Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

T_X_P: @HarryLyme He’s an arrogant prick. But besides that, guys like him & Limbaugh impinge on the escapism of watching football.
channelone: Arson suspected as fire guts Palin’s church: A raging fire that police suspect may have been arson has badly dam..
bmeica: trying blogo for mac
QuackMom: @kingsman01 Like, who are you going to believe? Them, or your lying eyes? They FEAR Palin. She is a force of nature. She’ll be back.
QuackMom: @kingsman01 Yeah, MSM is already saying such tripe as "Palin raised a lot of money, but eventually was a drag on the ticket". Bull puckey.
PoisonTheMonkey: is wondering why Palin’s arsoned church was worth more than a million dollars in the first place
hairboutique: Article referencing Sarah Palin and Blago’s hair.
inovt2lead: Palin’s church set on fire –
osbreakingnews: Official: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s church purposely set on fire
3NewsNZ: #3News NZ: Sarah Palin’s church burned down in suspicious circumstances: Members of Alaska Governor Sa..
newsticker: Palin’s church holds services at alternate site – The Associated Press
SmileyWebb: Has anyone else noticed what a beautiful woman Sarah Palin is?
biden_quotes: As Joe #Biden stated during his debate with Sarah Palin: "Past is prologue."
peggygorm: As an antidote to the Sarah Palin turkey torture video, we’re dining on Tofurky this thanksgiving. Only soy beans were injured.
aum247: woohoo! finally off for 3 days.. :D watch out turkeys! here i come! :- but now i can’t think of turkeys w/o thinking of sarah palin… :(
Aragrist: Sarah palin is making a grizibulgal for thanksgiving its an eagle inside a carabue inside a moose inside a grizzly deep fried.
politicalirony: NEW blog post: Palin Action Figure
middlegeorgia: Palin to team with Chambliss for midstate campaign rally: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will visit Perry ..
OreoDemConWatch: New Post: Thank You Sarah Palin!: No… seriously. Thank you!Should we give money to Rep..
warnerrobins: Palin to team with Chambliss for midstate campaign rally: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will visit Perry a..
warner_robins: Palin to team with Chambliss for midstate campaign rally: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will visit Perry ..
TinaMW: Have you seen this Thanksgiving video for Sarah Palin? Hilarious. I created my own version
beatleboymatt: LOL Sarah Palin + Turkey killing device + Keith O. commentary = hillarious!! WOW…
flanderelli: @gruber What if McCain sabotaged his campaign with the Palin choice (George Bush in drag) to pave the way for Obama?
PureFLCL: Finally got the 411 on why Palin was blowing big air out her pie hole while someguy has crackin turkey skulls and laughing in background WTF
DangerGirl6: ReTweet Palin stumping4 Chamblis then she’ll pal around w/Obama in Philly. He’s mtg w/Palin & others to discuss economy.TicTicTicTicTicBoom
lizreay: Keith Olbermann had not seen the Palin Turkey vid. Watch with him, unblurred. Great comments.
natthedem: After watching the West Wing’s Thanksgiving episodes, all I can think when I see the Palin video is "Oh, no! Troy!"
janoldenburg: @htpotter I was perturbed by the tribute to Sarah Palin too. I can’t decide to be happy about the distraction for Reps or upset she’s around
xorachel63xo: Theres someone on this law and order episode whos last name is palin
instapundit: SARAH PALIN will be campaigning for Saxby Chambliss next week….: SARAH PALIN will be campaigning for ..
Mamalogues: Just seems that the attention on women conservatives via Palin could be used to highlight other as-qualified female conservatives, yanno?
Skiorsurf: @sugarjones Are there any other badass biotches like Palin that are prolife that haven’t been decimated by the mainstream media???
actsasflinn: @sujal I though that was supposed to be Bill O’Reilly/Rush Limbaugh?
katiehalper: "Sarah Palin’s getting a book deal, which means Wassila’s getting a book store." Stephen Colbert
sugarjones: @Mamalogues I’m with @RocksinMyDryer – Condoleeza. Unfortunately, she’s all about the NFL. And Palin? I’m feeling Palin Fatigue
chadrem: Colbert: Sarah Palin is getting a book deal! Which means Wasilla is getting a book store!
curiousyellow: @larrymwalkerjr [McCain votes] Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Wm. Ayers, J. Wright, Obama himself, and last but not least the COLB.
drewmaniac: Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses for Turkey Slaughter –
culturefx: after all palin’s tough talk, when she meets obama she’ll be "you betcha-ing" all over herself
abrewer: Wow. Senator biden is a scumbag. The more I read the worse it gets. And ppl thought palin was bad. Way to be uninformed.
Mamalogues: So are conservative women excited about any other conservative female public servant ASIDE FROM Palin? Seriously.
jimmacmillan: Obama and Palin to meet in Philly?
chikadee: @cherylprolapse It’s their secret space ship they had in case McCain won, then died, then Palin was president.
DangerGirl6: Palin stumping for Chamblis then she’ll pall around with Obama in Philly. Obama mtg w. Palin & others to discuss ecomomy.TicTicTicTicTicBoom
CXRengel: may never eat turkey again after seeing Sarah Palin’s "pardon."
JMIAHONLINE: WOOHOO sarah Palin comin to augusta for a rally on monday night… I am sooooo goin too! Its free but u gotta rsvp on! lol
anniemal: in spite of sarah palin i do want to visit alaska.
NTVNEWS: News Minute: Obama’s choices…Palin on trail again..Very expensive book

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