Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

TeamMombo: Went outside today and I thought I was in Wasilla. I even started talking like Sarah Palin it was so damn cold out.
tjking: #hhrs toyota of whittier woman sounds like Sarah Palin
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Palin’s Church Torched
sarahpalinfeed: Sarah Palin: Blagojevich’s nerve? :
streetsec: Nominations rolling in for Streetwise Security Gaff of 2008 – Palin and McCain auction unwiped BB’s
streetsec: Nominations rolling in for Streetwise Security Gaff of 2009 – Palin and McCain auction unwiped BB’s
2012Palin: Watch Sarah Tonight!: Palin On Television!Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin TONIGHT at 10pm EST"On the Record" with Gret..
dmilligan: RT @lilyhill RT @PrivacyLaw: “McCain-Palin campaign dumps Blackberries loaded with personal [info]"
Milade: I dislike Sarah Palin and organized religion. A lot. But burning down the church she attends? That is just wrong all over the place.
macleans: ATF says accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church
palin_quotes: #Sarah #Palin, Republcian governor of Alaska, says she has wondered how long Rod Blagojevich, Democratic governo..
palin_quotes: "I’ll leave it to the pastor to speak to," #Palin says in the FOX interview. "I apologized to the assistant past..
russtproof: Music & Politics: An Interview with Sarah Palin
delwilliams: Not in Iraq, in Rush Limbaugh’s medicine cabinet. — Jay Leno
hoskog: Palin Refuses to hire African Americans
BrilliantOrange: Sarah Palin, you are no Caroline Kennedy. See you in 2016.
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin: Blagojevich’s nerve? (Chicago Tribune)
KatieKrafka: Oh my, someone burned down Palin’s Church. This is after she was sent white powder. What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?
palin_quotes: As Mrs #Palin turned her head slightly to the man shoving turkeys in a death contraption, she replie..
bitterer: It just keeps coming…. Sarah Palin is no cold turkey. Or is she…?
ET_nowplaying: Marcel the guy with bread under his armpit – Sarah Palin gets burned here cause she doesn’t question… –
katealaurel: Alcibiades: the Sarah Palin of Athens. Discuss.
NPRbackstory: (ellen moran) Media Coverage of Palin Hangs on Gender
alaskaBNN: The Dry Heat: This must be a green screen…: Governor Sarah Palin can not catch a break.  Yesterday she ..
floridaBNN: Blast Off!: Just say no … to Palin: Haven’t we had enough of America’s Dunce Governor yet?Apparently..
MrsDunbar: @wailinglist – I’ve had my "sights" on your Tweet about this shirt … I half expected to see Sarah Palin instea …
missouriBNN: The KC Blue Blog: Some Things You Have To See To Believe: Sarah Palin Gives Smiling Interview While T..
stix1972: Thank You Sarah Palin: H/T to Midnightblue Beer and Golf donations Related posts No related posts.
bleak22: I wonder if Sarah Palin is going to eat that turkey that dude killed behind her on Thanksgiving?!
arizonaBNN: The Dry Heat: This must be a green screen…: Governor Sarah Palin can not catch a break.  Yesterday she..
john_threat: if anyone does a good palin voice impression and want to get paid to be in a cartoon ad.. call my producer at 516-241-7220 (matt feldman)
BrickandClick: U have to give me time to settle into Brokaw impersonation, hitting stride w/ the Palin/turkey slaughter story:
erebor: Just saw my first "Palin ’12" yard sign.
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: ddoodoo: So basically, you don’t like..
tayari: Man at the next table is explaining his "respect" for Palin. He says it’s bc she "still knows how to be a woman.".
jorluiseptor: is coming back from playing paint ball. I wish I had Sarah Palin on my team.
MeetYoLe: Obama Girl takes on the Pundit Beast and the Palin Zombie at YouTube Live. =)
Rants_and_Raves: Palin Interviewed As Turkeys Get Slaughtered –
JustAnotherRich: read on cnn that agents + TV people are courting palin. i faxed all FIVE of her offices 2 let her know how i feel:
Eco_Water: @TwilightEarth Palin’s such a dork…She reminds so much of that beauty queen contestant. I call her "such as" …lol
TBOcom: Breaking News: Is Gov. Palin Too Big For Alaska?: Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write bo..
ECByrd: Also old man, Macs are not the tools of lefty "socialists." Rush Limbaugh uses a Mac, so they can also be used by right-wing assholes.
StacieWilliams: @ArtByChrysti LOL- I didn’t get the Palin/ Turkey thing until a few minutes ago- NOW I get it…..a little slow this weekend.
TampaBayNews: Is Gov. Palin Too Big For Alaska?
robconery: You have got to be kidding me with this… Palin and turkey blood.. .
Blast_Off: New post: Just say no … to Palin
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin struggling with demands on her time: Friendlies on the WEB report Sara has engaged..
denverposttalk: Past Hour’s Most: Palin struggling with demands on her time: 10 comments on this ..
shmu: [votes:1912] Sarah Palin is beating Barack Obama for Time’s person of the year. Fix this Redditors,
JessicaGalliart: So weird. Palin does TV interview while turkeys get slaughtered in background

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