Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

buttonguy: @guykawasaki most viral would be George W throwing shoes at Obama! or maybe Palin at McCain haha
erickbrockway: @itsonlywords Fox News will be calling you for Hannity
CocoBeane: Hm. I meant to leave Grace’s Palin beauty queen sash in the prop room so I never had to see it again. Woops. Anyone want it?
browngt5: Best Palin nickname ever in CNN viewer email: daisy mae mooseburger
Kudzu630: Accelerant around Gov Palin’s church? Oh I wonder how many haters made there way there
freerepublic: Sarah Palin: Blagojevich’s nerve? (On Greta Tonight?): FYI- ARTICLE SAYS SHE’S ON GRETA TONIGHT— Sar..
bostonherald: ATF: Accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church: ANCHORAGE, Alaska – An accelerant was poured around the exte..
DailyMePolitics: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church
DailyMeNews: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church
cdotcompolitics: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church: APCrews clean up the Wasilla Bible Church in Wasilla, Alaska, Sund..
Missourinet: McCain-Palin 11; Obama-Biden 0
andrewpearce: Blackberry: $20. McCain/Palin contacts: PRICELESS! Personal info included emails, cell ph #’s, home address for politicians/lobbyists etc
celebritygoss: New blog post: Sarah Palin’s Dad Says She’ll Be a Great Grandmother
andrewpearce: Political Dumbass of the Year Award – McCain/Palin sell Blackberry phones from campaign and forget to wipe contacts/emails
ET_nowplaying: Katie I’d Like to Use One of My Lifelines – Sarah Palin (as played by Tina Fey) doesn’t understand… –
humancell: Oh yeah … SNL SKit is "offensive" when directed at NY Gov? What the heck … take a joke! Palin did!! WTF?!?!?!
Punterjoe: @digitalkitty Are you SURE that’s not Sarah Palin? ;)
goyato: @bawalmagdamo Yeah.. it’s Alaska. I was just making a dumb Palin joke. Goes to show how off the radar she is already Heh. :P
CriticalThinkin: Accelerant used at Gov. Palin’s Church: Investigators from the ATF are saying an accelerant was used at various ..
2012Palin: ATF says accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church (Cape Breton Post): ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An acceleran..
marklawrence: Blogged the John Cleese-Michael Palin Parrot Sketch as an antidote to this dreary Melbourne Sunday.
farkpolitics: [Interesting] Who can sympathize with Palin? Clarence Thomas: American Thinker
HappyLeftie: Maybe Palin is slated for Dancing With the Stars? She is a reality show waiting to happen:
melobubu: Palin won’t go away. Watch the turkey slaughter LMOA The camera man framed this perfectly.
millylicious: Listening to my parents and their friends mock Sarah Palin’s conference in front of turkey-slayage: priceless.
islandgirl550: Can Sarah Palin go away already!
Kalli: @cleversimon Sunset is around three o’clock in these parts now. My pity for you is comparable to my respect for Sarah Palin.
bmljenny: Sarah Palin, just back away from the cameras. Please. For all of us.
thebodybreaks: Governments Unloading Property Online: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin isn’t the only government official h..
paulvalach: OH: @celcius ate the turkey’s heart.. Palin comes to mind!!
jaybol: sarah palin turkey interview outtakes
tennesseeBNN: Governor Palin Sends Old Alaskan Message To New York Times: Pinch Sulzberger Dines W..
ohioBNN: Roland Hansen Commentary: Thanksgiving: Roland Hansen’s Thankful Thoughts Of Sarah Palin: It’s Thanksgivi..
virginiaBNN: Peter Feddo -: From The Dept. of Poor Advance Work: Sarah Palin & The Thanksgiving Turkey That Didn’t..
MitchWagner: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
NewsOnTwitter: CBS NEWS – Governments Unloading Property Online: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin isn’t the only ..
ccarfi: listening to Whole Wheat Radio, streaming from Talkeetna, Alaska: (no Palin jokes, please. kthxbai.)
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: Bingo! This whole thing with the turk..
gracekboyle: Palin’s "Weird" PR Strategy. Interviewing @ a turkey hatchery as they’re being slaughtered behind her: SICK.
zipzink: Palin’s turkey slaughter – YouTube Video –
lemonhed77: news update TV shows, agents clamor for Palin: Read full story for latest details.
joshacagan: Headline: "Popular NPR Radio Host Tied To Big Drug Companies" Related: Rush Limbaugh mulling move to NPR.
mugsbuckley: Sarah Palin’s video in front of a "pardonned" or rather beheaded turkey.
mikhelk: Palin pardoned a turkey & then did a TV interview in front of a turkey killing station at the farm. Animals were harmed during filming.
LazyLima: Is it wrong that I totally can’t wait to see the SNL take of the Palin/turkey debacle?
lizreay: Ok, there’s oblivious and there’s fucking clueles. Palin interview in front of turkey killing machine.
ET_nowplaying: Sarah Palin Gets Pranked On a Radio Show – Sarah Palin receives a call from The Masked Avengers… –
HoffmaniaDotCom: Palin the Pathological

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