Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

MikeGras: Palin’s church was torched. I hope the is not the evidence of our new world of hope and tolerance. This arson needs to be solved.
mywesttexas: mywesttexas Palin, Fey top list of year’s most memorable quotes: Associated Press Author: ‘What I hav..
scott78246: Happy Turkey Day from Sarah Palin
edwardv2: @nibbler Countdown just played parts of WKRP Thanksgiving episode while he was watching the Sarah Palin turkey incident for the first time.
neagle: Is there something I’m missing about the Palin turkey slaughter? It seems like the ol’ liberal media is embarrassing itself.
howardabrams: I am back home in goid ol’ Portland. Now THIS place is real America. Right, Palin?
cinemafromage: Terry Tate meets Sarah Palin? Oh yes…
sommerdesigns: @guykawasaki HA! I first read it as for chronic pain sufferers! Pretty much the same thing.
gidget3am: Keith Olbermann watching the Sarah Palin/Turkey Massacre interview for the first time has made this crappy day end on a funny note.
gah650: @guykawasaki mis-read it at first. Thought it was "Palin alltop." would still relate to pain.
saltzman: Laughing about the Sarah Palin-Turkey interview —
EddiesUniverse: what I do not have 200 followers yet? how rude and sad, also I lost my favorite follower, I could almost cry, I blame Palin’s slut daughter!
eugeniedfranval: watching keith olbermann do commentary while watching the palin turkey massacre clip was pretty funny with WKRP clips. that’s our keith!
floatnsink: Finally some uncensored good ole turkey preparing not like the Palin video. Warning: Turkey preparing
palin_quotes: "This was neat," #Palin gushed. "I was happy to get to be invited to participate in this."
palin_quotes: The problem, #Palin said, was "we frequently find ourselves at the mercy of those who think that we ..
palin_quotes: When reading her Thanksgiving pardon proclamation, #Palin says she is a "friend to all creatures gre..
flatlander: Just saw the Palin – turkey killing machine video. She is clueless about her image. How can she seriously have been even elected governor?
mandyish: have you guys seen this sarah palin turkey interview!?!? i almost got physicly sick!
jpmccluskey: just saw the palin turkey masacre press conference, leaves me saying WTF
soopushie: how did i just watch palin give an interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered?! oh my god. that was insane.
ajanam: Palin turkey interview + msnbc olberman = LMAO
caughtintheweb: watching olbermann watch the palin turkey merkage video live. hilarious!!
EveSieminski: Why are they still showing the Palin Video????????
ariedana: Oh, KO is playing WKRP clips in the middle of the Palin turkey video. So subtle he is. Not.
hotairblog: Video: Olby devotes six and a half minutes to the Palin turkey clip: The worst person in the world.
jeremylimeCNN: @Big_Tuna_Dave Maybe we should have just elected Charles Manson for President. Him and Palin both have twisted morals and shouldnt be alive.
snackfeedbuzz: we’re watching CNN-’Thank you Governor Palin’-Conservative group gives praise to Sarah Palin in a new television ad. S…
pineapplecakes: Keithus response to the Palin turkey vid…LMFAO
kphotos: I just updated my Squidoo page: Sarah Palin and The Press /
ethanator1088: Very Funny, Sarah Palin, Turkey Interview, Video | Pwned Video
annaness: Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey? I’m not quite sure she’s qualified to do that…
mattgebhardt: Watching Palin get interviewed while someone slaughters turkeys behind her, awesome>>>
texasBNN: Pondering Penguin: Governor Sarah Palin Appreciation Day: The Texas Federation of Republican WomenOffere..
alabamaBNN: From A Buick: Huckabee Shows Resentment Towards Palin: Arkansas Governor and former GOP Presidential c..
duckybum: go home Michael Palin
dmooney9: @RobTornoe great cartoon material I’d say. (Re Palin and turkeys)
akj3: Channel 2 is covering "Thank You Sarah Palin" TV ads on their way. I saw a preview released this morning and thought it was a joke.
BillyAkerman: Video: Olby devotes six and a half minutes to the Palin turkey clip: The worst person in the world.
sarking: Ow. Turkey sandwich from dinner does not like my stomach. Turkey is apparently taking its revenge on people named Sara(h). Thanks, Palin.
IrkenHawk: Lulz. There was a Sarah Palin cosplayer at a furry con. She even had a gun. XD
nqr: Sarah Palin interviewed @ a turkey farm while turkeys are slaughtered right behind her.
roadkillrefugee: @Karoli McCain presser tomorrow: "Proud of my hateful, losing campaign. No regrets about Palin. Still love Joe. Taking Flomax and Cialis."
bostonherald: PAC airs Sarah Palin thank-you ads : ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A political action committee is thanking Go..
rightblogs: [hotair] Video: Olby devotes six and a half minutes to the Palin turkey clip: The worst person..
ranewton: Watching Keith Olbermann and the Palin turkey pardon video.
WillAtWork: @herzing Yes, believe it or not, that Palin ad Maddow played is real
applelogik: @jkestr Which DVD was that? The Sarah Palin "Learn to Think Quick on Your Feet" home study course?
mailman1175: LMAO’ing @ Keith Olbermann’s response to Sarah Palin’s turkey-pardoning video…

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