Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

jaskonis: @JuliusN Aha, as tai arbata gurksnoju.. Pakako vieno gurksnio, kad Cafe blogo irasa perskaityti:)
yahoobuzz: Fey/Palin Top 2008′s Most Memorable Quotes
Natalia_Hc: Distracted by my personal life – not unlike American media being distracted by Sarah Palin’s personal life!
freddysbored: OMG I just realized–Blago is our Sarah Palin
freddysbored: OMG I just realized–Blago is our Sarah Palin!
HoffmaniaDotCom: Olbermann Watches Palin Turkey Tape for the First Time
tj: @CcSteff You know who else went rogue? Palin. Wait, I mean Hitler. Hitler on a Pig? Hobo Hitler? Damn, my memeonics are all jumbled up again
toreysan: @ansleytime your right. a prime example of why you should drink and surf the interweb. minus downloading the nailin palin video. (joke)
poliblogger: Palin to do Down to Georgia:
wendybird75: Really? McCain says Palin being a woman was not a reason for picking her; just that she’s a "reformer" and "a very principled conservative"
ThomasBrock: McCain is now justifying his choice of Ak’s Gov Palin for VP…She had an "energizing factor"…WTF does that mean?
jenuinejen: Sarah Palin is coming to Ga on Monday to campaign for #saxby. 4 stops throughout state. Woohoo!
Zoester: oh my gawduh… just watched the video and seriously funny – local Denver Connection to Sarah Palin/Turkeygate:
ARTig: Palin soll angeblich Buch schreiben: Ob der böse Scherz, dass Sarah Palin angeblich ni..
joethunk: #FoxNews: Sarah Palin’s ‘Turkey Interview’ Ruffles Feathers – FOXNews: Sarah Palin&..
paulslaybaugh: Backordering my "Sarah Palin Turkey and Pork Redndering Device." I want mine in blood red.
mediaguardian: Dan Kennedy: The McCain-Palin campaign demonised William Ayers, but left him to deal with the conse..
ZekeSaysSo: Don’t tell Sarah Palin, but I’ve got Anne Frank Turkey in my attic.
dreamnotoftoday: Palin to hit campaign trail in Georgia
Digicasity: Dan Kennedy: William Ayers pays the price John McCain’s accusations: Dan Kennedy: The McCain-Palin cam..
palcarl: behind big-haired woman in a lexus with a sarah palin sticker. Why does this make me so mad?
christinahayes: there was the guy down in tennessee i believe who named his daughter sarah mccain palin….
Gaia68: Oh, and I’ll probably start in Finland, which is next to Russia. Will Palin be able to see me?
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Palin to campaign in Georgia Senate runoff
BamnCan: Hm, remember how all those McCain supporter called Obama a "celebrity." But Palin is ALWAYS on The Insider.
hogi82: Palin coming to Perry on Monday.
RandyNBL: Sarah Palin is coming to Atlanta. I think that might seal the victory for Chambliss even if he is an ass
Kalli: By the Sarah Palin reasoning I am now an expert masseur after what I did to that chicken.
wiredgnome: Palin to campaign in Georgia Senate runoff
TheLocalStation: CNN – Palin To Campaign In Georgia Senate Race: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Is Returning To The Campa..
lubom: @deborahleao @JackStella o bizarro é que teve TRÊS pessoas diferentes entrando no meu blog atrás desse vídeo porno com a sarah palin!
chrisdymond: Sarah Palin is the comedy gift that just keeps giving:
warpworld: I didn’t know the turkey killing machine is an upside-down cone until I saw Keith Olberman last nite’s uncensored clip of Palin interview!
SVKinAZ: Reason #1,854,665 why we should be glad Sarah Palin lost- No media savvy whatsoever:
Blast_Off: New post: Psychotic wingnut voting score: Limbaugh 1, Coulter 0
thejorgezone: Sarah Palin & The Turkey Genocide: Here is the newest Sarah Palin blunder making it’s way arou..
bramankp: One of my engineer friends just came by and made a "Who’s Nailin’ Palin" joke. A little late to the game, eh?
muttmutt: @dcagle Was Sara Palin standing in front of the building with a CNN news crew at the time??
fitzwillie: @alexismadrigal Are those new Palin kids’ names?
iam_serpentine: @gerardway hai thar. what do you think of obama as your new prez? he could chop palin in half with his epic karate skillz~ ;D
gawkk: The video, "The Daily Show’s Best Sarah Palin Moments", has become popular. (
misterjt: @tiffanybbrown I hear Palin’s coming to town to hang out with Saxby.
JackStella: @lubom Um ‘vidio’ com a Palin jamais seria pornô. No um mínimo horror trash made for tv. MEDO!
dianetucker: What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and MSNBC, really?
AHN: Palin To Return To Campaign Trail For Georgia Senator
peachpundit: New blog post: The Palin Trip
Flap: Sarah Palin to CLOSE Saxby Chambliss Race for Georgia U.S. Senate
lubom: tem o que pede "Por favor coma a minha mulher" e o que procura "vidio porno da sarah palin". eu hein.
middlegeorgia: Sarah Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss in Perry: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will travel to Per..
YatPundit: @hieronymus i want a turkey from that guy that was killing them behind Sarah Palin.

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