Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

prophetessanna: @saltypundit McCain supporting Palin for pres. would probably hurt her chances at this point.
ET_nowplaying: Unapologetic About My Position On Pro-Life – Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin a tough question on abortion… –
speakeasy602: New blog post: Sarah Palin’s Church Firebombed
Rebecca1158: In class getting ready to do my Palin impersonation for my mass comm class… thanks to Ron who is NOT here today lol
sneezix: Sarah Palin’s Thankfulnesses:
fragmente: @Wondergirl 1. Link! 2. Ich stelle mir "Nailin’ Palin" auch nicht erotisch, sondern lustig bis lächerlich vor, da passen falsche Titten.
versharma: christmas come early?? sarah palin may be coming to the columbus area on monday!! CAN’T WAIT TO MEET HER!
sparkleplenty1: after seeing that Palin turkey interview, I almost want to give that up too…ugh
Aknauta: Conservative body to run ads in praise of Palin
CBS46: Sarah Palin To Campaign For Chambliss: Former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will campaign for..
freerepublic: GOP recovery: Fire Rush Limbaugh (by Morton Kondracke): How can the Republican Party rebound? The fi..
SavannahNow: Sarah Palin to campaign for Chambliss in Savannah on Monday: U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) toda..
Wondergirl: @fragmente Ich hab den Nailin’-Palin-Trailer gesehen. Hauptdarstellerin hat falsch operierte Brüste. Kein schöner Anblick.
jkp1187: As always, Camille Paglia is worth reading. Interesting about BHO birth certificate:
huffpost: Palin will campaign for Saxby Chambliss in Georgia’s Senate runoff, sez Chambliss press release. Let’s hope she helps as much as she did …
msbellows: Palin will campaign for Saxby Chambliss in Georgia’s Senate runoff, sez Chambliss press release. Let’s hope she helps as much as she did Mac
Borowitz_Report: Palin Offers Thankfulnesses: In order to celebrate Thanksgiving, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin toda..
BSG: Radio gal Laura Ingraham just said the machine in the Sarah Palin turkey video reminded her of woodchipper in Slingblade. Wasn’t that Fargo?
francesk: Oh noes!! AJC says Palin coming to ATL for Chamblis. Although might be good for slumping retail sector if she still has GOP mastercard.
chrisboyer: New video evidence from yooRyoo proves Palin-drones are now insensitive to death. You can catch the full expose here:
sdweathers: @Jimconnolly Don’t misunderstand me ;) , I really like Godin, but I think he’s a business entertainer (like Limbaugh a political entertainer)
cottage46: Just watched Sarah Palin’s greatest hits. Soooooo glad she’s not the VP-elect.
reidstott: Palin is coming to Ga. to campaign for Chambliss. Georgia’s population of hockey mom’s will swell to ’1′.
braindouche: @r2d2 I can’t believe Sarah Palin would say that!
soulpowr: rt @politicalinsidr A TV campaign ad for Sarah Palin, four years ahead of its time. about 1 hour ago from web
capnews: Sarah Palin Unveils 2008 Christmas Card –
fragmente: Je mehr ich drüber nachdenke… "Nailin’ Palin" – ich glaube, den will ich sehen!
dpacheco: from Chelsea Green Riki Ott: Oil Spill, Palin, Salmon Fishermen, The 28th Amendment: H..
middlegeorgia: Sarah Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss: Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah..
ladycrumpet: FRAK RT @AJCAlerts Palin coming to Georgia to stump for Chambliss
cl_atlanta: Fresh Loaf: Sarah Palin coming to Georgia for Chambliss: "I can see Mableton from my backya..
chelseagreen: Riki Ott: Oil Spill, Palin, Salmon Fishermen, The 28th Amendment: Hey, check this out:
chaosinga: Saxby calling in the pitbulls! Sarah Palin coming to Atlanta on Monday.
gtuckerkellogg: @AMamasBlog That article makes no sense. A huge number of criticisms of Palin since Nov 4 have been from McCain staffers blaming Palin
inspire_emotion: Collectibles: Mashup of Palin Clips on The Daily Show
Just_A_Grunt: Palin coming to GA on Chambliss’ behalf. Wish she wouldn’t. It will hurt her and not help him.
mrajoy: Sarah Palin explicándo qué hara ahora: Click here to view the embedded video. ¿Os imagináis a Mariano Rajo..
Lalanav: Ok, seriously, "What does Palin know about the campaign?" Um….ok, well, she was IN it, so I’d think she knows SOMETHING of what went on.
gcam69: Palin in Georgia!? Hide your moose.
AJCAlerts: Palin coming to Georgia to stump for Chambliss
peachpundit: New blog post: Palin to campaign for Chambliss.
iamvoodoochile: gearing up for turkey day at my house… Thinking of calling Palin for a turkey (I heard she has connections)… hehehe
snackfeedbuzz: ‘Thank you, Gov. Palin’-Senior political analyst Bill Schneider reports on a new ad from a conservative PAC that prai…
jessicagkessler: I’m hoping that Sarah Palin fades into obscurity and doesn’t resurface in 4 years.
wisconsinBNN: FREEDOM EDEN: Letterman: Top Ten Sarah Palin Excuses: David Letterman continues to rip Sarah Palin. ..
jefflynn: No longer wants Turkey for Thanksgiving after seeing that Palin video.
alisonlaw: RT @ajc Sarah Palin coming to Atlanta on Monday…
ajc: Sarah Palin coming to Atlanta on Monday: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will come to Georgia next week to campaign f..
sjsmac: Flight attendant who just made an announcement sounds A LOT like Sarah Palin. You don’t think…?

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