Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Japan_Blogs: Trends In Japan: Salem Alaska Menthol cigarettes go cold and furry: If Sarah Palin were a smoker..
celticdiva: Sarah Palin talking about the fire on Fox News! More media hype!
amillz: lol@Mccain wont support Palin 2012! A month ago she was the best qualified candiate now all of a sudden shes NOT READY for a higher position
koteka: @Sarah_Palin sarah palin for president in 2012
aerikuh: "She’s a smart woman, and a very accomplished woman, I just don’t think she contributed to the ticket." –Colin Powell, on Sarah Palin
gknauss: Whoa. I just checked a couple of sources, and I think Sarah Palin was _real_.
heathermeeker75: Why is everyone upset about the Sarah Palin turkey video? If you don’t like the idea of dead animals then stop eating meat and have Tofurkey
bakerjrh: @mortimas Yes! It’s amazing how much confusion follows palin. She would have been comedy fodder every week. Obama/Biden’08
assateague: Gov. Palin apparently oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder.
ssbohio: An oldie but a goodie, one of my favorites… RT @KevinPorter Oh my gosh. Sarah Palin was the PERFECT choice on McCain’s part.
winkelspecht: Whose day was worse, Sarah Palin or Joe the Turkey?
mikewayne: @johnreese Hilary was Foreign affairs experience; how that translate to selling his soul? It’s not like he chose Palin;D
time2simplify: What’s funnier: Palin pardoning a turkey while others are slaughtered, or the fact the story is sponsored by ExxonMobil:
TBOcom: Breaking News: Turkeys Slaughter Makes Unlikely Background For Palin: Gov. Sarah Palin has g..
twitturly: New #2 ⇧ from #3: – Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background (VIDEO)
fionamagic: @gavinb did you mean ‘pain’ or ‘Palin’. Either one makes sense. Interesting Freudian slip if it was one.
obamamamma08: Watching Rachel Maddow and enjoying this article: Palin is definitely gaffe-proof….wait…
davetopper: sarah palin does it again
LeMecRedir: TechCrunch: @Norbtek why blog what? The palin video? I linked to HuffPo.
mortimas: @bakerjrh yes because palin was filmed while a turkey was killed, thank god I voted Obama.. is that your reasoning?
cclear44: "Sarah Palin is getting a book deal… which means Wasilla is getting a book store! This is the Colbert Report."
bakerjrh: OMG! The Sarah Palin implosion continues! Turkey brutality continues, all weekend long! Obama/Biden’08 was definitely the correct choice!
newestdiscovery: update: Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind (Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "par…)
aubear: Dear news media, I hadn’t heard about Sarah Palin for a week. You ruined my forgetfulness with two mentions today. Let her fade, please!
orbitaldiamonds: Haha, Shuster noticed that guy! That look was WTF, not pleasure, unless he’s pleased Palin’s making a fool of herself.
zestylime: @anamariecox XDDDDDD "maybe he likes Sarah Palin" <3
WillAtWork: Watching @anamariecox on @countdownmsnbc about Palin’s turkey slaughter so funny
JonLooney: Turkey slaughtered in background as Palin addresses media – too funny.
askmanny: Palin being interviewed while turkeys get beheaded in the background…
apekillapes: Breaking News about sarah palin turkey
RawStory: Raw Story For extra cash, states auction goods online: ALBANY, N.Y. – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin i..
lyndalcairns: Sarah #Palin has been interviewed on TV with a farmer chopping off turkey heads in the background:
techgurus: TechCrunch: @Norbtek why blog what? The palin video? I linked to HuffPo.: TechCrunch: @Norbtek why blog..
top_video: youtub: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview:

A 2008 news story on KTUU channel..

studiounderhill: MSNBC has WAY too much fun with an increasingly clueless Sarah Palin:
shadowfax_rulz: Sarah Palin talks about levity while turkeys get slaughtered in the background.
vardenrhode: Holy Palin Turkey Slaughtering!
alexlau: @jeremiahlee Hillary is 500 million times smarter than Sarah Palin.
bka: Endorsement for the US-Elections 2012: Im Wahlkampf Bei den US-Wahlen 2012, Obama vs. Palin, bietet es sich a..
cbgb0426: sarah palin at it again:
alotofnothing: @trollbaby that Palin vid is disturbing on many levels – the no. 1 being it made me want a turkey sammich
snplgal: Does Sarah Palin deserve to be scolded for standing by and allowing turkey slaughter?
ddoginsidefilm: you have to check this video out ! sara Palin is a moron!
Sterkworks: New Blog Post: Stop Picking on Palin?:

Last night on MSNBC I watched Sarah Palin give ..

jdphillips: Seriously people… after a day’s worth of Palin/turkey video tweets, I’ve just got to ask: How do you think turkeys get to the table?!?
derrick1123: G4TV Chubby vs. Fire, Young Girl Talking, Crazy Eyes, Japanese Metal, Palin vs. Turkey.
peccatorimpius: What is Palin doing next to this turkey!?!
TechCrunch: @Norbtek why blog what? The palin video? I linked to HuffPo.
Orbgiberson: love the new Sarah Palin Turkey video, people who are offended by the background have no clue… that is reality, and tastey.

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