Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

joethunk: #GoogleNews: McCain won’t endorse Palin for 2012 – Christian Science Monitor: NECNMcCain won’t endor..
jamesbyers: I havent hear much news about Palin on Foxs News. Seems Palin wants to give all of us a Christmas breather.Thank you Mrs. Real America LOL
imrananwar: @mayankchandak If ‘Zardari’s words must be followed by action’ then he’d end up having sex with Sarah Palin ;-)
2012Palin: "McCain First" ….McCain Continues To Throw Palin "Under the Bus": Next time he "crosses" the aisle, he should ..
starfeeder: Forum Post: Sarah Palin’s church burned down:
dreamnotoftoday: McCain unsure if he’d support Palin for president
freerepublic: McCain unsure if he’d support Palin for president: McCain unsure if he’d support Palin for president P..
BillJacobs: Betcha Sarah Palin’s church fire will turn out to be a case of smiting and not arson.
pa5fn: McCain unsure if he’d support Palin for president: Sen. John McCain says he may not necessary support Gov. Sarah..
hotairblog: Video: McCain declines to endorse Palin for 2012: "My corpse is still warm."
bottomline: Chief: Gov. Palin’s home church damaged by arson #tcot
damonius: Sarah Palin’s church arsoned. This is also where my parents attend.
idahoBNN: Right Mind: Arsonist Targets Palin’s Home Church: I mentioned previously about the fire set at Palin’s hom..
elisianfields: Sarah Palin video’s turkey slaughterer : turkeys :: myself : some of my family members during Thanksgiving weekend. ARGGGHHAHHAHAAHAAAA
RenZephyr: I miss Palin news
ZachTumin: In-country Alaska bloggers bird-dogging Palin on her upcoming out-of-state jumps to GA for Chambliss…
RebeccaSorrells: RT @LindaBingham DH just called and said he heard Rush Limbaugh say "Hoping is the same as doing nothing." How true is that
ElectionWatch: Sarah Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss (Boston Globe): Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss is call..
wynnblog: Rush Limbaugh just mentioned Okla. Insurance Comm. Kim Holland’s idiotic plan to revoke football tix and DL licenses.
aewang: @anamariecox I want to see you and Rachel tag team David Frum….or Sarah Palin :P
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: In a moment like this, we must rememb..
oyboy: @Templesmith Don’t forget to stop by next door and say ‘hi’ to Gov. Palin. Make sure she’s keeping an eye on Russia over there, you betcha.
elizabarclay: loves the Slate Palin turkey video outtakes:
cjankovich: Palin is coming to the Arena at Gwinnett Center on Monday!
DonSherry: Am I the only one with diminished enthusiasm about eating Thanksgiving dinner after watching 50 reruns of the Sarah Palin turkey fiasco?
junkama: newsweek brief: ‘sarah palin to get $7 mil book deal. copy editors to demand half.’ indeed, shocking.
LindaBingham: DH just called and said he heard Rush Limbaugh say "Hoping is the same as doing nothing." How true is that…
brandette: palin is coming to town monday morning- for saxby! i hear hoofbeats…
58wchs: Rush Limbaugh’s annual "Real Story Of Thanksgiving" is coming up in a couple of minutes
minnesotaBNN: The Twin Cities Daily Liberal: From the archives: Sarah Palin???s hatemongering: I honestly can&#82..
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Hunting heroes: Number of comments: 1Field and Stream magazine ♥ Sarah Palin &..
bethejustin: Via GoogleReader: Late Show – Top Ten Sarah Palin Excuses
Flap: Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome Supplanting Bush Derangement?
underflow_: @lrz : oh le dernier inscrit n’est pas triste, "php, lolcat, sarah palin"
Gottlob: Sarah Palin: the gift that keeps on givig.
howardweaver: "A great poet needs to leave open the door between the conscious and unconscious; Sarah Palin has removed her door from its hinges."
tomasbackman: The Daily Show – Det bästa från Sarah Palin
mssinglemama: Can NOT wait to see Benjamin… soon… 30 minutes left and then I’m outta here. Going to pull a Palin. Haaaaa! I am such a fricking dork.
cshel: @johnsantangelo You just like to be in the same state as your idol and personal superhero, Rush Limbaugh ;)
BillCorbett: Finally saw the Sarah Palin / turkey video. Kinda disappointing. I pictured a little more action. To wit:
mccain_quotes: "I think that Governor Palin’s future is very bright in the Republican Party," #McCain said. "I thi..
cpwoody: I think I peed myself a little watching the msnbc commentary of Sarah palin at the turkey farm, with the dude behind her killing turkeys.
snackfeedbuzz: checkout ‘Thank You, Palin’ ads-A group buys television ad time to publicly thank Gov. Sarah Palin. What’s the point? …
techmama: @billmaher is looking for things to talk about now that Bush is going out of office.. How about why anyone is paying Sarah Palin to speak??
postadvertising: Sarah Palin, Will you be my Turkey Lurkey girl?
MarinkaNYC: @ScaryMommy I saw! If my daughter’s wearing a Sarah Palin mask when I get home, we’re screwed!
Deb_Prothero: Reading: "Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter (VIDEO)" (
dwheezy: Oh Rush Limbaugh. You jokester you.
dcolew: Ew. Pro-Palin bumper sticker that reads "Sarah!" Sounds like a musical.
marylandBNN: Hedgehog Report: Palin Leads 2012 GOP Field: Yet another poll showing how the most-mentioned names of..

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