Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

nzzonline: Sarah Palins Kirche brannte: Die Kirche der unterlegenen US-Vizepräsidentschaftskandidatin Sarah Palin ist angez..
2012Palin: Suspicious blaze damages Sarah Palin’s home church (Boulder Daily Camera): ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An arson fire ha..
ragley: The SC Electoral College will meet at 11:00am in the Blatt Building to officially cast their votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin. #tcot
WakeupwithBill: Blog Post: McCain unwilling to commit to Palin in 2012
smiley49: News of the day – Arsonist burned palin’s church and michael jackson is dying
cpcristian: Diosss esto parece ALASKA! Espero no encontrarme a Sarah Palin por ahí…. es cm el abominable hombre de las nieves!
huffingtonpost: Steven Weber: I Am So Effin…: …thankful for Sarah Palin and her pathetic ilk who put a face to..
drvino: hilarious mashup of the Palin turkey vid:
tiffanyanderson: @karaswisher Wow, thank you! Tell readers to put in Palin’s address for updates on her new "friends" she sponsored. :P
hoskog: @mattpkelly hahaha…Failen Palin! I moved here to be close to my dad who is sick. Im glad Im here. Love the cold! peace!
famecrawler: New @Famecrawler Madonna Takes A Page From Sarah Palin’s Turkey Slaughter Notebook:..
inthecan: ROFL In disbelief, Palin pardons a Thanksgiving Turkey but his brother is not as lucky!
douglaspaul: i’ve never seen the palin interview w/ couric but i just saw a few clips on and WOW! what was mccain thinking….again! lol
lizwebpage: @David_N_Wilson I’d wish you’d stop, perhaps you’d better, or Sarah Palin may make you deader.
captainoats84: hasn’t tweeted in 4evs HI HI! @dannisaurus Chocolate Power is so crisp, @PalinFanatic Aren’t you excited for "Nailin Palin?"
Karasu_anesan: @shnjhnsn That bitch Palin’s got your ‘puter, man! You’ll have to scan it for Republican spyware. (^_^)
SlashTopics: Will The Real Martin Eisenstadt Please Stand Up?: Did you hear the one about how Sarah Palin didn&#82..
Catie: @winebratsf you beat me to it. re: Palin. not sure what would be more disturbing her or dying turkeys. I flipped it off. wont watch it.
freerepublic: On Palin’s Celebrity, AP Reminds She’s A Failed Candidate… Over and Over and Over Again!..
mssinglemama: @prdoctor Yummy, yummy. Gobble, gobble. But after watching that Palin video, may have to pass on the Turkey this year.
EveSieminski: I may be late with this but did anyone see the Palin turkey killing video? That was so very disturbing….. :(
mgrdcm: Just saw Wonkette refer to Palin as "Bible Spice".
ibernardo: Sarah Palin is a MILF (a Moron I’d Like to Forget)
jerrykuch: Comments in the javadoc that make you expect to find @author Sarah Palin!
37h3r: But really, why is the Palin team telling lies about this, thus prolonging it? No one actually cared…
emanp: that’s palin at the turkey farm…
timlyne: cracking up over Palin’s Turkey Gate
allcomedy: The Daily Show’s Very Best of Sarah Palin: From Indecision 2008… Feeling nostalgic for the heady days..
otmg: ok, Wonkette has the greatest nickname for Palin i’ve ever heard – "Bible Spice"
huffpost: Wonkette: Oddly Endurant Sarah Palin/Turkey Slaughter Story Takes New Twist: That funny but.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Wonkette: Oddly Endurant Sarah Palin/Turkey Slaughter Story Takes New Twist: That funny but..
The_Pirate_Bay: Music The Rush Limbaugh Show – November 24
tiffanyanderson: @karaswisher Ha, have the pictures of the turkeys adopted sent to Palin.
mkcho73: @asgardian2 that was the Palin’s second wedding song.
poptub: What hijinks is Sarah Palin up to now
ronvs: Thinking of becoming a vegetarian since watching the Sarah Palin interview in front of a Turkey Slaughter house –
heddahfeddah: @losangelista my father in law made a drum out of deer roadkill so I think of him. But yeah, Sarah Palin too. And the turkey slaughter.
instapundit: A BAD REVIEW FOR AUSTAN GOOLSBEE: Hey, take it from me: TV is hard. I like the Sarah Palin/punctua…: ..
wonkette: Oddly Endurant Sarah Palin/Turkey Slaughter Story Takes New Twist: That funny but completely unimportant..
losangelista: @heddahfeddah All references to eating roadkill will forever remind me of Sarah Palin.
Fang1230840: @vitamin_k Either that or he doesn’t like Palin and saw a very unique opportunity.
warzabidul: @aliciamk How do Sarah Palin cocktails work, for every question you answer indrectly you drink?
iowaBNN: Century of the Common Iowan: Thank You Sarah Palin?: Was this on last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night..
pwot: Re: Sarah Palin and Turkeys and…. just watch: Quote from: David Wong on November 21, 2008, 06:54 PMQuote f..
MEGGATRON: is wondering if Sarah Palin just likes to see animals die, in general.
ellestar27: @katsuzak @aduthie @ben_henderson that damn Sara Palin stole my look
tiffanyanderson: @karaswisher Palin’s lack of awareness baffles me! I won’t watch the footage, esp after adopting 6 turkeys! (^:
shane_elliott: Rush Limbaugh criticizing Obama for not detailing his economic plan yet. He’s not even in office, hasn’t even formed his entire team yet!
paulvalach: @aliciamk sarah palin cocktails??

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