Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

johndoe40: Commissioning black velvet of Sarah Palin. Need a good "kremlin barely visible in the distant background" image. Need Tijuana artist Jorge
gopsaver: @RedState I would expect no less from McCain. I voted for Palin and not McShame.
redesign: @nickykay I know you watch Hannity for a laugh. Did you see the Daily Show’s Hall & Oates tribute to Colmes?
bthockey: You retarted liberals setting Palin’s church on fire can go die. :)
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party:
Max Blumenthal on Rachel Maddow, 20..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin’s Church Goes up in Flames – TMZ is your official site for entertainment news, celebrit..
2012Palin: AP Reporter Takes Gratuitous Shot at Sarah Palin’s Church in Wake …: There was a fire Friday at Wasilla Bi..
LDSFollow: ReTwitter: @ LdsNana: Reading: "Official: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s church purposely set on fire, in..
LdsNana: Reading: "Official: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s church purposely set on fire, incurs $1 million in damages —" ( http:/ …
jcxp: Member News: Fire Hits Palin’s Church: (CNN) — A "suspicious" fire devastated the church attended b..
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin’s church damaged in suspicious fire: ROFL. And there were never any nasty hate filled threads her..
guttermouth: @asoerells19 They’re the ones still wearing Sarah Palin t-shirts.
bmarler: @kevinokeefe – aka "Blogfather","Tweetdoggie" – Give a Palin "shoutout" to the "blawgers" to do a few guest blogs on –
dre_the_enigma: @SarahPalin keeps posting negative news coverage about Sarah Palin…lol
zcbyrnes: @leland307 they’re blaming us for Sarah Palin’s church burning
igneousquill: "Suspicious" fire destroys building where Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s church worships:
Greeblemonkey: I may not like Palin or her church, but this is way out of bounds.
2012Palin: A news report on the Sarah Palin Church fire: So the scumbags set this fire while there were people inside. Add ..
2012Palin: An Update On Sarah Palin’s Church: An arsonist has badly damaged the church attended by the Governor of Alaska, ..
mono_chrome: #tcot Apparently there were some children in Gov Palin’s church when it caught fire or was set on fire.
gopsaver: Palin’s Church Severely Damaged by Arson. Stupid Hippies.
2012Palin: Official: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s church purposely set on fire (Orlando Sentinel): ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Go..
applemacbookpro: Reading: "Sarah Palin and Moose Stew Recipes" ( )
monzeki: My first widescreen YouTube HD video. Sarah Palin is the Turkey Slayer. I just couldn’t resist.
WineWonkette: OMG "Thank you Sarah Palin" Thanksgiving commercial? (eyes rolling, barfing, oh puhlease don’t encourage her!)
ckilgore: @MrTweet Ooh! Rush Limbaugh! But I don’t think you suggested him. :) #ratherdiethanfollow
dianewah: @jsmooth995 I dunno…I hoping for rapper Trig Palin….
Patrick_McEvoy: Sarah Palin lists things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving: – the Borowitz Report.
ecastillo: @Anfetas el que de sarah palin?
Patrick_McEvoy: Sarah Palin lists things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving:
eocellus: Provident Bank billboard viewed on my way out of NYC: We cater to Main St NOT Wall St. Palin-as-advertising?
iridemybike: wondering if ann coulter got the broken jaw from a headlock and take down move by sarah "feed em to the grinding machine" palin.
donovanwatts: Sarah Palin best moments on daily show
WRDW: If you want to see Sarah Palin in Augusta, you need to RSVP. Click here for details:
kalhan: SAJAforum: Temple grad student on “gotcha journalism” and his exchange with Sarah Palin over Pakistan
godlovesjacob: Sarah Palin is coming to GA to campaign for Chambliss on Dec. 1. My, I feel this thrill going up my leg.
wrongplanet: Sarah Palin Turkey Incident
honksterr: sarah palin just fucking ruined my thanksgiving.
huffpost: Beyond the Palin. BlogHer’s @Mamalogues highlights other conservative women in the GOP -Erin -BlogHer
BlogHer: Beyond the Palin. BlogHer’s @Mamalogues highlights other conservative women in the GOP -Erin
nina_marie: @JamiMiami OMG did you see the Sarah Palin turkeygate video on youtube. HILARIOUS!
brhubart: @georgenemeth – Are you using that Sarah Palin spellchecker again?
xenola: Current ‘omgMyFamily’ trend: My greataunt telling my mom she looks like Sarah Palin (No), calling her Sarah all day, and mom loving it.
winequester: @TishWine Yeah, I think transparency is more important than integrity and objectivity for bloggers. Limbaugh is transparent anyway.
ABKing: Sarah Palin provides her resume of presidential credentials and recommended reading list.
jeffshattuck: is listening to Todd Palin cry. Reagan, the Palin’s pet wolverine, returned and ate the Palin’s turkeys. Sarah is whittling to stay calm.
gobanshee: Finally seeing the Palin/turkey video. Oh, Sarah…
leonnea: For those in need of a little Palin fix. ; )
pixie91075: On my way to the UPS store to send Mr Pixie’s Xbox 360 back (red rings of death don’t ya’ know – in my best Sarah Palin accent).
tryker: – Yes, its wonderful, Palin as…

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