Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

definitely_nah: @wordspit1 the era where people aren’t actually gonna take the bullshit you’re selling. 1. palin 2. obama 3. shoes thrown at bush
huffpost: Sarah Palin’s Dad Says She’ll Be A Great Grandmother -TheRealMcCain
adangross: @jgumbel That is crazy and sad. No matter your feelings on Palin. Just uncalled for.
joethunk: #FoxNews: ATF Joins Arson Investigation at Palin’s Torched Church – FOXNews: FOXNewsATF Joins Arson..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin vs. Caroline Kennedy and Ted Kaufman – Jim Geraghty …: Sarah Palin vs. Caroline Kennedy and Ted Ka..
2012Palin: The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (December 15, 2008) – What Do …: What Do Kanye West And Sarah Palin Have I..
TheDadShow: @livedesk does anyone still watch SNL? I haven’t found that show entertaining since the 90′s (although the Fey/Palin skit was a hoot)
ab_ee: @caymarks Those came from the Sarah Palin Rally that they went to!
laurieishere: I was appalled about Palin’s church. Arson? What is wrong with our country? our world?
laurieishere: @Scribbit I was appalled about the Palin’s church. What is happening to our country?
SomethingShiny: Oh dear lord, the neighbor lady is blaring Rush Limbaugh and he’s singing ABBA.
MattRMerrill: Sarah Palin is the new George Wallace.
Animal: @peterclayton What are Caroline’s qualifications? Or is she riding the Sarah Palin wave?
adamjackson: Someone from "wasilla main street" in Alaska just donated to my webcam. <insert Sarah palin joke here>
pa5fn: note: Sarah Palin, turkey slaughter interview has been added to dailysourcecode @
HarryJGold: Alaska news report at it’s finest – Palin at the Turkeu Slaughter:
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin struggling with demands on her time: Thanks, Tasha — you beat me to that one. By ..
AlisonSWellner: Do you think people will stop being interested in Alaska now that Palin isn’t veep/candidate? I don’t. One editor does. Head shaking.
knobody: sarah palin on the shelf next to wired. how….um….surreal?
hugo84: It’s sad the election is over. Last night at Zanie’s the standup comedians only managed one Sarah Palin joke. I guess "the" party is over.
sexysassysmart: I heard that Palin got a movie offer. Can that be true, or I am just dreaming?
brandeehowell: Sarah Palin Turkey Video. You can’t make this stuff up!! Oh man…
OilPrices: Oprah, Leno, Letterman: What’s Palin to Do Next?:
… candidate crunched state budget numbers this pas..
RayWJohnson: I’m slaughtering turkeys behind Sarah Palin.
palin_quotes: For good measure, Gov. #Sarah #Palin told Katie Couric "a surge in Afghanistan also will lead us to ..
khenry222: Does anyone know if Sarah Palin can be found on Twitter……. This lady is becoming more and more interesting…
Gurubanks: Palin had an interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background. Says some programs are ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK. LOLz
robport: New York Times Blasts Palin For Conducting Interview In Front Of Turkey “Execution”
conservatweet: [SayAnything] New York Times Blasts Palin For Conducting Interview In Front Of Turkey ..
dogwalkblog: Seriously???
GoogleNewsElect: The GOP’s crush on Sarah Palin – Atlanta Journal Constitution: Fresh NewsThe GOP’s crush on..
MaureenLycaon: LOL at Palin turkey-slaughter video! And that woman had no idea how that would look to city people? Classic!
educationvid168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin in Scranton #2 Lee Greenwood God Bless the USA:
schar: Guy showing sarah palin turkey vid to people with his iphone
agingdiscodiva: The Clintons, Palin, Emmanuel, Hannibal Lecter and the Thanksgiving turkey…what do they have in common? Today’s blog entry. Enjoy!
agingdiscodiva: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Hannibal Lecter…what do they have in common? Today’s blog entry. Enjoy!
missouriBNN: RDM Random Remarks: Sarah Palin a sure pain: Everyone is going crazy about another loser, Sarah Palin..
2cute2miss: ROFL @ The Sarah Palin Turkey Incident She is strange :D
whiskmanagement: loves this quote from a publicist giving advice to Sarah Palin: "She has to pace herself…She wants a career made in a Crock-Pot, not a …
electionTF: The GOP’s crush on Sarah Palin – Atlanta Journal Constitution
dynobuoy: @gchandra >ndia Calling nu kilambidatheenga< Palin president ஆகும் வரை ஓயமாட்டோம்ல!
dannorris: Retweeting @psyance This is just awesome! (DN: Palin does interview as turkeys are slaughtered.)
salve: Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background (VIDEO):
seancarman: To clarify, the post reading, "The [sic] morning I received an e-mail . . . " that’s a new Twitter post, not more of the Palin Memoir.
seandfeeney: OMG! Palin does an interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background
ursulas: Good idea! @HereItComes can we send Keys, Palin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Lieberman, cheney to some place cold with infested w flesh eating forei
davefleet: Will Sarah Palin never cease to provide comedy material? Pardons a turkey then does an interview while turkeys are killed
voyou: I hear rumours of Palin/Petraeus in 2012. Christian phalangism comes to the US!
jen: I have to stop clicking on links people send me. I end up seeing 2girls1cup, Palin porn ads, and now photochops of emo vampire buttsecks.

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