Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

lupton: more proof that #mcain/ palin not equipped to run a country!
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Jill Greenberg scary picture,The View,Whoopie,McCain,Palin,:
Scary picture Author:..
dailybigtwo: Shoes Thrown at Bush and McCain not being able to commit to a potential Palin ’12 run at
bostonherald: Sarah Palin’s burned-out church holds services elsewhere : WASILLA, Alaska – Members of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’..
macleans: Palin’s burned-out church holds services elsewhere
amber1230: Looks like Mrs. Palin is having a hard day
iconmaster: Holy crap somebody torched Palin’s church!
sheryl_canter: wondering… Is MSNBC trying to establish an insanity defense for Rod Blogojevich?
Akula: Can’t figure out what to get Sarah Palin for Christmas. Checking Amazon now.
kyrialydia: You can’t change someone’s beliefs just because you know the right answer. Look at politics! My ex is a republican and I’m Sarah Palin :)
Bodhi1: What If Sarah Palin Or John McCain Had A Half-Brother Living In A Hut In The Middle Of A Slum? – Say Anything
dreamnotoftoday: Palin tops list of memorable quotes
cmarlow480: @Condoulo rofl condy… those far right wingers that small percent that hate palin could of done it.. * looks at condy *
roaring_repub: So today McCain gave support to Obama but not to Palin
jetemple: @BradOFarrell which sounds SO much better than Palin :-/
Cavosie: Lady behind me at dinner crowing about her new ‘Sarah Palin glasses.’ She’s middle aged. I’m embarassed for her.
envirogirl: So embarrassed to be in my moms car with a ‘women for mccain/palin’ sticker
politicalticker: McCain says Palin has a ‘very bright future’ as a GOP leader
Guillaume_: rt @shamir Hilarious (i’ve just heard about vid). Sara Palin explains the turkey | Dinde Power !
rightblogs: [The Corner] Peachy for Georgia — and Palin: Sarah Palin will campaign for Saxby Chamblis..
schotline: Adam your post on Palin and Gov is BS, we will not be promoting BS! Respectfully…
bloggingformich: GOP recovery: Fire Rush Limbaugh
AJae: Currently Browsing: Watch out Palin, Russia is taking over Alaska(the next spring,anyway)
scanneratplay: @CelebritiCat Sounds like a good reason. Turkey isn’t anymore, not after the Palin video. I’ll never eat another one as long as I live.
NRSC: Reading: Sarah Palin Coming To Atlanta On Monday #GoSaxby
mofopolitics: Watchin Letterman Top 10 Palin turkey
ihasatardis: Ew. Sarah Palin is coming down here to rally for Chambliss. Do not effin want.
plustwo: Colbert Report last night – "Sarah Palin is getting a book deal which means Wasilla, Alaska is getting a book store." Farny!
RNCJournalists: latimestot: Sarah Palin jumps into Georgia Senate runoff to help Chambliss –
DNCjournalists: latimestot: Sarah Palin jumps into Georgia Senate runoff to help Chambliss –
freerepublic: Palin to Attend Governors Meeting with Obama (Sock It To Him Sarah): Palin to Attend Governors Meeti..
SavannahNow: Sarah Palin to appear at free event at Savannah Civic Center: The Chambliss for Senate Campaign today..
SSrb1098: Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter (VIDEO)
latimestot: Sarah Palin jumps into Georgia Senate runoff to help Chambliss –
dallasite: Finally, some sense from the right: Gov Mark Sanford, "Yeah, seriously. Here’s a bunch of other names that aren’t Sarah Palin."
new_yorkBNN: Alarming News: Yes, I remember Limbaugh, Hannity and Ingraham CLAMORING for John McCain.: Mort Kondra..
xebu: @bigmadkev who Sarah Palin?
s_carolinaBNN: The Palmetto Scoop: Sanford thinks Palin is a joke:
cl_atlanta: Fresh Loaf: Palin to rally for Chambliss in — of course — Gwinnett: Metro Atlanta Republica..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Sarah Palin, Giuliani to Campaign for Sen. Chambliss in Ga. Runoff: Sa..
kaitlynalyssa: oh gross. sarah palin will be in savannah on monday campaigning for saxby chambliss. she must be bored.
huffpost: – "I said NO WORKING. You done for the day, I blog now!" [Pause] "How do you spell, GIMME TURKEY MIZZUZ PALIN??? …
anamariecox: – "I said NO WORKING. You done for the day, I blog now!" [Pause] "How do you spell, GIMME TURKEY MIZZUZ PALIN???"
WSJWashington: Palin to Attend Governors Meeting with Obama:
illuminato: @MarilynM You’re both wearing uniforms? (*Sarah Palin wink*) Did ‘ya notice how he squishes up his face & does the mental math for celcius?
dagoaty: @KorvarTheFox I was lying in the bath reading Michael Palin’s New Europe and started to think about libvirt :’(
donaldturnbull: We need to get Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on Twitter
marcylauren: I feel sorry for the Alaskans who have to deal with Palin!

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