarah Palin’s visit for Saxby Chambliss on..
chucknewton: Damndest thing. Sarah Palin got CNBC to buy her new clothes for an interview before she became VP candidate. Sorry Dan.
JRHolmes: Search for "bitch and ditz". Great article about Clinton and Palin and their effect on modern feminism.
TechFrog: Sarah Palin issued traditional Thanksgiving "pardon" for 1 turkey while others are slaughtered in the background
huffingtonpost: Geoffrey Dunn: Georgia on Her Mind….But Sarah Palin has Trouble Lurking Around the Corner: Georg..
SonomaDave: I could also sing, "ahm a lumberjack and ahm okay…" Its all good as Sarah Palin might be want to say. ;-)
digitalzen: @goodnesgracious There’s the matter of accounts hacked and embarrassment, as with Palin, but security and controlled access is the big deal.
boomerjack: @PollyBriley They love to interview her…maybe because she’s clueless. I know: Palin-Bachmann in 2012! They can start campaigning now!
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Slaughtered UNCENSORED:
Joe the turkey killer slaughters ..
sircorby: I feel like that guy in the background of Palin’s last press conference.
thisKat: @ourmaninchicago We’ve had the same conversation in our house. Who was Vinick’s VP? I don’t think anyone but @punditmom saw Palin coming.
winequester: If Rush Limbaugh can get filthy rich by lying but entertaining then wine bloggers have a LOT of latitude and models to choose from.
williambeutler: @KayBallard I think Couric will be a winner just by keeping her CBS News gig, though Palin interview makes it plausible. But I’m for Chuck.
Songbird_Hollow: OMG, they just showed the Palin/turkey video on NBC but blurred out the guy killing it. Said she’s a friend of all creatures. GAG!

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