Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

CountryMe: McCain does not promise to support Palin! LOL
jmp5329: Retweeting @blogsforvictory 64% of GOPers Favor Palin in 2012 (But that doesn’t include McCain!)
celebilicious: Time to impeach Illinois governor [Digg]: Calls to impeach Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich strengthened on Mon..
wcbs880: Sarah Palin Tops 2008 Quotes List
blogsforvictory: 64% of GOPers Favor Palin in 2012
heymeredith: @girlkate I finally watched this: It is BRILLIANT. I bet she already knows more countries than Sarah Palin.
strychninekid: RT @suzboop So pissed off about that idiot, Sarah Palin & her Turkey pardoning fiasco. she needs a publisist BAD:
mattpkelly: @hoskog Why did you move to Alaska? Tell Sarah Palin I said "Howdy"!
TCDL: Sarah Palin’s culture war sleeper cell: Sarah Palin is just biding her time for now, waiting to bring the cu..
shockj: Sarah Palin Thanksgiving Magic.
skye820: Have you purchased your Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar?
CampRunAPup: @jenimc hope you feel better. How could Palin not of known!! The Turkeys were gobbling in the background—Pleading for Freedom…Democracy!
felixkunze: Eddie is a genius. Managed to mention Obama, palin, iPhone, canasta, iTunes, palin & turkeys and the credit crunch all in one show.
chickgonebad: Cerphe dedicated a song to Sarah Palin. Don’t hold back, C. Tell us how you really feel.
disinfo: Thank You … Governor Palin?: Don’t get this, only thing I’ve looking forward to from Sarah Palin is mor..
yobbbo: I just watched Bo Burnham’s song on YT Live – wasn’t Sarah Palin in the audience when he made that South Carolina Vice President joke?!?!?
dvshah: @Jimconnolly Did you really "check out" all 8000 of your followers? A Palin-like vetting process, I assume ;-)
jasminemcatee: "Why is American Indian & Alaska Native together for ethnic category?" "Ok Sarah Palin, now listen…" No, really, dont link me with Alaska!
aduthie: @ellestar27 For what it’s worth, my first reaction was not "Palin," it was "Lora’s put her hair back." So I guess it looks a bit like you!
liesforliars: @Richard1994 not to mention Sarah "barracuda" Palin ;)
marcylauren: Bush is still President until January – is he going to make any decisions?? I’m baffled about Palin too – why is she still making news?
jlevin: A list of things terrorists should actually hate us for: Twilight, The Jonas Brothers, Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin’s 16th minute of fame…
elliotharmon: I’m baffled that so many people are still talking about Palin and, apparently, have never seen an animal slaughtered.
HuffNewswire: A. Sullivan: The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXV: The Turkey Massacre: The wack-job is once ..
GawkerDotCom: Latest: Martha Displeased With Sarah Palin’s Turkey Massacre [Animals] : So the other day, Al..
nationhahn: Abt to grill steaks marinated for over 24 hrs. Abt as excited over this as john mccain is over palin running in 2012.
davetopper: A Palin/Steele ticket for 2012, should the GOP go with this combo I will officially throw down that they are indeed genuinely, NUTS!
leonleaf: putting out "pro-palin" adds now…?
stratz4liferk: Its official. You have to be a complete moron to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show…
tfollowell: Interesting interview with Palin. Watch the guy covered in turkey blood.
ben_henderson: @ellestar27 Sorry , my first reaction was "Palin", too.
ShelleyJean: I have to admit, these "outtakes" from the Palin turkey interview made me laugh.
dailydish: The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXV: The Turkey Massacre: The wack-job is once again denying reality. Here’..
ET_nowplaying: Without preconditions being met – Sarah Palin talks about Barack Obama being willing to meet with… –
vitamin_k: hahaha Sarah Palin fucked up again! Google Sarah Palin turkey-slaughter interview, click the first link and watch the video
CEngeron: @jesseluna That would explain your ability to eat a fritter so large that Palin could see it from her porch, as you stated
TheInDecider: The Daily Show’s Very Best of Sarah Palin
imps: "And am glad that she… " I got a degree. Must of gotten it from that same place that Palin gotted hers
echoica: Yet another Palin FAIL: Seriously, WTF?!
plinko23: sharing ‘Thank You Sarah Palin – Thanksgiving Version’ on ffwd:
deansms: Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain: No to Jeb Bush ’12 / Palin!
mariobrothers: Mario says: Stress Relief for Post-Campaign Sarah Palin
raygun01: I was saying "You betcha" way before the whole Sarah Palin thing happened. Now, when I say it, I get "ok, Palin!" I was here 1st, Palin! :/
Race42008: New Pro-Palin 527: H/T: Marc Ambinder.

PAC spokesman Sa..

kanook: @fark : "Republican political action committee narrowly beats entire Democratic party in putting out "Thank You Sarah Palin"ad"
bobmcmillan: Accused Palin hacker Kernell’s trial moved back to May 19, 2009.
suzboop: So pissed off about that idiot, Sarah Palin & her Turkey pardoning fiasco. Unlike many, I don’t think it’s funny:
wweek: Sarah Palin Honored by America’s Dumbest
an0maly: Thanksgiving,… Palin style:

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