Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

joethunk: #FoxNews: Palin’s ‘Russia’ quote tops list of memorables – FOXNews: Palin’s ‘Russia..
Eric_Curtis: McCain says he wouldn’t "necessarily support" Palin If she run in 2012. Then YTF did he put her a heart beat away?
IndyEnigma: RT @UnderCoverGuy Vote 4 Sarah Palin as Time Magazine person of the year. Vote as often as you like at (please ReTweet)
kathyhuynh: Thank God McCain came to his senses – "I can’t promise to support Palin for president":
sisterstalk: Just learned Palin’s church was torched –
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin under Pressure following the campaign:
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Photos:
Is Sarah Palin for real? Check out these photos.

Author: ast..

newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Pranked Palin tells Sarkozy: ‘Let’s kill two birds with one stone’:
TelegraphMG: Sarah Palin’s church ‘set on fire’ : A raging fire that police believe might have been set by an arsonist badly ..
iLukianox: McCain won’t say he’d back Palin for president: Sen. John McCain said Sunday he would not necessarily support hi..
azusa_soleil: []McCain won’t say he’d back Palin for president
emtemporeal: Igreja freqüentada por Sarah Palin é incendiada no Alasca: Incêndio ocorreu na sexta-feira à noite.
Polícia sus..
thebodybreaks: Fey/Palin Top 2008′s Most Memorable Quotes: The Republican vice presidential candidate and her "SNL" doppelgange..
htvl: hahaha im laughing at @Lisa_Nova’s ‘Twitter Whore’ videos and her Palin impersinations. haha
jeff_bulman: Wonder what sick person would set fire to Palin’s Church. Wonder if it is the tolerant liberals?
dleifnealey: McCain says he may not support Palin in 2012… "too many **GOOD** potential canidates"… snap!
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin’s church ‘set on fire’ (Daily Telegraph)
telegraphnews: Sarah Palin’s church ‘set on fire’
washingtonBNN: Strange Bedfellows: 2012 Palin might not get McCain nod: John McCain, the the 2008 Republican presidential candi..
michelle_v: You have no idea how deeply I’ve been wounded by Camille Paglia’s drawn-out campaign of increasingly far-fetched pro-Palin apologetics.
alizasherman: @JimPeake Alaskans are pretty much ignoring Palin at this point. She is making the news up only a little bit here & not in positive ways.
ET_nowplaying: We’re ill – Sarah Palin comments on how ill the financial crisis makes her feel.
ebruchez: I thought Palin was behind us, but I was wrong. CNN front page currently has 3 headlines mentioning her.
topix_video: Sarah Palin’s Home Church Torched: Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church was badly damaged by arson, leading the govern..
smartsuggest: G. Robert James – Sarah Palin: The Real Deal
shaqfan: Oh! that’s where prez bush is, he’s about to pardon a turkey. I hope Sarah Palin is watching.LOL
brosetti: How can you respect a guy like Saxby Chambliss any less? Well, he’s asked Palin to campaign for him.
wonkette: Palin Cameraman Has Won Many Awards!: Yeah so that guy who filmed Sarah Palin warbling nonsense in front..
msnbc_politics: Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss
TheInDecider: This Thanksgiving, What Are You Thanking Sarah Palin For? Part 2
garymcm: Palin to meet Obama next week. Palling around with terrorists, I see.
rvertiz: My yard is infested with wild turkeys, again, and I can’t do anything about it. I feel like sending them all to AK to Palin’s farm
ryanspahn: LoL new over the top CHEEZY Palin TV commercials . WHo is her Press secretary her husband or kids?
MarketingProfs: Phew. Thanks, all. It wasn’t just me. I thought for a sec that I couldn’t see a rendering of a nervous turkey without channeling Palin…
lore: Michael Palin dei Monty Python al Torino Film Festival *__*
LindaSevier: @MarketingProfs You are so right! Sounds just like Sarah Palin :) Funny!
webprgirl: @MarketingProfs definitely Sarah Palin :)
NewsOnTwitter: MSNBC – Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss: The Alaska governor will attend four ralli..
lafsky: trader joe’s = the evacuation of Saigon, while Fairway = Gaza. All I want is a friggin turkey! Maybe the Palin fairy will deliver
markobon: Thanksgiving in Louisianna, stepping into Palin country and loving every surreal moment.
huffpost: Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss -TheRealMcCain
MarketingProfs: Does this turkey sound like Sarah Palin.. or is it me?
THErealBLOG: Is Sarah Palin the future of the Republican Party?
mscandigurl: @Meghan1018 poor turkey, his last sound was palin’s voice…
eviltwins: Late Show – Top Ten Sarah Palin Excuses:
From The Late Show with David Letterman, Nov. 24, 2008.
imrananwar: @chadmyers Turkeys can fly for a bit – depending on how fast they’re shot out of a cannon. LOL + Sarah Palin flew from Alaska a lot. :-)
huffpost: Thanks Sarah Palin! -owillis
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Palin’s first test: If Sarah Palin saves Saxby Chambliss, she leads the party.
Meghan1018: @mscandigurl @ least his pardon won’t go down like Palin’s did…

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