Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

383Advent: Palin as President : The silver lining that surrounds clueless politicians is the opportunity for internet…
newser: McCain ‘Can’t Promise’ to Support Palin for Prez: John McCain can’t guarantee that he would back his own vice pr..
Nettavisen: – Nekter å støtte Palin:
Senator John McCain vil ikke nødvendigvis støtte Sarah Palins presidentkandidatur.
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: McCain may not support Palin in presidential bid
ChristianBlog: Palin: Reminded Shes A Failure Over And Over And Over Again (humblyhis)
ajcheadlines: Sarah Palin coming to Atlanta on Monday
nenuphar: Picking up the turkey today. Latest Sarah Palin video did NOT make me feel good about that…
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin – Isn’t She Lovely?:
Whether you think Sarah is ready for..
heldincontempt: @Coleend He’s been studying at the Sarah Palin school of grammar mangling.
posten: "those were al qaeda turkeys." -Letterman’s top 10 Palin excuses for the turkey slaughter interview. "those were al qaeda turkeys."
Roxianna: I didn’t know the Sarah Palin turkey slaughter video was real so I watched it and learned more than I wanted to know.
velvethammer: RT @AMamasBlog The Crushing of Sarah Palin-why shots are still be taken at her-even though election.. over for weeks:
LBJeffries: Finally watched the Sarah Palin turkey video. I think she’s having a bit of fun and flipping the bird at America for all the jokes, heheheh.
politicalinsidr: A TV campaign ad for Sarah Palin, four years ahead of its time.
rightblogs: [jawa] Huckabee Still Whining About Sarah Palin…: It’s clear from this comment that Mike Hucka..
entertainvid168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Wonder Woman as Sarah Palin- WOnder Palin:
Lynda Carter as Sarah Pa..
shaun_the_trans: @Hyena Et ben si j’ai dormi 12h, en 5 minutes, un truc de ouf, merci le rhum et Palin in the turkey killing machine, very good idea
crooksandliars: Daily Show: Sarah Palin’s Greatest Hits: Oh, Sarah. How we will (not) miss you.
conservatweet: [Jawa]: Huckabee Still Whining About Sarah Palin…: It’s clear from this comment that Mike ..
edeckers: New humor post Governor Sarah Palin Interviewed While Turkeys Killed in Background
JRKichline: Morning conversation with @jkichline consisting of Palin, Obama, God’s giftings and the uses there of, stem cell research, medical miracles
mark2100: – Palin 2012, HA! Like they’d let her near a national platform again… you had your chance Sarah, sorry.
ARTig: Palin soll angeblich Buch schreiben: Ob der böse Scherz, dass Sarah Palin angeblich ni..
vanmaanen: @Slijterijmeisje Sarah Palin, shredding the Turkey: ook Yuk! gezien?
opchaos: Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos – did it help Obama become president? –
trexsandwich: Didn’t fully grasp the Palin/Turkey thing until I saw it uncensored on Olbermann at 4 a.m. … Sweet Baby Jesus, woman!
OhAudrey: @bellavenom .."and sarah palin.. you remember sarah palin?"
snicholsonboise: Good Morning Boise; & Thank You Sarah Palin! Not real sure why people are thanking her, but for me – now I know how turkeys are slaughtered.
101wrif: New @ Mike in the Morning: HILAROIUS SARAH PALIN VIDEO…KINDA… ( )
usatoday: Dems focus on jobs; conservative praises idea of Clinton at State; a TV ‘thanks’ to Palin
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Thank You Sarah Palin – Thanksgiving Version:
instapundit: MAYBE KATIE’S JUST TOUGHER THAN WE THOUGHT: Letterman like Palin blows Katie Couric interview too….: ..
rstokes: @tungle139 Hysterical!! Done in the style of Ocean’s Eleven. Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin are all in on a diamond heist.
michellefabio: Top 10 Palin Excuses for Interview with Turkey Slaughter in Background:
USATOnPolitics: Dems focus on jobs; conservative praises idea of Clinton at State; a TV ‘thanks’ to Palin: Eight w..
linuxlibrarian: @jzb Who’d a thunk it? In other news: Palin turns her back from her Russian-facing front door, realizes she can see Canada from back porch
Whackarnolds: On second thought maybe Palin should stick around. She is pretty good for the comedy industry. She is just tragic.
huffpost: McClatchy: Palin’s fans and foes keep her in the spotlight: A California-based conservativ.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: McClatchy: Palin’s fans and foes keep her in the spotlight: A California-based conservativ..
BluButterfly: @LindaLorie Did you see the piece where Sarah Palin spared a turkey. In the background it showed the actual slaughter of the birds. (Duhh)
yishaym: @lisang link please? (re choosing Palin)
coljac: I’m the Sarah Palin of online civil-libertarianism to @nicsuzor’s McCain.
dailyindia: Conservative body to run ads in praise of Palin: Alaska Governor and Republican vice-presidential cand..
TwitLinksRSS: barry bonds killed bambi, barry bonds, christensen rifles, hunting, white tail, sarah palin, steriod..
politicalhumor: Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter: David Letterman had some fun at Sarah Palin’s exp..
new_jerseyBNN: Dan Cirucci: She’s A Star!: From Michael R. Blood of the Associated Press:Sarah Palin is juggling o..
22q: RT @willotoons @mulegirl: Olbermann watching Palin=hilarious
jamiesfeeds: Thank you, Sarah Palin: She may not be the second most powerful person on the planet, yet, but she su..

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