Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

newsninjas: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church
jozjozjoz: hahaha. I thought the headline said "Sarah Palin Will be A Great-Grandmother." Bristol’s baby is pregnant in-utero? re:
jozjozjoz: Sarah Palin Will Be A Great Grandmother, Says Her Father Chuck Heath
residuetiger: @joshacagan does Sarah palin even know what rhodium is?
topix_top: ATF says accelerant poured around Sarah Palin’s church: An accelerant was poured around the exterior of Gov. Sar..
jwelborn4u: watching Hannity
Pol_NewsHerd: Limbaugh vs. Powell
Bernie63: @missrogue I think Sarah Palin’s were pretty hot ( glasses) : )
newsherd: Limbaugh vs. Powell
lobster64: Steve I miss you so , not in a gay way, but I wanted to hear you and Buzz coment on Blogo
freerepublic: Palin proposes spending cut in budget: Gov. Sarah Palin, faced with shrinking state revenue because of oil price..
DanielintheDen: @infidelsarecool Heard Cheney on Limbaugh today…what a true gentleman
joshacagan: Headline: "Obama to Arrive in DC by Train" Much more reasonable than the moose-drawn, solid rhodium, Louis Vuitton chariot Palin requested.
Bradinator: @missrogue May I suggest something retro 2008 : the Sarah Palin look in eyeware?
McDonaldMichael: Following @THE_REAL_SHAQ might be more entertaining than Fake Palin
rjleaman: watching Sarah Palin and turkeys that *didn’t* get Governor’s pardon
AKdude: Reading: "Oprah, Leno, Letterman: What’s Palin to do next? – Yahoo! News" ( )
jcaruso: Palin turkey story funny. Do the outraged think turkey dinner comes from a fucking netherworld where it just magically appears on a plate?
ET_nowplaying: Economic experience – John McCain defends his decision of choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate… –
timheuer: turkeys slaughtered behind palin in interview
lalabridget: @CJArabia Obama’s no fool. Keep your friends close … Let’s also never say "Palin" again … Ever.
zcobb: Palin 2012 folks are looking for volunteers to organize in communities. Presumably they’d be "mere" community organizers
indianaBNN: The Hoosierpundit: Power Line on the Palin Turkey Pardon Video: Hilarity:What has liberals a-twitter i..
rikmeistr: @ZekeSaysSo maybe you can trade him for Palin?
IanRobinson: Mudflats on the latest Palin debacle:
ExperienceProj: I Do Like Her : Like Sarah Palin: I understand some don’t and won’t and I can respect that.
Can ..
Tastelikecrazy: NOW Oprah wants to talk to Palin.
rvr: at least sarah palin is doing her part to help the economy. more interviews = more work for comedians. keep it comin’ sarah.
XiNeutrino: Oh yeah, and Sara Palin thinks a hedge fund is a special horticultural rescue fund for hacked hedges.
dschach: Palin #1 just took out a tuna sandwich. Oh my gosh I want to throw up. Would any sane person do this???
fergis: says "Palin chose levity of a turkey slaughter to get away from heavy-handed politics. As long as SHE thinks it’s fun:"
bloodandfire: I yearn for the day someone says "Sarah Palin" and I struggle to remember who that was.
keithweaver: Thank You Sarah Palin. Pathetic.
FamilyCoalition: The Crushing of Sarah Palin: Bob Weir, AT:The other day, as I was watching one of the news channe..
alenkasusnik: Sarah Palin – tole je definitivno vrhunec faux pasov :) :)
myrna_minkoff: Latest Sarah Palin interview/turkey slaughter. So so so wrong. *rocking gently back and forth*
denverpost: Palin struggling with demands on her time: ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Sarah Palin is jugg..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Gallup: Palin top choice of Republicans to run in 2012: They’re a..
dschach: People next to me on plane sound like Palin. I wanna shoot myself. Thank goodness for QC2s and fresh batteries. Crisis averted.
isaiah: WRT the Palin Turkey Vid: The accent and combined with weird butchery machines made me think of the wood chipper scene in Fargo.
DanNunley: @SCartierLiebel Here’s one person’s view on why the Libs continue to attack Sarah Palin
mrh: Blog: Sarah Palin-Interview auf der Truthahnfarm
mrmrnm: Sarah Palin’s detailed $!50K shopping spree: Wow.
tander: @_LuckyBastard Ask @palin
ailec: @chromepoet did you notice how you were *ahead* of TheBloggess Curve on that Turkey Palin video? That takes some "skill" of some sort ;-D
panache: Seriously, the Palin turkey video is like a Monty Python skit. I could see Eric Idle decapitating the turkeys behind her.
gdpr: AF&O Latest*** Palin Pardons One Turkey, Ignores Fate of the Unpardoned:
This would be funny ..
jphillipsnews: Palin haters: You know you’re really digging when the only dirt you have on someone is their wardrobe

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