Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end?

SVChronicle: McCain-Palin campaign dumps Blackberries loaded with personal numbers… (
MisElleBee: Damn, it is cold. I may or may not be a little intoxicated. Ranting via email to a friend who supports Palin and her assault on Polar Bears.
fark: Arson blamed in fire at Sarah Palin’s church. Arson, presumably, is Palin’s estranged son [Scary]: MSNBC
Race42008: Trashing Palin is Damaging the GOP: Last evening, I read one of the most sensible posts in the last two..
b4one: did john baird just say that the ndp is a socialist party? sounds like he’s canada’s sarah palin attacking obama. the conservatives cannot
sealdaze: And no, Sara Palin is not the one who shot our eagle.
jstrevino: network: [from dagger11] Politico: Sarah Palin, a Digital Superstar
Zervon: Oh, and Tina Fey is totally hotter than Palin.
georgiaBNN: GEORGIA WOMEN VOTE!: Promoted: Palin Paranoia: Me, I just pal around with a terrier, a Jack Russell to..
JilNelson: @noellems Loved your comment on Planned Parenthood and the Palin grrrls.
terrisCA: Palin’s Turkey video created more vegetarians than PETA this Thanksgiving. Republicans do the opposite of what they intend. Thanks Sarah!
huffpost: LiberalOasis Radio Show podcast is up: who did Palin, McCain, Romney and Lieberman give thanks to this year? -billscher
billscher: LiberalOasis Radio Show podcast is up: who did Palin, McCain, Romney and Lieberman give thanks to this year?
Aknauta: Sarah Palin gets hit on and often
silas216: Recession accomplished. « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more
stormbringer005: @melanieann79 I wonder if Limbaugh is right, Mich Gov would go from being YOUR problem to a NATIONAL problem lol
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Mocking Palin: Number of comments: 2Liberals may regret making her a superstar and ke..
pumapower: hillbuzz: Sarah Palin Takes On Big Oil
newser: Web Users Still Can’t Get Enough Palin: We just can’t seem to let Sarah Palin go. Nearly a month after the..
DavidAll: I’m quoted in this Politico story about how Sarah Palin should capitalize on her being a weblebrity
orbitz: memeorandum Sarah Palin: A digital superstar (Charles Mahtesian/The Politico):
Charles Mahtes..
afunamara: It is not okay for a car to have a McCain/Palin sticker and a TJ sticker. NOT okay!
starmarked: OMG!! I just watched the Sarah Palin turkey slaughter video !!!!
politicaladdict: Word of the Day! — Hackey mom: (noun) Sarah Palin’s Starbucks-sippin’ intervi..
briancbray: I just read an article on politico about Sarah Palin’s popularity where they sourced lycos search results. How about excite and too?
pwot: Ruthless cutthroat political figures that actually look kind of silly in person: Rush Limbaugh has the reput..
illinoisBNN: The Swamp: Sarah Palin gets hit on and often: by Frank James All right, I admit it. I’m shamelessly p..
iowaBNN: Century of the Common Iowan: Thank You Sarah Palin!: I thought this video of Daily Show highlights of Sar..
timtfj: @kriscolvin Speech started "Friends, Romans, countrymen! I have a dream… In the dream I was being chased by a moose with Sarah Palin’s …
s_carolinaBNN: Waldo Lydecker’s Journal.: Somewhere, Bristol Palin is laughing: The Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan..
pinkelephantpun: @violenceworker Um for sure, they might hate her as much as they hate Palin. And I love it.
AlisonRMauldin: @jenzug Even though I don’t care for Sarah Palin, it bugs me that Penn is always doing diplomatic stuff. He’s an actor. Not a politician.
snackfeedbuzz: Palin: Bailout is about healthcare!
snackfeedbuzz: video added Sarah Palin Talks Bailout Proposal-Sarah Palin interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS Evening News, September …
Drwright1: stackign top 10 media mistakes for 2008- yeah Palin at Turkey slaughter made the list
tcarah: Zogby on 2012: Palin leads among Republicans, Romney leads among all voters (barely)
aureliusmaximus: @jeffq73 NOT a fan of dunkin??? I’ll understand string theory or why palin interwied in front of dying turkeys before I can process that
StephanieLanier: wedding hair looks like a blonde audrey hepburn or sarah palin?!?! Hmm
oklahomaBNN: The McCarville Report Online: Palin Dominates Search Engine Queries: From Politico ~ Three weeks afte..
trendycollector: * JOHN McCAIN & SARAH PALIN 24K GOLD U.S. 4-COIN SET * –
ET_nowplaying: One Of The Most Outrageous Double Standards I’d Ever Seen – Nancy Pfotenhauer defends Sarah Palin… –
Jarmo: I didn’t know Michael Palin’s been in Finland!
ajbatac: Sarah Palin Turkey-Gate Top 10 Excuses – Letterman
blueeyedmuse: Still invoicing; making progress. I guess some think a hair bump circa Sarah Palin is flirty, sassy & sexy @
egze: LOL Sarah Palin Pranked by Radio DJs
mugecerman: I’m Not Sarah Palin & 5 Other Reasons I’m Thankful
CarrieWorthen: Bush. Palin. Spears. Hilton. Hey @vjack not only churches glorify stupidity. it’s a tool for societies as well.
VS2008: Sarah Palin is een blijvertje: Ze mag dan door menig Amerikaan verguist worden, een groot deel van de VS i..
sukiglot: cold-induced nightmares should not involve suggestive sarah palin scenarios, even if meant to be ironic. that’s just cruel and unusual.
matthewrender: Today the Palin family is eating leftovers of moose and a turkey Sarah pardoned.

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