Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

MykalBurns: @jozjozjoz Palin a Great-Grandmother? That’s an awesome internet rumor. I’ll start it, and claim it’s on your authority.
NewsHeadlines: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: Dr. Condoleezza Rice became Secretary..
ianternet: lol turkey dies while palin speaks:
hanszech: Palin turkey Video!
champagnes: I would also like to say hello to Sarah Palin and why did you have to kill all those Turkeys?
ChrisW357: Great comedic article! The Palin bite at the end is LOL!
hotairblog: Gallup: Palin top choice of Republicans to run in 2012: Kathleen Parker, call your office.
dariuscaine: Why isn’t Sarah Palin spouting some crap about Terrorist-elect Barack Obama right now?
heathertemp: I just saw the 2 Palin turkey videos. First the pardon. Then the execution. How …..Republican….
illinoisBNN: Rants of a Jewish Republican: What is MSNBC’s Problem with Palin?: I have to ask the question and it ..
floridaBNN: Seminole County Democrat: Palin – Crist 2012: My friend Tally at FlaPolitics is asking people to email..
rivva: Fast-Vize-Präsidentin achtet immer auf perfekte Kulisse – law blog: Sarah Palin ist einfach nur ___________..
kansasBNN: Evolving in Kansas: Want to be the next Rush Limbaugh? Here’s how.: The author of this article was news..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Palin Turkey Ad: Conservative Group Releases Thanksgiving Spot "Honoring..
DanNunley: @SCartierLiebel "More suited for celebrity than office?" Really?! Alaskans with their high approval rating of Palin sure don’t agree.
akoscane: hoping at least one of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter has a complete meltdown over the teaming up of Hillary and Obama.
BillyAkerman: Gallup: Palin top choice of Republicans to run in 2012: Kathleen Parker, call your office.
neuromusic: Spent the day in the desert, checking out fossils of the first whales that migrated INTO the water FROM land. So cool. Take that, Palin.
cmacivor: The draft Palin for President movement is in full swing. See Isn’t that a little scary…
jskelley714: @Campah Thanks for the link to the best Sarah Palin video ever!
alexlmiller: Panel; most GOP pols actions in 2012 depends on what Palin decides to do #politico
ethanellen: Africa a country? Report says Palin thought so
rightblogs: [hotair] Gallup: Palin top choice of Republicans to run in 2012: Kathleen Parker, call your of..
jesseluna: I’m eating an apple fritter so large, Sarah Palin can see if from her front porch.
hbeeinc: dear christcons – palin LOST. she’s a FOOTNOTE. stop wasting people’s money to rehab a reputation that never existed –
conservatweet: [Hot Air]: Gallup: Palin top choice of Republicans to run in 2012: Kathleen Parker, call ..
tander: Palin dá entrevista enquanto perus são assasinados no background! Viva ao mundo de Palin!
derekeb: @Basler best part is that while turkey gets wacked palin’s standing there blaming the media for her campaign travails. paging tina fey….
Genelle: I guess people were turned off of turkey after seeing that interview with Palin. But all I could think was, hey, those are some fresh birds
bild_aktuelles: Sarah Palin – Truthahn-Schlachtung bei Interview
jschau2: Is that guy killing a turkey behind Sarah Palin?:
Aftenposten: Alle vil ha Sarah Palin: Valgtaperen tilbys filmroller og bokkontrakter til honorarer de fleste Holly..
nyheter: Alle vil ha Sarah Palin – Aftenposten
twitturly: New #2 ⇩ from #1: – YouTube – KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview – via @raymondpirouz
innenriks: Alle vil ha Sarah Palin – Aftenposten
BobbyDelray: Stasia and Bob How Much More Palin Can We Take????: The Wild Wordsmith of WasillaDick C..
Tolemac: @CJArabia Really… Palin over Clinton? So what has Ms. Clinton done to you personally that makes you so mad at her? Just curious.
BrickandClick: News topics on today’s Fake Tom Brokaw mobile podcast: Motrin Mommies, Shaq Daddy on Twitter, Palin/Turkey flap & RIM’s Storm release.
drakemedia: Cooking Mama v PETA and Turkey v Palin on same day. The Law of Attraction?
arstal: @CJArabia You’d prefer Palin in Office over Hillary?
Netscape: Oprah, Leno, Letterman wants Palin!: Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is gettin..
schlagzeilen: Bild: Sarah Palin – Truthahn-Schlachtung bei Interview
3boys1mommy: Oprah wants Palin on her show!!!! Who do I have to pray to, to make this happen?
LindaBogie: YouTube S Palin turkey pardon interview t She talks abt fun as turkey is brutalized in the background !! For real !
allartburns: just saw the Palin/turkey interview. WTF?
johngarcia: ahaha… just heard the stylistic palin spoof ad on the radio.
mattyrosen: Has Palin Been Pallin’ Around With PETA?:

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