Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

chrisfaulkner: ok, here it is Part 1 of "Lessons from the 2008 trenches" featuring McCain Palin 2008 National Spokesman Ben Porritt
bhdonovan: @COasis Yes, I do think that Governor Palin is a very viable presidential candidate. Do you have a problem with her? #TCOT
2012Palin: Sarah Palin: Blagojevich’s nerve?: The Swamp: Sarah Palin, Republican governor of Alaska, says she has wonde..
2012Palin: Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin TONIGHT at 10pm ON THE RECORD …: (being the republicans mouthpiece, essentially ..
ET_nowplaying: Blue flies – Sarah Palin comments on the insect that would be effected by drilling in ANWAR.
odanielpavon: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church
: AP – An accelerant was poured around the exterior of Gov. Sarah Palin’s church befo..
RThomasETC: The West African Dust Storm Affect – The Palin Church Burning
kerribreen: Sarah Palin on the Hour almost makes me want to stay in for new year’s
COasis: Don’t take this as sarcasm, but you guys don’t really consider Palin a viable Pres. candidate do you?
roaring_repub: No big news from Palin on Greta just talk about church fire
PureEminences: The joys of freezing your ass off in Canadian weather. Just one of theprecious moments not shared by our southern neighbours. except palin
dinag: anyone heard the joke about McCain, Palin and the Blackberries?!?
Cdog923: Watching "Best Year Ever" on VH1….it reminds me to thank God that McCain/Palin didn’t win…
lilliew: #tcot Yay! Sarah Palin phone interview on Greta tonight, talking about the arson of her church and a little about the campaign
wallflowerT: @billbeckett you’re going to Alaska?! Say HEYY to Sarah Palin for me.. Haha.
mjtho485: @ev Sarah palin ear muffs for the cold weather
vannschaffner: RT @gretawire telephone interview with Sarah Palin on now. .
light_writer: Thinking about whose face to put in the devil frame. Just realized I made Palin go down in flames. I’d almost feel bad putting W back in.
LeeC: If anyone watches Fox news, Sarah Palin is ‘On The Record’ right now. Go watch it, I’m sure it’ll be a bundle of laughs.
msznitro: reads about Palin Turkey Interview as I eat baked chicken…meaning it is so not that serious.
JonHenke: Sarah Palin talks near turkey killing! Stupidest political attack ever….or this week. Any non-vegetarian critics of this are just idiots.
naptress: I cant stop thinking about that video of sarah palin being interviewed with the guy killing a turkey in the background..I’m affected
bwdumars: Katie Couric on Sarah Palin: She Was Struggling With Answers..
AceyTech: Wondering what SNL & Tina Fey could do with this video of Palin at the Turkey slaughter farm.
gretawire: David Letterman v. Governor Palin …. what do YOU think?: The emails to me about David Letterman’s…
jbstansel: sarah palin strikes again….
bellevillenewsd: Oprah, Leno, Letterman: What’s Palin to do next?
madlolscientist: RT: @astrospace says, "Sarah Palin thinks ‘Bush Administration’ refers to trimming hedges :-) "
Luis_Vasquez: The Sarah Palin turkey slaughter video is an instant classic. AND I am now a vegan. I guess I will just have to eat extra bread rolls.
mguterl: I was driving through the country today and noticed there are tons of McCain/Palin signs still out. Don’t they realize the election is over?
rightbrain: Palin pardons turkey. KTUU posted unedited video to YouTube that’s macabre. Check out the background in 2nd video.
cherot: @ccarfi Thanks to Google, anyone who missed tha the first time around can find it by googling "Palin Turkey Video." What a world!
floridaBNN: Smashed Frog: Alaska’s Biggest Turkey: Sarah Palin and I have something in common.Our hair.The differe..
msznitro: @RayWJohnson I don’t think Palin tries to look like an idiot, it is what it is.
lkenyon: sarah palin hasn’t updated her twitter feed since nov 4th??? … but why?
jebswebs: watched "Palin and the Turkey Pardon" – not Monty Python, but just as bizarre. Warning slow YT
leneker: Hey Meaties ! Stop yelling at Sarah Palin for giving an interview in front of turkeys being killed. Quarter Pounders didn’t die of old age.
RayWJohnson: How does Sarah Palin successfully manage to make herself look like an idiot every week?
bengani: What’s Palin to do next?: ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write bo..
TMV: An Obama-Palin Administration—No Satire!: A couple of days ago, I wrote a satirical piece on “What an O..
BBoomsma: @_enlightenment Sarah Palin will reinvent herself over and over from this latest gig…
ccarfi: OH, re: the palin-turkey video: "that’s awesome."
lkenyon: sarah palin hasn’t updated her twitter feed since nov 4th??? … but why?
headzup: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Slaughter:
JohnHancock61: What are you supposed to do with the McCain/Palin stickers all of your car?
downtheticket: The best take on the Palin/Turkey "scandal" yet
MissScarlett: these turkeys are far lucky-er than the poor Sarah Palin ones….how disturbing
ckEpiphany: …and then Gov. Palin’s handlers were oblivious to the shot where she was being interviewed in front of turkeys being slaughtered.
animalsvids168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Dog Killing in South Korea:
Re:OFFICIAL VIDEO: Sarah Palin gets pran..

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