Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

alula: @csuspect Palin 2012? She was serious? Wow. Just… wow.
ragley: John McCain and Sarah Palin receive all 8 electoral votes from South Carolina.
mouemagazine: McCain Isn’t Sure He’d Support Palin, Defends Obama: It really is no surprise that John McCain and J..
TexasMonthly: Blinded by the smite: McCain disses Palin on This Week (from tappable to snubbable):
idealist615: Talk about throwing someone under the bus…Mccain says he cant promise to support palin for president.
missmarch: McCain Won’t Pledge to Back Palin for President
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin’s Church Hit by Arson: Damage to the Wasilla Bible Church was estimated ..
2012Palin: Palin Budget Due Today … Cuts Expected: Palin’s refusal to allow the state legislature to go on a spending spr..
sarahpalinfeed: Palin’s church holds Sunday services at alternate site after suspicious fire :
ansatsu29: Amy Poehler is leaving SNL…shucks! she’s one of my favorites along with Tina Fey. I really loved her Palin Rap!
JackRyanBauer: @alphatrends yep, trying to do the Sarah Palin thang for Turkey week and post expiry ;-)
johnhummel: Oh, good lord – theyr’e rolling out pro-Palin ads? yeah. That’ll remove the stain of her interviews, her debate performance, the turkeys…
fakegfmorris: Yeah, gfmorris:fakegfmorris::Sarah Palin:Tina Fey. Sometimes it’s just too easy.
obamashould: I think Obama should make Palin our ambassador to Russia. After all Russia is her neighbor.
Mountainsister: Ambassador Palin rides husband’s snow mobile across the Bering Straits to a summit meeting with Putin slaughtering Mooses as she goes.
marcylauren: Stop talking about Palin -nobody cares
trendhunter: Palin Fever 3 – Sarah Palin TV Show? + ‘Hot Vice Presidents’ Hits 1 Million Views (GALLERY)
Mountainsister: Putin and Palin….what a team!
Mountainsister: I think Obama should make Palin our ambassador to Russia. After all Russia is her neighbor.
brok: XD hoy el CQC va a estar interesante, alguno se arrepentirá de haberse reido de Sarah Palin
decaturcomp: Russia want’s to drill baby drill in Cuba. Are they watching Palin as closely as she watches them??
greeneyedkat: Ultimate vindication will be made all the sweeter by the continuing injustice suffered by Sarah Palin.
JasonDeehr: Since they named John McCain as our new head coach…what is next…Palin as the defensive coordinator?
marcylauren: I’m so sick of hearing the Palin word – enough already – she didn’t win – ge over it!!
DanNunley: "Thank You Sarah Palin" – Thanksgiiving edition
ak_fred: Interesting: Obamas energy plan includes a 1000 dollar energy rebate to americans. Palin has already been there, done that..
greeneyedkat: @gretawire So unfair to her, but makes women like me only more sympathetic/supportive of Sarah Palin. Bring on the unfairness!
scarpi21: @redeyechicago sarah palin is not popular because of her politics but because she is a national joke.
marcylauren: Why would anybody be thankful for Sarah Palin this year? She was so negative and said nothing good – just bashed Biden and Obama!
tlrdfeed: tlrdblog Everyone Thankful for Sarah Palin This Year: Conservative group Our Country Deserves Be..
huffingtonpost: August J. Pollak: Backdrop: The only thing worse than seeing Sarah Palin in front of a slaughterho..
captainslog: @veganbits I’m not sure if you want to see the Palin turkey thing. It is… disturbing.
VeganBits: @zebtron No, I have not seen sarah palin being interviewed while turkeys are being killed behind her — would you send me the link please?
Lilykily: Watching ‘The Daily Show’s Best Sarah Palin Moments’ at Vodpod
stix1972: Grizzly Groundswell Palin Saved McCain’s Bacon – He Couldn’t Save His Own..
elgreg: Debating waking or biking to work. It looks more frozen than Palin’s political career out there. Hi-oh!
olaf1965: Sarah Palin en de kalkoen: Image by Bearman2007 via FlickrDit is geen scene uit Jiskefet of Monthy Pytho..
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin struggling with demands on her time: Wow. Just wow.
huffingtonpost: Beth Arnold: Who’s The Turkey?: As I was watching Sarah Palin’s most recent and perhaps most "spec..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Beth Arnold: Who’s The Turkey?: As I was watching Sarah Palin’s most rec..
robotim80: heard on WBAI just now: "….Sarah Palin, who comes across as Davey Crocket in drag…."
gretawire: Even a good deed by Governor Palin gets slapped by the press!: If you watch ON THE RECORD at 10pm or read…
CountryMe: @JeffreyJDavis Obama is very intelligent but as far as grammatically correct complete sentences how would you rate Palin on that? lol
TheLaughingImp: @keldwud No, I was too busy reading about Bigfoot’s alien baby hiding in a Nazi eskimo conclave of Wiccans Palin is shielding from the gov’t
EvaUlian: @terrywhalin That’s how I felt when I tweeted for a month and no one except Sarah Palin was following me- I still tweeted knowing…
Twooloo: @withapassion might as well wake up next to Rush Limbaugh….oouch
jacquilofthouse: @MelMiscellany It’s those American spellings I betcha… I got VERY confused about spelling it!! (Oh God I’ve gone all Sarah Palin)
marylandBNN: Kevin Dayhoff: YouTube: Thank you Sarah Palin: YouTube: Thank you Sarah PalinNovember 20, 2008[www.yo..
sbrady2: "Sarah Palin’s getting a book deal, which means Wasilla is getting a book store."

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