Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

lewiszhang: @jmerriman Palin tops the list; it’s as if she singlehandedly powered NBC’s advertising for a while there
SGPolitics: @Linc4Justice Maybe we should send you up to Alaska with Palin then. At least, you might get some action from the moose.
mrfletcher: Rush Limbaugh Responds to Colin Powell:
So if we try to understand Powell’s thinking, which is difficult ..
Slugger41: from Hillary’s twitter: 50 days ago I never would have guessed Governor Sarah Palin had a style team. Her outfits are so hideous and her …
idealist615: @vannschnaffer true, there are some things that are contrived. what about things rush limbaugh/bill o say? JW where the line is. #fs #tcot
Charles_LePage: If you think Palin supporters are the lowest common denominator of either the Republican party or conservative… re:
RyanO218: Rush fired back at Colin Powell today and it was a beautiful thing to hear. Also, someone torched Sarah Palin’s church.
justins22: under a blanket, trying to stay as warm as possible, it’s freezing outside…I suddenly feel like I must be Sarah Palin’s neighbor!
lagomorph13: @Elehd You betcha, and my Norwegian grandfather, although his voice was quite a bit deeper than Gov. Palin’s. Now I’m pinin’ for the fjords!
COasis: I just think she needs some more etime and experience. I like her fire. But Palin needs some more experience. I find others more polished
orbitz: HuffPost Rush Limbaugh VS Colin Powell: Limbaugh Responds To Powell’s Criticism: Colin Powell, in a leng..
Elehd: @lagomorph13 – Yum, almond butter. Sounds like something I should never, never try. So Nordic Track sounds like Sarah Palin?
garyvanriper: So Sarah Palin’s home church is burned w/women & children inside. $1 million in damage. Officials suspect arson. And the media yawns…
johnnyA: wouldn’t Libs be outraged if Hannity threw shoes at bin Laden
sayuncleblog: Turkey day pardons: One thing to notice about Sarah Palin in this video here.
Notice how she’..
PrincessIvory: @morrisvig I don’t like her, but I prefer her to Palin by a wide margin.
kriley19: Palin is what happens when people think they can divine what God is thinking. Karma for the right wing "Christian" fundy-kooks.
ET_nowplaying: We’re ill – Sarah Palin comments on how ill the financial crisis makes her feel.
terryannonline: Sarah Palin: The celebrity?
charmcitychica: And cat killer sounds just like Sarah Palin. Funny considering how much she hates Mrs. Palin
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Reactions To The Palin/Turkey Slaughter Video
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Gallup: Republicans Prefer Palin for 2012
rarestnews: Updates: palin turkey, bush signs, bus (roots), took cartel, business 2008
dogwalkblog: Is Palin and Joe the Plumber the new standard of the GOP? You’ve come a long way [from Shakespeare], baby!
trisholeary: @kathleenhessert I vote for Leno! I don’t much like Letterman these days especially after what he said about Sarah Palin and his "excitement
nycrican2: @alizasherman Omg, just shocking! Few people want to see a Turkey getting slaughtered in the background while watching a Palin interview…
celinus: @alizasherman I knew I could rely on you for silly Palin videos.
ClaraCharlotte: michael palin aged pretty :)
freerepublic: AP Reminds Us That Palin is A Failed Candidate… Over and Over and Over Again (PDS Alert)
: Govern..
rightblogs: [The Corner] palin increases turkey sales: An e-mail: "My wife and I have never been that ..
rightblogs: [The Corner] turkey talk: Good spin from a friend: "Gov. Palin just showed the world that ..
XiNeutrino: @astrospace Look out for Palin to try and fill Ted Stephens senate seat.
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: ddoodoo: Well, here’s a memo for Sec…
vanmaanen: Sarah Palin, shredding the Turkey: Nice backdrop. Yuk! #thanksgiving #turkey #palin
capecodtimes: Is Alaska big enough for celebrity Palin?
newsbusters: On Palin’s Celebrity, AP Reminds She’s A Failed Candidate… Over and Over and Over Again!: Governor ..
lbphilatel: Sarah Palin to get $3 million to write book. Is that called booking instead of hooking?
c4chaos: Palin PAC video: 10,600 views – – Palin Turkey Surprise video: 1.6 million views – – i rest my case.
sobiloff: I can’t believe people are making a big deal about Palin’s turkey interview. There’s just no there, there.
ET_nowplaying: Let people know what she thinks – Joe Biden comments on how Sarah Palin is going to have to show… –
markreiboldt: I will go ahead and make the prediction that the GOP will put up Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal in 2012
msznitro: @mortimas You have issues with full sentences do you? Yes, Palin is a slug…a slimey creepy crawler.
jovelstefan: sarah palin ist auch in der session #bchh08
mortimas: @msznitro am clairvoyant, so I knew what you were going to say, plus I will keep the mega numbers for myself. palin not slug be realistic
amyz5: Just saw a woman drive by with a palin hairdo. Guess it could have been a lot worse
msznitro: @mclanek I saw the Palin interview is it possible for her to be dumber than I originally thought?
mclanek: Have you seen the recent Palin interview – the one that shows turkeys being slaughtered behind her during the course of the interview!
msznitro: @mortimas Palin is a slug…My disdain for her is based on her stupidity. Folks can be critical…but realistic or is that not possible?
mortimas: @msznitro plus… you want critical voices of obama to silence, yet earlier you call palin a slug? double standard?

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