Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

nydailynews: Palin and impersonator Fey top list of best quotes: The funniest thing Sarah Palin never said is number one on Y..
dyelton: So McCain now doesn’t support Palin for President? He sure did last month…amazing. I’m glad those monkeys didn’t make it to office.
libertyrant: #rushbo #tcot: Powell, who supported Obama, says GOP should reject Limbaugh, who supported McCain.
libertyrant: #rushbo: Colin Powell has contempt for Sarah Palin and small-town America.
GVinfrench: Sur Global Voices Tunisie : Les blogueurs exclus des Tunisia Blog Awards réagissent:

La blogo..

emikegarcia: Ann Coulter nominated Sarah Palin as Time’s Person of the Year for "annoying all the right people"…
johnbeagle: @DesireeScales funny palin warning joke, "I see the Russians are coming" thanks for that chuckle today
dmasterson: @tmolzahn Sarah Palin?
hjarche: @MetaWeb20 Isn’t that Baja Canada? You know the capital? I don’t. I’m geographically challenged. Is Sarah Palin the governor general?
desireescales: @johnbeagle Don’t forget Palin warned us too. She saw them from her backyard–tongue in cheek humor for Monday.
streamingguide: #srg Limbaugh talking about Colin Powell’s comment that "we" need to stop listening to Limbaugh [we = People who endorsed Obama]
patrickcorreia: @rorris Oh, so you’re one of the "war on christmas" people that Rush Limbaugh warned me about.
elbe14: Meine Lieblingserinnerung 2009 #Comedyhighlights #2009 #Politik #Palin #USA #Russland #Alaska #Geografieneuordnung

Sarah Palin was interviewed on the Larry King Show on Wednesday, 11/12/2008. Larry asked some pointed questio …

amandarebecca: @sdustinh SCORE!!! I have been waiting for these!! It will go perfectly with my McCain denture cup and Palin gun rack!! :D
miaset: @davefleet Palin never ceases to amaze! thanks for the link. For another chuckle read Dick Cavett’s blog at
atraver: Driving home from Pollock Pines, seeing all the McCain/Palin and Yes on 8 signs makes me sad to have a place out there.
Flap: Couric Studied With Anti-Palin Advisers Before Palin Interview | It’s still odd that someon..
jennichs: @incrediblejulk weekend update killed me! Sarah Palin’s book deal and teen girl Twilight cigs… could have been the white Russians though.
ckanal: my website just got a hit from Anchorage, AK & they looked at my Obama & Palin fam tree blog entries! has to be either Palin or a polar bear
jacintillating: In my mind Rita Skeeter has Sarah Palin’s voice and looks like the lady from the Quaker oatmeal snacks commercials.
SecuritiesD: RT @tedfrank Palin interview in front of a background out of Monty Python:
LaurGrob: Palin pardons a turkey for thanksgiving…in front of his brethren on the chopping block
bamapachyderm: Are you freaking kidding me?: Apparently Katie Couric was prepped for her interview with Palin by 2..
randyball: jack is my hero…maybe he should have been McCain’s running mate…no disrespect to Sarah Palin…maybe Bauer/Palin 2012.
flickrlovr: After pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving, Sarah Palin gives TV interview while turkeys are slaughtered behind her
jackoweskla: Sarah Palin’s post-turkey pardon interview will not stop being hilarious
floridaBNN: Pushing Rope: Sunday, and the winner is: Martini Revolution: So, did anyone see that video of Palin be..
oregonBNN: MaxRedline: The Real Palin Interview: Okay, you’ve seen all the hyped up junk that MSNBC tried to pass ..
mcmilker: Risk game suspended after 3 hours-was winning but lost Alaska to Sarah Palin look alike
jwight: No one seems to be able to get enough of Palin – go figure. Even Oprah wants a piece of her…
faryl: my mom said that was not very nice (even when being used in conjuction with Sara Palin)
wangmess: @Kschell I’m guessing Sarah Palin Schellenbach is not in the stars? SPS…
gfwchina: Irons in the Fire: I guess something about Palin just scares the …: Yeah, that’s really hopey-changey,..
kilotech: @geoblack Funny. I use twitter to keep people accountable for what they say about Rush Limbaugh
OrangeClouds115: @vegangrrl nice one on Palin & turkeys! I am meaning to post about turkeys soon. I am just so disgusted at the U.S. turkey industry!!!
delphiquery: If Sarah Palin runs again in 2012 as President this time, would you vote for her?
technogeeks: Being flamed by u-tubers who were incensed I said it was fine 4 some 1 2b killing turkeys in the video of a Palin interview. Eat meat? Geez
vegangrrl: new blog post on palin-turkey stunt: "pardon me, but this is disgusting"
delphiquery: Will Sarah Palin try to run again in 2012?
theblablab: I wish the US media would stop extending Palin’s 15 mins. and the clowns behind the book offers need lobotomies.
peanutre77: is thinking it would be really cool to have coffee with Governor Palin some day
strin012: @joeyguerra UM…NO. Opera does not fit in this picture. Of course, this whole thing has seemed like a pageant gone wrong. Where’s Palin?
Zoyx: There is going to be part of me that will miss Sarah Palin:
ideagarden: stroies broken in the blogosphere. Bristol Palin pregnancy, Dell Hell, iPhone Delay #osnbc
gulley: Post-election Palin interview at a turkey farm. As she talks, the turkey guy in the background is busy slaughtering.
HeidiFaith: Just chilled with SARAH PALIN at Johnny’s show. Love her. xD
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – 28 Sarah Palin Facts:
Anyone that’s going to vote this November shoul..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Remix "Doggone it, Darn Right, You Betcha.":
Sarah Palin ..

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