Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

iamasarahpalin: Does anyone have any more news on the "Sarah Palin Church fire?"
gtcaz: McCain-Palin didn’t wipe their BlackBerries before selling them for $20? That’s not change we can belive in.
Slugger41: @mattriopelle Cuz Hannity really beat the drum on Obama and he’s also on TV. +don’t pick fights with Rush & 20m listeners. #rush
jimmiebjr: New blog post: Fire at Palin’s Church was Arson
politicalbugger: McCain shouldn’t have chosen Palin at VP if he couldn’t unequivocably back her for the Presidency. Is he somehow hoping to run again?!
jokemytwitt: [JMT] Twitt #282: Korben : today j’ai parlé de blogo-putes sur Twitter et là y’a un ricain qui ..
heathr: @markdaycomedy nice job Mark. I just gave Sarah B a heads up. Well-deserved pic. Her Palin vids rawk
bigskyman: Rumor has it that Palin’s Church caught on fire because she left her pants there.
SuznKing: oh my GOD daryl called sean hannity a douchebag! that’s the first time I haven’t hated that word!
itcn: So it’s OK for SNL to make fun of Palin and other politicos, but not Paterson, because he’s blind?!?
akdbman: 15electors just posted. Long h/w on Alaska’s electoral college voting for McCain/Palin. Guv shows up to watch.
zoara: @chrisridd No, I missed the ‘pardon’, though read about it. Will seek it out. Palin’s like a Chris Morris sketch, only real.
neovids: casting by phone for a sarah palin voice over for a short animation. call me at 516-241-7220 to audition NOW if ur in nyc area.
zbowling: @chriswebb hahaha. Meat is tasty. (I wanted to work in a Sarah Palin, turkey pardon interview video reference here, but I’m stumped…)
macjustice: I like how at this point even little kids speak of Sarah Palin with scorn.
robinyang: @gamingangel it’s okay. it’s girl porn. no one was rushing to give ‘nailin palin’ an oscar either… :P
Riskin: @sheasylvia you are a hero – only turkey I’ve seen lately was singing back up for Palin :-)
viqifrench: meanwhile, blogged my Palin thoughts re: turkey video faux pas –
joshuaculling: let’s be honest – the sarah palin turkey interview is hilarious
TerryBain: @remarkablogger I was sure this was going to lead to a Sarah palin news story somewhere.
yahoobuzz: Huge demand for Palin
gcleric: One Turkey Pardon + Gov. Sarah Palin = Priceless?
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest:
Every Wednesday up until the election,..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin To Heckler: My Son Is In Iraq:
Oct. 6, 2008.

Author: asterbot..

RSSFeedBot: CNN News: TV shows, agents clamor for Palin
juliecolgan: @kevinokeefe Palin story is not only out of context but is way old news.
soglesby: still laughing about that Palin turkey pardon video
vg_nett: – Palin vurderer hundrevis av tilbud : (VG Nett) Republikanernes tidligere visepresidentkandidat blir ned..
captainslog: Blog: Travel – Thank You, Sarah Palin!
labstest: TV shows, agents clamor for Palin: Read full story for latest details.
jonimueller: @kevinokeefe Palin has a thing or two to learn about bloggers, doesn’t she?
wendelldotme: @wabbitoid There are a few pundits with political clout, but after Bill Kristol helped ‘make’ Sarah Palin, their future looks bleak.
nomadic_gal: Chuckling that there’s an album on itunes called "The Sarah Palin Playlist."
RawStory: Raw Story Palin finally gets her Oprah call: Oprah wants her, and so do Letterman and Leno. Fre..
beulahgg: @stix1972 Limbaugh: Evangelicals-A Drag On Or Essential To The GOP? Answers K.Parker & Others-shoots them down
beulahgg: Limbaugh: Evangelicals-A Drag On Or Essential To The GOP? Answers K.Parker & Others-shoots them down
freerepublic: CNN Reveals Sarah Palin Fantasies: CNN, the most trusted name in – doodling? In a showcase piece of ..
yddy: Ha ha on, 76 percent of people think Palin needs to stick to Alaska, not run for president, write a book or host a TV show. :D
haripakorss: The week in politics: Sarah Palin’s e-mail, AIs with feelings, and debating Jammie Thomas: This week ..
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin struggling with demands on her time: Is there anything she doesn’t struggle with? ..
scienceblogsrss: ScienceBlogs: New Palin Parody [Greg Laden's Blog]: Read the comments on this post…
alexhutton: Sighted: Palin 2012 sticker on suv
HighPlainsBlogr: The Crushing of Sarah Palin
yorkhannah: Only just seen Dan Savage’s response to Palin idiocy ( didn’t stop Proposition 8 tho :(
KVUE: Palin considers 800 requests for appearances: Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write books, appear in films..
corykey: Unbelievable interview with Palin as turkeys are being slaughtered in the background. Like an SNL skit.
NewsGang: The Sarah Palin Turkey Video (from Xeni Jardin) :
Maybe she’s right, and she is blessed by God. Because..
sillykarlyle: Sarah Palin pardens a turkey, then is interviewed in front of the "slaughter cage", Oh my god.
world_peas: thinks someone needs to shoot Sarah Palin in the face already.

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