Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

AurimasOnline: Apie komentarų cenzūrą komentaras, parašytas Denis: 1. Demagogijos apie blogo „viešumą“ palik iki akimirkos, kai..
DiogenesTLAL: McClown’s non-endorsement should send Palin’s poll numbers even higher. Good work, JM.
FriarWade: News: Bush gets ‘shoe’-ed? Palin’s church presses-on. Robert A. Schuller (Crystal Cathedrals’ son) given the ‘left-foot’ of fellowship?
tokenliberal: The only way McCain supported Palin for Prez was if he was dead:
VoxAZ: Ongoing fundraiser for Sarah Palin’s fire damaged church
GoogleNewsElect: McCain may not necessarily support Palin for president – TopNews: New York Daily NewsMcCain may not necessarily ..
electionTF: McCain may not necessarily support Palin for president – TopNews
HAZIQ: McCain wont promise to support Palin if she runs… haHAAhaaaa
HenryNews: Google U.S.- McCain may not necessarily support Palin for president – TopNews: New York Daily NewsMc..
rightblogs: [The Corner] In Defense of John McCain: I keep hearing that Senator McCain "dissed" Sarah Palin yest..
moms4sarahpalin: #tcot Mccain backstabbing Palin in clip I just saw on Fox. Surprise, surprise!
jimmiekersh: Yesterday, on ABC This Week the RINO McCain refuses to endorse Sarah Palin if she were to run in 2012
katsuzak: @ellestar27 your avatar is very Sarah Palin-esque!
rathacat: RRRRrrr – Sara Palin, stop killing wolves!
shanand: thank you sarah palin
calamities: @starslip Sweet…but why are you wasting you time listening to Limbaugh?
jahsun: There goes the garbage man with another Mccain-palin sign. SEE YA!
starslip: ha! rush limbaugh got blindsided by a caller and had to stop short before he agreed with obama’s plans for the UAW. he is a tool.
presstime: Why do I think of Sarah Palin every time I hear the word "gotcha"?
hotheadred: I just got *personally* invited back to MacWorld Expo. By a robocall. And it wasn’t Sarah Palin. So I’m not going.
Stuartcfoster: I’m a Maverick and not the Sarah Palin kind.
corbett3000: @daveambrose thanks dave! It came about from…years of community organizing. Something Palin/Giuliani don’t understand or respect!
lilygulchsoaps: Bought a 20lb turkey for Thanksgiving. Having hard time forgetting news footage of Palin’s turkey pardon while others slaughtered in backgrd
gminks: @courosa you are tricking me, like those canadians tricked sarah palin are ya? :)
cemiami: sent Palin a letter today, via USPS
QueenofSpain: monkey waiters, palin lovers, cute kid…what more could you want in my blog?
pusser: Fox News, Limbaugh, O’Reilly the most trusted news sources –
alisonzack: still traumatized by the Sarah Palin/turkey slaughter video.
imaclurg: @xavierla hahaha smart ass. Not the biggest fan of Palin.
south_dakotaBNN: South DaCola: Palin is the new VP of a Chinese Democracy: [...]
linklog: Thank You Sarah Palin: We’re not sure if this is real, but it’s hilariously uncomfortable.
johnandrews: hahaha..Marty is a "maverick" just like Sarah Palin I suppose?
marcylauren: Can’t we just stop talking about Sarah Palin!!!!
Flap: Palin’s national profile could be travel boost to Alaska: Now, the association says the surprising vice pres..
Tutivillus: Palin’s Turkey Interview: The Outtakes:
rahafharfoush: I apparently SNL did an offside skit insinuating that Todd Palin has an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Eww. Did anyone see it?
stix1972: Thanks To Palin The Pirates are still at it: The Pirates are still capturing ships.  They..
stix1972: Thanks To Palin Iran has enough material for 1 bomb: I am just wondering, does Obama stil..
dreamnotoftoday: Pro-Palin ads ‘thank you’ ads hit the airwaves
dreamnotoftoday: Thank You Sarah Palin – Thanksgiving Version
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Huck: Palin ‘looks better in stilettos’
: Former Arkansas G..
lm29: okay. this may be old but too funny not to share again. Palin, the brains of a turkey:
denimandgingham: I can tell I’m close to home by the McCain Palin yard signs. Oh rural Ohio. What YouTube showed of you was too true.
bill1vox: RT @livepath Palin interview travesty. Can’t concentrate on what she’s saying as guy behind her slaughters Turkeys!
HomeschoolCoach: @PunditMom hmmm…interesting…thank you, sarah palin for what?
dreamnotoftoday: Re: Palin Puts the L Back in Pain
dreamnotoftoday: "There are moments when in a desperate attempt to find any intellectual purchase on the steep cliff of the Palin… re:
huffpost: Huck: Palin ‘looks better in stilettos’ -TheRealMcCain
LunarHavok: This is.. funny/horrible: Palin Pardons Turkey as Video Shows Worker Slaughtering Birds Behind Her
StudentVoices: Hilary, Palin – The Glass Ceiling Holds Strong

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