Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

sallee58: What’s this – McCain won’t support Palin’s 2012 run for presidency? Wow.
vergelbradford: John McCain is unsure he’d support Sarah Palin’s bid for the presidency. "We’ve got some great other young governors," he declaimed today.
readmylipstick: We made it!!!! Welcome to our 100th Blog!: Appropriately, our 100th blog is Sarah Palin in 2012! The Read My Lip..
mg_us: Palin’s ‘Russia’ quote tops list of memorables: NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Sarah Palin lost the election, but she’..
larryq: McCain thanks us for support by not endorsing Palin-he’s going back to his old RINO ways. Quick to support Obama this morning, though #hhrs
wcdarling: Quote of the day, McCain declining to endorse Palin in a theoretical bid for prez: "My corpse is still warm, you know?" LOL
larryq: McCain thanks us for support by not endorsing Palin-he’s going back to his old RINO ways. Quick to support Obama this morning, though #tcot
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin and John McCain interview with Brian Williams:
chadolson11: And Sean Hannity hasn’t said one single true thing in the last 5 minutes…god he’s such a liar…
castrezana: Ganhei a licença do Blogo: – Editor de posts para blogs para o Mac.
dialect: rt @WorldHarmony Wow: "McCain: I can’t promise to support Palin for president."
rensefeed: Palin Hometown Church Hit By $1M Arson Fire
crooksandliars: This Week: McCain Refuses To Endorse Palin in 2012: Download | Play    Download | Play (h/t Dave)..
MixxPopularRSS: Fire hits Palin’s church in Alaska
jamesbyers: Watching "Hannity’s America" on Fox News. Poor Hannity is still trying to tie Obama to Rezko. How pathetic can Hannity be. Poor guy :-)
nyheter: Palin frykter kirken ble påtent på grunn av henne –
digg_trends: Governor Palin’s church burned – arson suspected:
ipondpicks: @ChrisQuick Could have been worse. Just think how Sarah Palin’s interviewer felt in front of the turkey farm.
snackfeedbuzz: watch Preston on politics-Sen. Obama holds another news conference today and Sen. Palin campaigns next week. CNN’s Mar…
fericyde: Odd – the words social and socialism are too close – you probably triggered a lot of people’s limbaugh gag reflex is my guess…
theblogmachine: @nievesj El 99.9999999 de las mujeres son machistas, *Palin Mode* y bien reventas…
Flap: @davidhhendricks Sarah Palin will turn out the GOP base and the Dems lose. Georgia is a red state. Low information?
snackfeedbuzz: video added Cafferty: Palin in 2012?-Jack asks: What are the Republicans’ chances in 2012 if Sarah Palin is their firs…
davidhhendricks: @Flap good. I’m glad that Palin is visiting Georgia for Chambliss. Hopefully she will be as helpful there as she was on November 4th!
themaclady: I’d love to see @Maddow interview Palin.
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Pittsburgh to Palin: Keep the Puck Out:
Hundreds protest Palin in Pit..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin Drops Puck At Blues Game 10/24/08:
Republican vice presidential..
mccain_quotes: "I think that Governor Palin’s future is very bright in the Republican party," he said. "She did a ..
sportsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – PALIN DROPS PUCK:
VerenaFuchs: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered
VerenaFuchs: "Sarah Palin pardons a turkey? I don’t believe her. I think she will enjoy her turkey fine on Thanksgiving maybe… re:
missusdakey: OMG, Palin’s going back to Philadelphia? Maybe SHE will run for Senate in 2010. Grrrrrrrr.
brettharmon: @mrscottiebee word. be sure to look for gbbl! thanksgiving turkey palin in my window.
richeblaze: Thanks Sarah Palin! NOT
kristyann: Sara Palin Top 10 Excuses re: Turkey
conservatweet: [SayAnything] Will Obama Meet With Palin In Philadelphia?
robport: Will Obama Meet With Palin In Philadelphia?
PchGirlPolitics: Sarah Palin is coming to Georgia on Monday to campaign for Chambliss! Don’t forget to vote Tuesday December 2.
popurls: Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter (VIDEO)
jeffnolan: @jenrobinson @stevemann I’d go to Alaska. Rugged, individualistic, and tough. It’s the last vestige of the wild west. That and Sarah Palin.
strebel: @andrewhyde Sarah/Palin bear/market
Nailholes: @healymonster I appreciate you saying that. Now, if only John Cleese or Michael Palin felt the same way…
dugg: Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter (VIDEO): David Letterman’s "Top 10 List" tonight was Sarah P..
missusdakey: @pineapplecakes If I have to get a Thank You Sarah Palin ad in the middle of my football on Thurs., MAMA WILL NOT BE HAPPY.
TomRoyce: @graywolf Loved the Palin turke video. We all will eat one on Thanksgiving and we forget how fortunate we do not have to kill our own.
technosailor: @andrewhyde oh and sarah/palin ;)
graywolf: @sueissilly do you think that poor pumpkin felt any better than the turkey in the sarah palin video did?
sarking: The fact that these ‘Thank you, Sarah Palin’ ads are running on Turkey Day is awesome. It gets better and better.
litterthisheart: LOL. Keith is rightly outraged and offended by those "Thank you, Sarah Palin" commercials running on Thanksgiving during football.
carolyn_atoc: Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter (VIDEO)

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