Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] ATF Says Accelerant Found Around Entrances of Palin’s Blazed Church: Agents fr..
Eegah: Put up Christmas tree while listening to Rush Limbaugh show, both for my Grandmother, because I love her.
mattfrendewey: RT: Gov. Sarah Palin isn’t qualified to be VP, but Caroline Kennedy is qualified to be NY’s Jr. Senator?
Thatcher: @twittermuna Plus, you know, Sarah Palin is hot.
2012Palin: Governor Palin Hopes To Keep Refinery Open: Thanks to JP over at Sarah Palin for President for this storyPalin a..
RobGodfrey: @frankrubi Our votes were delivered to McCain-Palin because of the hard work of @katondawson @glennmccall & our activists. #tcot #rncchair
net_news: ATF says accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church – The Canadian Press: Washington PostATF says acceler..
wandafay: @brianmarsh Retweet Hillarious SNL Blogojevich video. Illinois citizens must be proud… #TCOT #HHRS -haha
HuffNewswire: CNN: Fey, Palin, McCain dominate list of top 10 quotes for ’08: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was bested by Tina F..
katondawson: It was also an honor to be one of our state’s presidential electors. Proud to cast my electoral vote for McCain-Palin! #tcot #rncchair
CraigMBurke: Sarah Palin is the new Voldemort. The one of which we will never speak.
kevinbinversie: Rhetorical Question Time: What gets more press next week: Bristol Palin giving birth, or Obama team’s internal review of Blago contacts?
pa5fn: the Huffingtonpost Sarah Palin Will Be A Great Grandmother, Says Her Father Chuck Heath: Brist..
palin_quotes: "All of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years," #Palin told Couric when the CBS a..
RobGodfrey: SCGOP’s Katon Dawson elected President of 2008 SC Electoral College as SC electors cast votes for McCain-Palin #tcot
MattAnderson: @jickey – it’s gonna take you years to grow your hair Blogo style…there is a fed hidden in the doo too!
spcghst440: Oh Wow I just saw Hannity admit to driving a Hybrid, in that Bcast video. Not sure he did his research.
Emmy_S: no thats alaska… sara palin serves moose chilli and moose burgers to news reporters…
mgpogue: Sarah Palin does not need Sen John McCain support
ORDandrew: OMFG!! Somebody still has a McCain/Palin button on her bag. Does she want to keep showing the world how stupid she is.!?!
foxnews_pol: FOX NEWS POLITICS: ATF Says Accelerant Found Around Entrances of Palin’s Blazed Church: Agents..
Emmy_S: @rain_globule no.. thats alaskans… mmys sara palin.. and her moose chilli..
Ninosd: @ricksanchezcnn rick – did it seam like Scott Ritter seemed to a little arrogant? I didn’t care for his Sarah Palin winking!!
alisso: ATF says accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church – The Canadian Press: FOXNewsATF says accelerant pour..
SarahPalin: Accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church (Hamilton Spectator)
bobprah: @nishachittal , I’m not surprise at all to read that about McCain – the truth is that he didn’t trust in the ability of Palin,she was used.
godzirrraaaaa: I wonder if the press will "investigate" her as they did Palin… Doubt it. She’s a Kennedy!! & a liberal.
TechGeek444: check this out – blackberry owners:- $20 yardsale Blackberry spills McCain-Palin secrets
senselessbabbl2: @timorousme I bet the Sarah Palin styled glasses are deeply discounted now. I’m sure you can find a bargin!
nukirk: RT @BillCammack "Palin" & "Obama" on YouTube Live =>
stevegarfield: Retweeting @BillCammack "Palin" & "Obama" on YouTube Live =>
BillCammack: "Palin" & "Obama" on YouTube Live =>
DogMomster: @kayakwoman I contend that Tina Fey did Palin better than Palin ever could. ;-)
bouncer26: Okay, so it looks like I wasn’t the only one who saw the similarity between Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle.
abigvictory: Dreamed Rollins asked me for bacon. I had to slaughter a pig first. Sarah Palin gave me an ax. I hit her with it. Me, Henry and pig ran off.
nowpublic: The Real Reason Sarah Palin Sucks: Sarah Palin has many detractors.  Yet most of these point to he..
JoelyBlack: @NickMB I like the one about WoW. But apparently there’s one about Sarah Palin, too…
bettywheeler: Thinking I was over the Palin thing, but can’t pass on the turkey slaughter video: Monty Python, move over!
chrisridd: @IanRobinson Palin can be misread as Palm on an iPhone using the default size of Helvetica font.
kristianc: @infobunny hmm maybe, though if mccain got away with saying sarah palin was a role model to american women, i’m not sure that’s enough
m4s: Idea1: Create a global mentoring-board for UN that includes: Kuan Yew, Palin, Giuliani, Kawasaki, Wong Hoo, Yunus & Bono, ok & Colin Ong
ET_nowplaying: Sarah Palin Gets Pranked On a Radio Show – Sarah Palin receives a call from The Masked Avengers… –
tienvijftien: @rrradiogirrrl lol. Better than the Palin Pinup *grabs fork to stick in eyes*
petercoffin: Also met a few YouTube stars briefly. LisaNova is the one that sticks out, because she annoyed me with her Palin.
seancarman: I’ve obtained an advanced copy of Sarah Palin’s book on her historic campaign . . .
allonline2: New blog post: Video: Sarah Palin steals the show (Guardian Unlimited)
DogMomster: Palin goes from politician of questionable intellect/ethics to international celeb? WTF???
JapanToday: World › Palin is inundated with A-list offers, from world travel to movie deals: Sarah Palin is juggli..

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