Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

bottomline: Why is it okay to hang Governor Palin in effigy but not okay to have some tasteless fun on a blind Democrat?
esperanca: In the Top Five Aggressively Insignificant Artifacts of 2008 – Sarah Palin! But that was a given, eh?
bottomline: Extensive Damage caused by the fire at Gov Palin’s church in Wasilla
apierrot: Réseau de recherche, annotation… Marin Dacos [Blogo Numericus] Matière à réflexion
thecrobar: McCain just denounced Palin on CNN …not qualified to lead with other governors *HaHahahHahahaah
WTF are these people doing in leadership??
freerepublic: World Burns While Politicians Like Palin and Jindal Fiddle
: Climate change and the inevitable extinction of th..
ZanP: Threw my Mc/Palin t-shirts that I worked 9 days OOT on own dime to earn in trash bin, McCain is maddening!!
calvingilbert: If Time Magazine chooses Palin as Person of the Year, they should probably call it a "good run" and close down.
ZanP: threw my Mc/Palin t-shirts that I worked 9 days out of town on my own dime – in the trash bin – McCain is madding!
mob_flix: @roschelle FYI – Sarah Palin’s Church in Wassila was firebombed over the weekend – $1 million in damages – Where is the outrage?
usatoday: What’s new: Blagojevich might stay? … McCain demurs on Palin … Inaugural crush
roschelle: McCain: It was nice "knowing" Palin but ….well that’s all: It’s not what you say…it’s WHAT YOU MEAN. John Mc..
thescepter: Sarah Palin is going to be featured on the new tv series "Hee Haw", folks
tysiscoe: McCain says now he couldn’t promise to support Palin if she runs for president in 2012. POS creepy hypocrite.
erwanmace: Brilliant: RT @neofreko Used BlackBerrys sold for $20 at McCain-Palin blowout, contacts and emails included
USATOnPolitics: What’s new: Blagojevich might stay? … McCain demurs on Palin … Inaugural crush: Good morning. USA TODAY On P..
ancym: rt @richpav Iranian journalist threw a shoe at Bush. McCain can’t promise he’ll support Palin if she runs for prez. God, I feel so happy …
excogitate: someone tell me what qualifications valerie jarrett has that the msm hasn´t deemed her inexperienced as they did palin (w/16 years exp)
jennmccarty: is proud to be a Palin-feminist. I work, care for my family, and Love my Country!
chrishogg: World Burns While Politicians Like Palin and Jindal Fiddle
BowlMeOverVa: @skye820 Whose is Biden? Oh that guy that likes to show up at Sarah Palin events!
nydailynews: McCain: ‘I can’t’ endorse Palin for prez: Sen. John McCain said Sunday he would not necessarily support his form..
AmandaSena: @csuspect Palin 2012 already??? Ummm….wow….
melsnell: Decided to not eat turkey or chicken again. Thanks a lot Sarah Palin.
davetopper: @hbeeinc oh this is good" without Palin, McCain would have lost by a large margin" he lost because of that twit, I enjoy thier world
mrpower: Blogging: "You inspired us": Inspired by Sarah Palin? You’ve got real problems. Via Wayne MacPha..
freerepublic: Fans Push Palin for 2012 (Reagan Staffers Plan ‘Draft’ of Sarah to Washington, DC): Fans P..
freerepublic: The GOP’s Crush on Sarah Palin (MSM Types Are Baffled): The GOP’s crush on Sarah Palin Say..
CTmagazine: Politics blog: Huckabee: Palin ‘looks better in stilettos than I do’:
BuzzFeed: Help me make a definitive collection of awkward TV moments in honor of Sarah Palin: Trust me, this is important.
CandaceKuss: @GordonM – am thinking Thanksgiving on Thursday. 1 turkey gets pardoned. Hoping it’s me ;-) ps: Palin Turkeygate (gross)
tadhgk: New Sarah Palin Campaign Ad! [No Exit]
snackfeedbuzz: another one New ads thank Sarah Palin-Nov. 24: Mark Williams from Our Country Deserves Better PAC talks with MSNBC’s …
ellestar27: @katsuzak oh, hell no–the anti-Sara Palin
davetopper: @hbeeinc a palin run in 12 will probably mean i will not live to see another rupublican in the white house
CatWeaver: Stop saying it’s not ‘change" if Obama choosse from current, VIABLE, vetted, candidates? What were you expecting? Sarah Palin???
eroticrogue: @MollyRen – Oh yes, the conservatives do have their appeal, indeed. I know that I find myself (unwittingly) desiring Sarah Palin, for exampl
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] The GOP’s Crush on Sarah Palin (MSM Types Are Baffled): The GOP&#..
gawkk: The video, "Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey While Other Turkeys are Killed Behind Her", has become popular. (
plaird: Hilarious (or devastating, if you are a veggie) Palin interview with turkey being slaughtered in background
stienman: @starslip You listen to Limbaugh? Shoot, I’m conservative and even I can’t stand his drivel…
lonelydragon: I really miss *not* seeing McCain/Palin and Yes on 8 bumper stickers everywhere. Someday I’ll move, really.
element9: New blog post: Sarah Palin Just Invited Me to Alaska!
mync: New blog post: Oprah, Leno, Letterman: What’s Palin to do next?
JaredParker: Sarah Palin’s steely soul.
zunaid: Retweeting @Canoe Palin’s popularity skyrocketing: Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write books, appear in films
rmendez1: The way Palin seems to be oblivious to the slaying of the turkey behind her seems characteristic of Bush being oblivious to the citizens.
cressman: RT @JimMacMillan Sarah Palin’s turkey slaughter video: and response: .
vergelbradford: Jon Stewart suffering election withdrawal pangs remixing Sarah Palin video shots to squeeze reak laughs out of fake news in the intereign…
debontherocks: Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush share the same birthday–February 11th. Not that I’m chomping at the bit for the 2012 election or anything.

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