Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

MixxPopularRSS: McCain: I can’t promise to support Palin for president –
calebhays: [] Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: McCain declines to endorse Palin for 2012
terraactualidad: Investigan un incendio la iglesia a la que asiste Sarah Palin. La iglesia a la que acude la ex…
CharissaCowart: @joanne_ott Exactly! That is just absurd… well Sarah, the Palin family and now her church family are all in my prayers for sure!
dailycamera: Suspicious blaze damages Sarah Palin’s home church
: ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An arson fire has badly damaged Gov. ..
spoonsrant: McCain says that he can’t promise support for Palin in 2012 … makes you wonder:
SarahPalin: Suspicious blaze damages Sarah Palin’s home church (Boulder Daily Camera)
vergelbradford: Goldfish possess a three-second memory longer than that of Rod Blogojevich the soon-to-become that erstwhile clueless governor of Illinois.
moms4sarahpalin: #TCOT Where’s outrage over Palin fire? Has Obama responded or made a statement? Just curious. Can’t find it.
chrishogg: McCain’s support for Palin is not a sure thing
mikemorillo: Joe’s Crab Shack is using a woman that sounds like Sarah Palin to advertise their snow crab on the radio. Horrible.
rharristweet: Watching bimbo weather reporter on TV. Good job for Sarah Palin.
D_MuseumJUS: Sarah Palin does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background!
lollieshopping: Omg. MUST Re-tweet. Only in Vegas. @raminekhtiar Okay – this REALLY caught my attention – Palin lookalike contest in Vegas (topless!)
amentele: Sarah Palin aside, this is easily the most confusing thing I’ve heard all year.
KamTurtle: @jackcafferty Palin will not make it that far. So GOP will have a chance. The American people are not insane.–Still have hope 4 the people
bacidath: @JavaVoodoo i need one of those chutes like in the palin video
tmpollard: @pinkelephantpun Liked your blog post. RT New Blog! Palin v. Putin… Texas is where I’d be headed too.
regator: Found on She’s Ba-ack… Palin Will Campaign in Georgia For Chambliss
pinkelephantpun: New Blog! Palin v. Putin…
ErikHitz: @paulslaybaugh I can believe PETA hasn’t been all over the Palin turkey slaughter video
foxnews: VIEWS: Gutfeld: Sarah Palin Ruffles Feathers
WashIndependent: Palin to Stump for Chambliss: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is already planning a trip back out on the ..
JackCafferty: GOP’s chances if Palin is 2012 presidential nominee?
pinkelephantpun: @violenceworker I’m SO blogging about that right now… Palin v. Putin. Yes please.
airamericamedia: Palin Campaigning in Georgia
violenceworker: @pinkelephantpun Like Palin will let that happen!
cplanchard: Local seafood chain restaurant ran radio ad this morning with talent trying to imitate Palin’s voice. Why, I ask?
floridaBNN: Blast Off!: Psychotic wingnut voting score: Limbaugh 1, Coulter 0: As I’ve mentioned here before, I ha..
new_yorkBNN: Capitol confidential: Schumer and Palin, together again: Charles Schumer and Sarah Palin don’t ..
MichelleToon: Dear Sarah Palin, please go away
zorigitano: Anyone else seen the recent Palin video with the turkey’s being killed behind her? WTF?
snackfeedbuzz: watch Our country deserves… to thank Sarah Palin?-Nov. 25: Willie Geist looks at a new online political ad where man…
scottdavis99: @bsletten, @kensipe Palin sez: I can see SOAP from my house! Enterprise Architect in 2012!
AngelaWilson: @RandyNBL LOL! Keep us posted on Palin’s visit and if it does make an impact, what conservatives there say, etc.
_101_: [digg] Palin To Hit Campaign Trail In Georgia Senate Runoff: And she’s off again. This time to Georgi..
hoytless: @clairelindstrom and can we kick out sarah palin and people in the south cuz they don know how the right talk is?
Twooloo: @punningpundit When I have a wild streak I expose myself to Rush Limbaugh,, Michael Savage, FoxNews. I get a kick out of that
calamities: Joe-the-Plumber/Palin ticket for 2012! Who’s with me?
snackfeedbuzz: video added Late night on VP action-Nov. 25: Comics highlight the economy, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on late night TV….
julabean: NPR is interviewing some local person who sounds like Sarah Palin. It’s really distracting.
huffpost: Boston Globe: McCain running for Senate, praising Palin : Republican presidential candi.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Boston Globe: McCain running for Senate, praising Palin : Republican presidential candi..
teekers: Just saw a McCain/Palin poster on a barn in the middle of PA. You think they know?
realtortweet: @SinfonianI’ll take their taxes though! Limbaugh pays Palm Beach County over $412,000 in property taxes a year!Coulter pays a mere $29,000.
nmindependent: New from NMI: Sarah Palin returns to the campaign trail… in Georgia: Apparently ..
Gawkk_Popular: Gawkk Video: The Daily Show’s Best Sarah Palin Moments
CBS46: CNN – Palin To Campaign In Georgia Senate Race: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Is Returning To The Campaign Trail ..
db4y: RT @paulslaybaugh Backordering my "Sarah Palin Turkey and Pork Redndering Device." I want mine in blood red.
courdek: Tumblr: Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving turkey as others die around…: Sarah Palin pardons a T..

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