Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Darrie: Fire hits Palin’s church in Alaska–Laffing at what GOD must think of PALIN!!
Sonskystar: New blog post: The Democrats Need A Sarah Palin: She Would Fight Pay To Play
CountryMe: @jamesbyers Yes pay back time but McCain still gave Palin lots of praises, too!! LOL And you are late this morning LOL
csuspect: Oh no!I just saw my first Palin 2012 bumper sticker.
jamesbyers: @CountryMe McCain has reservation about supporting Palin LOL. It is payback time. Palin came on the trail with a selfish personal agenda
popevilgirl: Palin is sorry if fire at her church was linked to her race for VP. Yes, because it *is* all about her.
AngelWest: @achampag Don’t worry the people who burned down Palin’s church yesterday are going straight to HELL.
capecodtimes: Palin and Fey top list of year’s memorable quotes
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin Tops 2008 Quotes List (WCBS 880 New York)
CountryMe: Now that I’m up on the latest news Obama, McCain, Palin, & shoes threw at Bush lol etc I will see if anyone is chatting @ The Palace Chat?
abrahaap: @onecrayon ha ha. Very true. I find myself disliking CNN more than the Republicans…possibly more so than Sarah Palin. They bother me lots.
CampRunAPup: Katybeth just finished watching the Palin Turkey interview. I’m not eating Turkey.They were gobbling in the back ground for goodness sakes!
tonyvia: @donmiguelb almost went with "if the economy’s failin’ vote NO McCain/Palin"
TCDL: Limbaugh spin alert: The “Obama recession”: A few days ago, I wrote: “I give it six months or less bef..
setholansky: Sarah Palin: can she do anything NOT in poor taste bordering on the obscene?
tombiro: Just got an e-miles email featuring Sarah Palin, telling me to visit the site.
geokitten78: Srsly. OMG. This document reads like a transcript of a Sara Palin interview!
macleans: With offers from Oprah, Leno and Letterman, what’s Palin to do next?
macleans: With offers from Oprah, Leno and Letterman, what’s Palin to do next?
viqifrench: omg! i think Sarah Palin’s after me. nah, it’s probably a wicked Yahoo search dooloop that has SKYROCKETED my sexy Palin photo post
ssevener: Sarah Palin is fielding offers for books, TV, and movies? Why do I get the feeling they would all star Kirk Cameron, and not in a good way?
AlKronos: @faheyr Did you watch Ms Palin’s latest – the Turkey Kill Interview?
wonkette: If The $700 Billion-But-Somehow-Still-Tawdry Shoe Fits:
Bitter Mike Huckabee thinks that Palin was sele..
lagomorph13: @SonlitKnight Wizbang took this screen cap before Holmes could sanitize all his Palin Derangement Syndrome posts
nishachittal: Huckabee: McCain picked Palin for VP because "she looks better in stilettos than I do."
lagomorph13: @SonlitKnight @luv2shop Colmes also inferred that Gov Palin contributed to Trig’s Down Syndrome by flying after her water broke.
ryiinn: just saw the Palin video with the turkeys. Is this for real? What a fucking moron.
psykose: Sarah Palin digger kalkuner:
christmas08: Katy Perry Breasts, Diddy Blasts McCain, Sarah Palin, Don LaFontaine, TWIYT#12:
This week in YouTube..
etkotite: feels so weird not hearing/seeing Sarah Palin anymore. Tina Fey, too, for that matter.
DukeStJournal: Is there any way to take the al-Waleed video foreground & juxtapose w/Palin turkey slaughter bkgrnd. Would be so best
chrisbachmann: finding the Palin/turkey video a disturbing metaphor. Phew! What we missed! Glad we picked the right one.
SonlitKnight: Attack Palin’s daughter…geesh…libs are vomit
govit: Palin gift keeps giving… to Democrats! "Thank You, Moose Clown, For Helping the Republicans Have Such An Epic Loss"
davetopper: oh the plot thickens, the Sarah backers are putting together Palin/Steele for 2012, there is irony here, oh this will never work
WDWMarathon2010: She talks like she’s from Minnesota. That’s why I wrote this little polka. Yipee cay-ay and okie doka, this is the Sarah Palin polka!
danskebrigante: @ambisense does obama go to the church?…i knew i knew…i should have voted mc-cain palin…
faheyr: @leeprovoost don’t want to be associated with money. need a phrase like ‘joe sixpack’. might ask s. palin. what’s her twitter handle?
postadvertising: Thank you Sarah Palin…for not having a punch line:
tlezfemme: (continued) Or would Tom Palin really be the vice president & she would graciously submit to what he had to say?
cgerrish: Alan Combs opens the door for Sarah Palin.
tlezfemme: OK, so I’m still wondering. If Sarah Palin is a born again X-tian. Isn’t she supposed to be lead, not lead?
MargHamp: Hypocritical- Media trashed Bristol Palin who’s marrying, recognizes need for 2-parent home.But Congresswoman Sanchez in intentionally unwed
Gawkk_Popular: Gawkk Video: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey While Other Turkeys are Killed Behind Her
mistatwitta: Für irgendwas musste die Palin ja gut sein:
daveld23: Was just told Palin has jewish ancestry. This news I could do without. Let someone else claim her!
gradientus: So, Mrs. Palin, looks like your political career is in the toilet. JUST WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!!!!
tsfranklin: Ok, I’m late to post this, but seriously, wtf is the camera operator thinking? Turkeys killed during Palin interview
BuzzFeedFeed: Collection of Awkward TV Moments: Sarah Palin may be the Queen of excruciating television mishaps, but her impo…
xfrosch: got a cpl good wk hrs in @ Barnes & Noble b4 3 women showed up @ nxt tbl & started arguing loudly abt Sarah Palin. oy.

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