Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

edmorrissey: Just posted about the fire at Sarah Palin’s church, with video:
susan_s_smith: Palin home church fire by arson?
spamspam: RT @engadget Used BlackBerrys sold for $20 at McCain-Palin blowout, contacts and emails included –
GreaterPolitics: Palin’s church severely damaged by arson
newsninjas: Fire at Palin’s church possible arson
QuorumTampaChef: @Pistachio all of # tweetcongress can’t be real tho- no way would Hillary make catty comments about Palin’s clothes &
hair. It’s a scam.
rickcurran: Someone should buy this iPhone app for Sarah Palin:
chairkicker: Heya Joe, it’s morning in real America. Dreams of Prez Palin defending choice of Walter Reed Middle School pictures; yikes
ET_nowplaying: Job creation – Sarah Palin comments on how the bailout needs to be used to create jobs.
toddmundt: The Mediavore: Today on the Talkers: Palin (Michael), Etta James, wacky science: Here&#82..
themediavore: Today on the Talkers: Palin (Michael), Etta James, wacky science: Here’s a quick look  at what..
ShelbyKnox: Granny Obama and the new definition of working family in the White House. Love the Palin comparison.
aerobroken: Sarah Palin calls ABN Network..
snackfeedbuzz: video added Sarah Palin Family Meeting-Click below to subscribe to our videos
zoernert: Sarah Palin saves a turkeys life – Thanks US for a telco free evening yesterday and today …
VS2008: Sexy foto´s van Sarah Palin!: Ze is gouveneur van Alaska en was running mate van presidentskandidaat McCai..
portugaldiario: Galeria de fotos: Rainha Rânia é a mais bonita? Vote: De Sarah Palin a Mara Carfagna, passando por..
snackfeedbuzz: another one Sarah Palin?!?!-
asteinlein: @GeirAasen Hah, Palin faktisk. Litt som blunkingen hennes, bare tweeting? ;)
aerobroken: Laughing at: Poison, Warriors, Tunnels, and BJ"S, and Sarah Palin! ( )
aerobroken: Watching: Sarah Palin calls The Rock Update Show ( )
wamurray: @EmmaJoan I see what you mean. I’ve followed people who have tweeted about Sarah Palin’s ignorance of Africa and Steve Jobs’ cancer (wrong)
GeirAasen: @asteinlein ja, har hatt lignende drøm, men da var det Sarah Palin som tweeta meg ;)
new_jerseyBNN: Politics Patrol: Bob Ingle: Corzine can be thankful for Sarah Palin: The Beacon Hill Institute’s st..
gordasm: Reason to love Stephen Colbert #3,264: "Sarah Palin’s getting a book deal, which means Wasilla’s getting a book store."
snackfeedbuzz: another one OFFICIAL VIDEO: Sarah Palin gets pranked-The Masked Avengers prank Sarah Palin, the republican candidate …
farkmusic: [Amusing] Coldplay singer not sure if he wanted to make out with Sarah Palin or run away: 3 News New Ze..
jerame2999: Okay that was a wierd dream. Sarah Palin mixed with fallout three. I will never get back to sleep now.
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Thanksgiving Special-Palin and 2 Turkies
valdezign: @jeelago sarah palin… hmm. pretend ur putting lipstick on a pig?
jeelago: @valdezign just got smoked on ‘sarah palin’ and ‘lithium battery’ :-( man this game sucks!!
nowpublic: Catching the Sarah Palin Fever!: Barack Obama may have won as the new President of the United States bu..
JeromeR: I just love the point where the butcher realises he’s on video behind Sarah Palin, out "pardonin’ a turkey". You can see his single thou …
washingtonBNN: Silenced Majority Portal: Paleontology, NOT Palintology: I read that Palin and other Dominionists b..
rneese: I’m watching "The Incredibles." Sarah Palin thinks it’s a movie about her and John McCain.
fncll: @clintlalonde Even my near obsession with Tina Fey– strong enough to survive her stint as Palin– wasn’t enough for that craptaculous flick
wolfcat: @shanegold about the same as what all those people did that prayed for Palin to win the election :-)
ZenTrader: Sarah Palin Turkey Day Massacre
ruthdfw: @blackvoices doubt she will get it, esp after how she let Sarah Palin run over her @ the debate.
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: Palin with 5 husbands???:
At Thanksgiving lunch at my aunt’s house, my c..
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: TV commercial Thanks Governor Palin – I saw on Fox Thanksgiving Day – Real..
markwinburn: Some $300 in clothing and footwear for Palin from … CNBC? Is she that bad?
wuman: Own Sarah Palin!
katestuff: ahhh, a half drunken debate on abortion and sarah palin… i love when i win. @tifanei you would be proud.
BlufftonToday: BT Blogs Palin Circus is coming to Savannah: Wow the freak show is going to see if she can ..
devilishdelish: She sounds like Sarah Palin.
medachon: Just Oh Gears is off Lightweight of email and Jamie Palin Europe.
ET_nowplaying: In charge of the Senate – Sarah Palin still doesn’t know what the vice president does.
indulf: – letterman is still ripping on McCain/palin.. might as well say nanny nanny boo boo. sounds Lin a bitter winner(??)

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