Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

sarahpalinfeed: Tina Fey and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin top 2008 list of memorable quotes :
2012Palin: Sarah Palin spoof tops list of 2008′s best quotes (Honolulu Advertiser): NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Sarah Palin lost the..
lanewspace: Weird News: Fey/Palin Top 2008′s Most Memorable Quotes
paigecraig: for those of you lacking enough Sarah Palin in your life, visit; @brooksbayne @acoolong @ozsultan
pammalamma: Sarah Palin was hung in effigy and her church was burned. Why does this stuff happen only to Republicans?
TimFlaherty: Sarah Palin’s Church firebombed by arsonists:
My friends bank had bomb explode killing two in Oregon..yikes
datn: @basmatiheather in the Land of the Scrimless. like Sarah Palin.
granniebebop: wishing I hadn’t eaten the pumpkin bread so fast! And wishing I hadn’t been watching Sarah Palin’s Turkey Interview while i ate.
newser: Palin Will Stump in Ga. Runoff: Sarah Palin will lend her star power to Saxby Chambliss in his Senate runo..
marcbetts: @DiCicco i hope that doesn’t mean you’re listening to rush limbaugh.
dansinker: I really don’t think I can ever tire of the Sarah Palin/turkey execution video. Truly the most bizarre bit of newsreel I’ve seen ever.
SGPolitics: According to Fox News, Palin will campaign with Chambliss on Monday, day before election. Chambliss currently ahead 3 pts. in the polls.
roadkillrefugee: @HowardKurtz Media snubs events that are unnewsworthy. What was McCain’s big announcement? That he’s proud of his campaign & Palin? Please.
dailykos: GA-Sen: Palin, Giuliani, Romney to stump for Chambliss: While Democrat Jim Martin gets Bill Clinton and ..
wisconsinBNN: Kay’s Blue Racine: Thank You. Gov. Palin: I hear on TV that’s it’s all the rage to thank Gov. Caribo..
2cute2miss: One more tweet before I get busy. Sarah Palin Explains The Turkey Incident ROFL
georgiaBNN: Safe As Houses: ‘Starbursts’ redux: Wonder when Sarah Palin will take a restraining order out against ..
jmb_recommends: – Promerica Bank sounds like Sarah Palin’s kind of place
thepinkc: @rural_juror you should have tried to catch the turkey and have it for thanksgiving a la sarah palin style LOL
20208wsc: @HowardKurtz the angry man in the Pres’l election seemed to b most media peeps RE McCain. I’m not in the Limbaugh tank or anything, but man
conserv8ivebase: New post: Conservative PAC to air Thanksgiving ad thanking Palin for being Palin (
HuffNewswire: CNN: McCain says Palin has a ‘very bright future’ as a GOP leader: McCain confirmed Tuesday he’s..
SuperDad_08: @oldsillybear Isnt Sarah Palin supposed to be keeping an eye on the Russians? You betcha!
batterista: @QueenofSpain smart, powerful activism -> Palin-rally lynch mob… Nice!
SalonMedia: Palin to hit the trail for Chambliss:
One day before the runoff election between Georgia Republican ..
PhilipClark: Awesome. Top 10 excuses for Palin turkey gaffe.
CameronKabookie: @emmy89 sarah palin r in ur alaskas, spyin on ur russias.
Just_A_Grunt: If Palin is such a drag on the Repub brand why are they allowing her to go to GA to rescue Saxby??? Enquiring minds want to know
LiberalsAreCool: Daily Show: Sarah Palin’s Greatest Hits: The answer to the "Thank you, Sarah Palin" ad this week.
benboychuk: I’m amazed that is still getting Google traffic from "sarah+palin+book-banning."
elmodernisto: Is the sarah palin of powerpoint presentations
roaring_repub: Not the full throated defense of Sarah Palin we had hoped for but McCain finally stood behind Palin pick today
_101_: [digg] Olby devotes six and a half minutes to the Palin turkey clip: The purest “Countdown” segment y..
genmon: techno, mario kart, beer and sarah palin. yessssssss.
katondawson: Great to see Governor Palin heading to Georgia to campaign for Senator Chambliss.
orbitz: memeorandum Palin to hit campaign trail in Georgia (Mark Preston/CNN):
Mark Preston / CNN:
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: The Palin Trip to Georgia
thepolitico: Politico: McCain defends campaign tactics: McCain defends his decision to pick Palin as his ..
julianb55: Hm. Americans not used to the use of complete and grammatically correct sentences??: BTW, Palin should just go back to AK
salsus: @roosto Sadly no, it’s an "in kind" donation. Want to make in honor of Sarah Palin?
BNN_HR: [BlogNetNewsHR] Brutally Honest: So you’re disgusted with Sarah Palin and/or President Bush..
ish: Better idea: Collectible plates commemorating Sarah Palin’s historic 2nd place finish in the VP election. I think there’s a market for that.
thecnnwire: McCain says Palin has bright future in GOP: (CNN) — Sen. John McCain said Tuesday that Alaska G..
tonypeterson: RT @borat – Sarah Palin does interview while chickens are SLAUGHTERED behind her – yup she is THAT dumb
BethGMS: Just looked at plain bagels and for a second saw Palin bagels. Yikes!
freerepublic: What Does Palin Have to Do With Feminism: Lack of Feminist Support is Not Hyprcritical: Lack of femi..
latercera: Sarah Palin vuelve a convertirse en el hazmerreir de los estadounidenses: Un video de la ex candidata a..
arecretal: LTCOM Ultimos : Sarah Palin vuelve a convertirse en el hazmerreir de los estadounidenses..

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