Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Caroline Kennedy … the "Anti-Palin": After Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running-mate the cries fr..
dav3: "ATF: accelerant poured around Palin’s church"
Grantosterone: Saw my first mccain/palin car sticker
Dafydd_ab_Hugh: Anent the arson at Sarah Palin’s church: Will the elite media ever make the obvious comparison… to the Birmingham church bombing of 1963?
chrisjortiz: thinks my brother should name his female pitpull Palin
freerepublic: McCain refuses to endorse Palin for president in 2012: ‘I can’t': Sen. John McCain said Sunday he..
witnessprotect: Duncan as sec ed is a joke. CPS is one of the worst districts in the state and they were investigating Palin for cronyism…
frageelay: I’m not getting sexy for my husband; I’d just like to leave the house without hearing choppers and being shot at by Sarah Palin.
illinoisBNN: The Swamp: Sarah Palin: Blagojevich’s nerve?: by Mark Silva Sarah Palin, Republcian governor of Alaska, says she..
ACContent: 2009 Top Ten New Years Resolutions for Sarah Palin: Sources tell our newshound that these are Sarah Palin’s Top ..
leonardorb: @bobagento eu não blogo, mas acho que tá faltando um algo mais na "blogosfera", hehe.
mortimas: @paulrpotts what about aporno with the likeness of sarah palin? what about mccain being portrayed as a cripple in an action figure
AgenteTabem: Hoje eu blogo. Juro. Jája…
paulrpotts: De-following @mortimas for his Rush Limbaugh-style humor. Doesn’t really raise the level of dialogue to joke about shooting the pres-elect.
dayodetroit: Back. I see Lisa Nova backstage dressed as Sarah Palin.
halfscottishguy: is that lady backstage meant to look like sarah palin?!
morris237: la imitadora de sarah palin!
toddpitt: Dude do they have Tina Fey as Sarah Palin backstage at the youtube live event? Plus a Obama look a like
mandapop: how many costume changes is Lisa Nova gonna do?? … also, she has no concept of a Sarah Palin accent whatsoever.
megiwms: obama and palin, lmao.
AdamTheAlien: LisaNova as Palin and the Obama impersonator are far more entertaining than Soulja Boy.
Nymo: Fake Barack Obama and Sarah Palin is on the alternate cam! #YouTube Live
tackyness: youtube live is uh.. interesting. theres even obama and sarah palin look-alikes backstage lol
erick_alejandro: Palin VRS. Obama @ BACKSTAGE
Shadowz: LOL, fake palin and obama in backstage cam @ youtube live!
allieoop95: Obama and Sarah palin
HabboBoredom: LMAO. Switched to backstage.. LISANOVA IS SARAH PALIN! xD & some other guy as Barack Obama xDD
dustinwashere: Sarah Palin! Pollaa Bears!
erick_alejandro: Sara Palin @ BACKSTAGE Camera @
dftbaalli: HA! Lsa Nova is dressed up as Sarah Palin backstage
rawrgh: ? do i see ”Sarah Palin”
Outsanity: lol @ Palin and Obama backstage
AdamTheAlien: Oh dear…LisaNova’s got her Palin outfit on in the Backstage feed…this should be amusing.
automation: when worry about if obama is going to do a good job i think about mccain/palin for 5 min to remind myself that they where the alternative.
jakerome: @Aheram Pent-up demand. Plus, Palin=ratings. Media has 3 biases: laziness, sensationalism & profitability. Palin scores a trifecta
Aheram: Sarah Palin has done more interviews after the election than she did before. Why is the media so in-love with her?
AllTenNinja: Why yes, I would like to attend a Hooray! Palin sucks! party tonight.
iconjohn: @benkunz Thanks for posting Palin link…Here’s to her on You Tube more often!
peoplevideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin stole from corporations to re-distribute to non-shareholders: ..
chezpim: Had a Palin moment: went to see Ally and new baby at hospital, back to hotel, forgot my hotel room# but remember hospital room# instead!
benkunz: Gov. Palin interviewed in front of turkeys being beheaded. She just gets better and better! (via @andyjukes)
lumis249: She looks more like Sarah Palin than kathy :)
markwharvey: approximately a third as many as we read about Palin’s wardrobe, about a fifth as many as we did about Obama’s coolness in face of criticism
catfacts: @MichaelJohnston Does that include Sarah Palin, all of America got to watch her turkey be prepared
sexysassysmart: I wonder if Tina Fey is going to be on SNL tonight as Sara Palin in front of the turkey while he gets killed.
dntcallmechelly: haha! sarah palin!
emzanotti: I could handle the Sarah Palin MSNBC video, but the concept of turducken puts me over the edge. Blech.
bittner: GM using fear/OnStar to try to sell cars. And we all saw how well using fear worked for McCain/Palin.
Urgo: Backstage cam @ YouTube Live says Obama & Sarah Palin will be making an appearance..
williammorris: i think whoever interviewed sarah palin at the turkey farm, set her up.

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