Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

argusleader: Accelerant linked to fire at Palin’s church: ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) � An accelerant was poured around the exteri..
VS2008: [] Brandstichting in homofobe kerk Sarah Palin: De kerk waar Sarah Palin, de gewezen Republikeinse ..
brandonives: Time’s Top Ten Scandals for 2008, Sarah Palin hits #5. Find out why
krwlos1: um, sarah palin 2012 is following. may have to use "block" for the first time ever.
3NewsNZ: #3News NZ: Celebrity future beckons for Sarah Palin: Oprah Winfrey wants her, and so do other U..
_101_: [digg] Media Shocked To Discover How Farming Works: So what if Sarah Palin gave an interview in front..
michaelcalienes: just saw this — RT @Cuvols I don’t believe this happened. Sarah Palin interviewed in front of turkey torture.
marc_ahlene: Sarah Palin Bashing. Truthahnmassaker …
naziasayed: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered
Cuvols: I don’t believe this happened. Sarah Palin interviewed in front of turkey torture.
The_Pirate_Bay: Music Rush Limbaugh 11-17-08–11-21-08
seanhackbarth: The NY Times editors actually wrote turkeys were "executed" behind Gov. Palin.
captaincaple: Got love a Sarah Palin interview:
snackfeedbuzz: snackfeed found
Palin Pardons Turkey, But Not That One-Good thing she wasn’t supposed to pardon a human.
cowboyjane: The Sarah Palin Turkey Interview on YouTube is a bit disturbing. Animal lovers won’t like it…turkey haters might love it. =|
cmail_bolt: Media turkeys: Americans eat up to 300 million turkeys each year. Not until Sarah Palin held a…
vermontBNN: Rational Resistance: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview: Get this. She’s talking about "pardoning"..
rmarotti: doesnt understand why the Palin/turkey interview is interesting at all. We kill animals and we eat them. Politicians talk.Who’s surprised?
snackfeedbuzz: checkout KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview-A 2008 news story on KTUU channel 2 in Anchorage. Subject: Governor Sa…
nbnnews: New blog post: Palin turkey slapped
snackfeedbuzz: we’re watching Super Obama Girl at YouTube Live-Obama Girl takes on the Pundit Beast and the Palin Zombie at YouTube L…
DaveSanClemente: It’s official. Sarah Palin was against California Prop. 2 Here’s the proof:
heathermeeker75: People, if you don’t like watching turkeys die behind Sarah Palin speaking, then don’t eat turkey this Thanksgiving. Spare the poor birds!
capnjoy: @frankepi but then there are plenty of fucked up things about sarah palin.
StuffJacobLikes: Stuff: Beau replied to the discussion Should Sarah Palin Run For President In 2012?:


LJWorld: Palin pardons turkey while birds killed in background
davesgonechina: God bless Monty Python for creating YouTube Channel. And @JohnCleese is on Twitter. Now, where’s Palin?
vergelbradford: Salmonberries is idiosyncratically Alaskan in setting and narrative, explaining more about Sarah Palin than I need to know about her a…
huffpost: What the Bible Tells Us About Sarah Palin’s Future -rhrealitycheck
rhrealitycheck: What the Bible Tells Us About Sarah Palin’s Future
mccombover: Headzup: Sarah Palin Explains The Turkey Interview:
Posted in Barack Obama, Election, Joe Biden, John..
ethanellen: Gov. Palin pardons turkey while news video cameras capture fowl…
ScottAllen: @StephAgresta I love how the guy in the background seems to be able to do most of his work while looking over his shoulder at Palin.
tofteberg: Check out the Palin turkey pardon on YouTube.
seanhackbarth: @RightGirl Can we get back to talking about Gov. Palin and turkeys?
urquidez: Watching the Sarah Palin turkey execution video. Just wow! OMFG!!!
missouriBNN: Show Me Progress: Turkeys: satire really is dead: The fictional orginal:

And Sarah Palin in her ..

altadenablog: RE latest Palin vid: It’s a turkey processing plant, people! Butterballs don’t come from the ground like potatoes! What RU eating Thurs?
RogerShepherd: Spot the Turkey: The great Sarah Palin makes a reappearance on my blog…….
huffpost: Understands why Alaskans threw out Stevens but is slightly bummed that Todd Palin and Bill Clinton won’t be in Senate spouses club toget …
mattizcoop: Understands why Alaskans threw out Stevens but is slightly bummed that Todd Palin and Bill Clinton won’t be in Senate spouses club together.
laceyhearty: happy thanksgiving, sarah palin style:

trotterpie: Crazy-thankful for fire. Not normal weather for Nov. It’s so damn cold I’m scared Sarah Palin might show up with a gun & think I’m a moose.
danstocker: @yanwoo WTF on that Palin interview!?! (yes I’m still stalking you…)
WeeLaura: Sarah Palin’s turkey pardon has officially ruined Thanksgiving for me.
bradsucks: Made it home and it seems the universe has created a new Sarah Palin video to cheer me up.
bberrymom: Watching the video of Sarah Palin give an interview while a turkey is being slaughtered. Does it make her more studly?
davekresta_rss: OnlineVideo: #4 Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her
davekresta_rss: OnlineVideo: #1 KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
simeonedmunds: I nearly fell of the treadmill this evening when the guy in the background of Palin’s interview cut the head off the turkey!

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