Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tm_insider: Palin tops list of memorable quotes of 2008: DEC 15 – The Top 10 quotes of 2008, as compiled by the editor of th..
oe24: Brandstiftung in Kirche von Sarah Palin: Das Feuer wurde am vergangenen Freitag gelegt. Bisher gibt es noch kein..
Knashbash: I’m excited to be on after Rush Limbaugh today in Columbia on
neofreko: "Used BlackBerrys sold for $20 at McCain-Palin blowout, contacts and emails included" #idiocy
lesjonescom: Sarah Palin vs. Rod Blagojevich: <b>Jonah Goldberg</b> – <a href=”http://article.natio..
20min: Sarah Palins Kirche brannte: Die Kirche der unterlegenen US- Vizepräsidentschaftskandidatin Sarah Palin ist ange..
DailyMeNews: Palin’s Church Meets at School
News24: ‘You can see Russia from here’ : Sarah Palin may have lost the US election, but she’s a winner to a connoisseur ..
jmeyer1715: Nice! McCain can’t even support Palin in 2012
politicalgroove: PoliticalGroove GEORGE BUSH IS AN AMAZING PRESIDENT: and Rush Limbaugh is my hero discuss
GroundReport: Student indicted for Hacking Sarah Palin’s E-mail.:  
David Kernell, A 20 year old Tennesse student had be..
BlogSunnyside: McCain declines to support Palin for Pres, bashes RNC for its harsh words re: the attempt to sell IL Senate seat; pledges to work w/ Obama.
theatreNYdisney: Im obsessing over Twilight and Sarah Palin. Hahhh. Justin Gaston is a hottttiee. So is Edward Cullen! <3
brandyismagic: Olbermann watching the Palin interview with the chickens just cracked me up.
sarking: "Keith responds to the horror of Palin not responding to the horror."
ProfessorTracey: Keith O clowning Sarah Palin on Countdown
rgolightly: watching olbermann watch the sarah palin turkey slaughter uncensored
Lone_Wolf88: LOL Sarah Palin is Kunt
Anthony_JK: Heads up, Clones…Keith Olbermann’s about to give his first take on Palin TurkeyGate on MSNBC Countdown in about 2 minutes…
KyleHD: This guy just walked passed and i swear he looked like sarah palin’s husband.
MyFoxKC: Turkey Farmer in Sarah Palin Video Speaks Out: Just when Sarah Palin thought she could start keeping a lo..
stix1972: Grizzly Groundswell Why the Haters “Hate” Governor Palin: I for one resol..
dan360man: Talk about long tail: Just found I’m #1 on Google for "sarah palin turkey shoot"
mlouttit: LOL Daily Show’s Best Sarah Palin Moments. Beautiful, Charismatic, Creationist…
outlawdiva: RT from @drvino – This is HYSTERICAL. hilarious mashup of the Palin turkey vid:
Vinvin: One of the best comments on the John Cleese/Sarah Palin video: "Why would we listen to a German anyway, they are socialists like Obama."
DaisyWater: @jamesosgood PALIN is an ALIEN
jamesosgood: Palin is not a detail person!
litterthisheart: "The Sarah Palin turkey pardoning video. You have seen it, I have not. Share my delight?" YES PLEASE.
sarking: "The Sarah Palin turkey video: You have seen it. I have not. Share my delight, won’t you?" UM YES. Whoever had this idea? I love you.
shellinaya: @davetopper yeah thanks to Palin’s slaughter video, I’m seriously considering going vegetarian in 2009
Race42008: What’s the Difference Between Huckabee and Palin?: Stilleto heals.
The New Yorker reports this st..
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – The Daily Show’s Best Sarah Palin Moments
podboy: Note to self: for next tv interview have decapitated turkey and camel in background like palin and alwaleed.
mklopez: Digg: The Daily Show’s Very Best of Sarah Palin [VIDEOS]
WildernessGrace: I’m thinking now that the Sarah Palin glasses are making me look old. Darn.
sounddude: For those who took offense at Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey at a turkey farm, right now on History Channel, a turkey special.
sarahpalinfeed: Video: A Palin Thanksgiving :
sarahpalinfeed: Schumer and Palin: First Friends of the Hunter :
sarahpalinfeed: Palin on Turkey Murder: I knew nothing! :
bcompton: @smartgoat Look, anyone willing to call Palin "articulate" has an internal quality rubric that we’ll never understand.
bennomatic: @goodnessme Sorry for late reply. How’d you get a copy of Palin’s SAT scores?
ExpectWonderful: @xenijardin Maybe that turkey enjoyed those few extra minutes, saved by the bell by Sarah Palin. Unbelievable!! Wow.
muffet: @sukhjit – Ning: good idea but was a little freaked out by the 59,000 members of Team Sarah – advancing the values of Sarah Palin YIKES!
CatherineRhodes: Rethinking turkey for Thanksgiving after seeing the infamous Palin video. Yuck!
KrisColvin: Just saw the second coming of Sarah Palin impersonation… Marie Osmond. Seriously is able to sound EXACTLY like her. LOL!
rachelpolish: @tiffanyanderson – Pictured me walking my dog and the turkeys in SF to get morn coffee. I hope I am not channeling Palin in twisted way :)
sarking: Holy shit. Over dinner, my Dad said Palin’s turkey thing was like the WKRP turkey drop. I’m listening to KO say that to Martha now.
marcylauren: Can we fogret about Sarah Palin -she will be a nobody in years to come – we americans are way to smart for somebody so dumb!
McMer314: The very best (or worst, depending) or Sarah Palin:

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