Eating Each Other Alive… December 15, 2008

When will the carnage end?

IndyEnigma: RT @cqpolitics Heartbeats Away from the Presidency * MSM freaked out bout Palin but ignore new line of succession!
net_news: Suspicious fire at Gov. Palin’s hometown church – Catholic Culture: Washington PostSuspicious fire at Gov. Palin..
erez: "Sara Palin, the Broad to Nowhere".
sarahpalinfeed: Endorse ‘Palin 2012′? It’s too early, McCain says :
silas216: VIRGINS « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more
silas216: Meanwhile, at the retirement reception for Senator Larry Craig… « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin,…
OllyOllyO: So glad Letterman pushed the Palin turkey farm fiasco. Top ten Sarah Palin excuses for slaughter: Not bad.
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: Palin’s Turkey Vid Compared to Bailouts:
In an interview on the Laura In..
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: Help clear up Palin Smears:
I’m traveling with family (liberals), ne..
jdlasica: On his show tonight Keith Olbermann showed the Sarah Palin/sacrificial turkey massacre – unblurred. Yecch!
PoliticalSeason: is blogging about Parting Thoughts on Palin: I actually buy the premise that Pal..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter (VIDEO): David Letterman..
foodbloggernews: The Grinder: Palin in Touch with Turkey Slaughter, Out of Touch with PR Tactics
TheMilton: Kieth Olberman is way too harsh on Palin. Now that she’s not running I kind of like her. I think she’s funny.
hoskog: @mattpkelly failen Palin…no way….im quite on the left….she is a fundamentalist freak….
sugarjones: @caffeinatedelf Do you remember the Live Tweets for the debates? Wink Shot was in reference to Sarah Palin. Funny, I do that ALL the time ;)
raymariano: Wish i was living up in the mountains with a great view! Think i should move in with Palin. Think she is a hottie!
absolutwade: @OurCountryPAC Our Country Deserves Better than Sarah Palin. I seriously can’t believe this is for real?
htpotter: just a little disturbed by this tribute to Sarah Palin:
GrowWear: @Zut_Radio My beliefs differed too greatly with Palin’s. She’s not really dumb, though — just not ready for prime time.
VeganBits: @captainslog @zebtron I watched the Palin video — bizarre and uncomfortbale….
snackfeedbuzz: Olbermann reacts to Wattlegate -Nov. 24: Keith Olbermann views the Sarah Palin turkey pardon video for the first time…
nohoch: @twitmastwee a really bad month is when you are THE turkey and Gov. Palin doesn’t pardon you as her helper executes a few in the background
Dorkenhoff: Sarah Palin thinks she won the election – she’s pardoning turkeys
shindotv: @richandcreamy A lot of people qualify here, including recently former VP cand’t Sarah Palin, but she’s not in GA
shindotv: @richandcreamy A lot of people qualify here, including recently former VP Sarah Palin, but she’s not in GA
Zut_Radio: @GrowWear So U did vote 4 Palin eh? She gave Cdns 1 big bucket laughs can’t believe that she was even considered.. Manage coffee shop mayB
Martyrds: I am horribly amused to discover that a young lady I saw for a minute did a softcore nude "Sarah Palin – Go Vote!" photoshoot… heh
davidzabarte: –Just was shown the Sarah Palin Turkey Pardoning… All I can say is OMG!!! OMG!!! …This woman was so close to being VP of the US govt.
supercynic: @canape Hard to see but right next to the turkey, coherent thought was also getting slaughtered. Ok, I’ll lay off Palin now
clintschaff: Slate V’s Palin Turkey Interview Outtakes:
rmisek: ok. so clearly i missed the Palin Turkey Slaughter Interview
alicam: Sarah palin interview with a guy bleeding out turkeys in the background. Yeck.
felix42: has been traumatised by a Sarah Palin turkey video
Cyndle: New blog item: Sarah Palin’s turkeygate meets WKRP’s turkey drop! That does it — no turkey this week!
iowaBNN: Iowa Liberal: About that Palin/turkey slaughter video…: I’ve seen poultry put to death before so th..
s_carolinaBNN: Waldo Lydecker’s Journal.: Odd, when televangelists line up turkeys like Sarah Palin at the Wasilla..
ET_nowplaying: White flag of surrender – Sarah Palin thinks that Joe Biden’s plan for Iraq is basically surrender… –
rbirnholz: @careyd 1 last old story redux. The Palin Turkey video was NOT a hatchet job by the cameraman. Here’s HIS story.
thejimjams: Sarah Palin has been given more than 800 requests for media appearances in the coming month. Hollywood stars are getting jealous.
freerepublic: Olbermann Devotes 6 1/2 Minutes to Mock the Sarah Palin Turkey Clip: The purest “Countdown&#x94..
mattpkelly: @hoskog Sorry to hear about you Dad,, I would do the same thing. From reading your blog, doesn’t look like you’d be a Palin fan.
JaxPolice: For those who might have missed it: Sara Palin, Turkey
pineapplecakes: "Now I need a lobotomy." Not even Rachel thinks that Palin is hot. Thank. God.
caitlinchris: *snicker* @maddow "Thanks for giving me the image of you in stilettos. Now I need a lobotomy." (re: Mike Huckabee blasting Sarah Palin)
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin’s Greatest Hits:
All the best moments of Sar..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – McCain rally boos Sarah Palin hailing Hillary Clinton:
Campaign rally..
greenskeptic: Back in Chestnut Hill. Did not see Sarah Palin @ the Irish Pub. A month too late, I guess.
Vruno: Palin’s light-hearted interview in front of the gobbler guilotine. Off with their heads.
dondo: For those who might have missed it: Sara Palin, concept/performance artist.

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