Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

gopsaver: @saltypundit That is OK. McShame is the kiss of death to the GOP. I voted for Palin, not McShame
BlondeBlogger: sarah palin’s church set on fire: #TCOT
saltypundit: [Blog] John McCain might not support Sarah Palin if she ran for president: “I can’t say someth..
vannschaffner: "Blago" sounds to close to "Blogo"
starnewsonline: Palin tops list of year’s most memorable quotes: The Top 10 quotes of 2008, as compiled by the editor of the Yal..
massaint: [detikNews] Gereja Sarah Palin Dibakar: Senin, 15/12/2008 11:55 WIB – Alaska -
Gereja yang biasa di..
Current_Newsbot: [TV pick] McCain might not support Palin for president
CanadaElects08: Sarah Palin named "Most Controversial Celebrity" of 2008 (via Blog)
westernstandard: Sarah Palin named "Most Controversial Celebrity" of 2008: Sarah Palin has just been named the “Most Controversia..
Kevin_McDaniel: Just found out about a fire this wknd at the church Gov Palin’s attends. Not happy about that.
TBOcom: Breaking News: Fey, Palin Top List Of Memorable Quotes: Sarah Palin lost the election, but for a c..
SarahPalin: Palin’s burned-out church holds services elsewhere (AP via Yahoo! News)
TampaBayNews: Fey, Palin Top List Of Memorable Quotes
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: McCain: I can’t promise to support Palin for president
richiecruz: "did i put lipstick on a pic like PALIN?"
huffpost: Inside the Mind of John McCain: On Picking Palin -TheFix
TheFix: Inside the Mind of John McCain: On Picking Palin
chuck_hamsher: Wingnuts Thank you ad to Sarah Palin Moose chili anyone?
melchmon360: Just got a free turkey from work. Thanks Sarah Palin!
DaveBP: If anyone missed Sarah Palin at the turkey slaughter here is the link for that video and related story:
kevinDwhite: @Dmorrissey : MAT – A. Kasperov : Deep Blue – B. David : Goliath – C. Sara Palin : Winking – D. Huh? : What?
DailyIntel: Sarah Palin to Save the South for Republicans: Just as McCain was laughing hysterically in a press con..
marlaerwin: This Thanksgiving, some people are thankful for … Sarah Palin? (Oh, yes, it’s real: ) h/t @willatwork
erinexplosion: @samari711 "Thank you for my diabetus testing supplies, Sarah Palin!"
mogrify: The girlchild just asked for a Barbie for Christmas. I blame Sarah Palin.
conserv8ivebase: Conservative PAC to air Thanksgiving ad thanking Palin for being Palin:
As Thanksgiving approach..
akickballrecess: Bill Maher: Sarah Palin was a MILF…. a Moron I’d Like to Forget
dsource: If Sarah palin is an alternative rock chick with red hair than she just got on my train again
huffpost: Barack O-Boring. Where Has Sarah Palin Gone?:
Obama made another excellent appointment today with Peter .. -usnews
usnews: Barack O-Boring. Where Has Sarah Palin Gone?:
Obama made another excellent appointment today with Peter ..
roguecnidarian: The raps: They just keep coming from Drew P, who is like Sarah Palin. D:
marcylauren: Sarah Palin is an idiot – I’m glad I don’t live in Alaska. We need to stop talking about her even though she does stupid stuff!
roosto: @salsus I’d love to make one in honor of Gov. Palin, just as soon as she sends an appropriately sized contribution to my wardrobe budget
coehlo: Oh God… Sarah Palin was being interviewed and some guy was killing a bird behind her!
snackfeedbuzz: video added Late night on VP action-Nov. 25: Comics highlight the economy, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on late night TV….
politicalinsidr: Sarah Palin’s coming to Georgia for the U.S. Senate race. Should PE Barack Obama? No, says Donna Brazile.
kullock: @Steve_Lipton so dont go and rent "Into the Wild" (directed by Sean Penn) in Palin’s Alaska
fark: [Video] She’s a moose hunting maverick governor. The best Sarah Palin moments from The Daily Show: Comedy Ce..
dtanton: @emzanotti damn right re: Palin and Crystal Pepsi.
Sofia: SURREAL interview with Sarah Palin: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
emzanotti: @jose_jose Honestly, I believe so. Crystal Pepsi and Sarah Palin. Ahead of their time. (Let the hate mail commence!)
andycastro: Hummer with McCain/Palin sticker = double fail
kryzpect: In what respect, Charlie? ☂ The Daily Show’s Best Sarah Palin Moments compiled →
feenwager: Person with McCain/Palin bumpersticker: A. Defiant or B. Delusional. Discuss.
pa5fn: McCain says Palin has a ‘very bright future’ as a GOP leader: McCain confirmed Tuesday he’s planning to run..
bookwoman84: @reposingrogue Well, they say Sarah Palin looks like a MILF, too, so I think I can be excused for not thinking that’s a compliment.
laquesefue: – Hubiera querido salir de Neiman Marcus igual que Sarah Palin, con 150 mil dlls en guardarropa. Sólo salí con u …
terrywygal: @bizownersonline ha ha ha yes it does.. Hey somone said you turned your Intern Application in to Sarah Palin… any truth to that??? ;-)
Smitcat: Turkey’s in the fridge. Now to pull a Palin and ‘reign’ in the cranberries. You betcha!
WashIndependent: Obama, Palin To Appear at Governors’ Economic Meeting: During his press conference today, P..

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