Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

mchesner: McCain refusing to endorse Palin 2012 is NOT news. 4 years is a way off. He wouldn’t be endorsing George Washington now, if he were alive.
stephanieelliot: Granny Palin: Leave a comment at the end!
ET_nowplaying: Brag him up – Sarah Palin comments on how she was going to give a speech bragging about John McCain… –
RepublicanInLA: The arsonist who set fire to Sarah Palin’s church, with children inside, used an accelerant. Q. Why no hate crime?
INferno_lt: Blogo įrašas : – apie socialinių tinklų "draugus"
esencoj: La persona blogo de László Szőke (‘Nova vojo’ aŭ ‘Esperanto 2.0′) hodiaŭ translokiĝis al ESENCOJ.
RepublicanInLA: Reading over Caroline Kennedy’s resume. Makes Sarah Palin’s look pretty darn impressive. #TCOT
LaurieSC: Just saw this on Favrd….made me spit out my coffee…"Whoa. I just checked a couple of sources, and I think Sarah Palin was _real_."
teamtraveller: @randallhmiller That tells you more about the Republican party than Powell or Palin. They are a shell of their former self. Ruined by nuts
jamarib: Sarah Palin vs Terry Tate

Sarah Palin vs Terry Tate

RallyGrrrl: @empressjeneya careful – don’t go all rush limbaugh on us with the oxycontin
julie_adore: je me promène dans la blogo!
djezi: At this point, keeping your McCain/Palin ’08 car sticker makes you look petulant and angry. Just like McCain, I guess.
mperschbacher: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardon Mishap
Brainix: What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and her vagina? Only *one* retarded thing has come out of her vagina.
GillianShaw: @matwilcox, is that going on the curriculum for PR 101? For US Thanksgiving, posted the Palin turkey interview.
sicil: Dude, not even worth mocking Palin anymore…
JonasKai: @phloxy what is this Palin/turkey stuff you keep mentioning?
beelerb: It’s the Gov. Palin / turkey processing video you’ll be talking about Monday. (Gory details blurred but still.) (youtube)
paulnevison: @ijustine OMG….Palin really is so naive! that was funny tho!
IdiotList: New, best-bet direction for conservatives: Palin-Shiavo 2012!!
stevenmhall: RT @OddNewsUPI Palin spares 1 turkey, others not so lucky other turkeys disposed of in the background of intervw
ShermanB: Palin around with Methodists
dailystv: Palin Saves Turkey, Drinks Starbucks while others slaughtered
osiodmak: OMG .. they are actually killing turkeys behind Sarah Palin while she just rants and rants and rants! I’m having fish on Thanksgiving!
OffMadison: Sarah Palin and the murder of Turkeys – can anything unplanned be this funny?
visionaria: i can’t believe it… sarah palin is definitely in a class by herself
kathrynaustin: @colorburned ew, [chills] – i wonder how this will affect the Sarah Palin Brand – i will try and make a quality post to make up for this one
MrThompsonR: He he, Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered
jayboren: Palin just keeps on giving:
kathrynaustin: @colorburned ewww [chills] – I wonder how this will affect "Sarah Palin Brand" – I will try and make a quality post to make up for this one
ursulas: Dumb dork. @TheRealMcCain WATCH: Palin Laughs During Turkey Slaughter
jonathannail: anyone watching the Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughter vid?
jonmikelbailey: is the turkey industry going to cash in on Palin exposure too?
msznitro: I so wish Palin would just be the slug she is and crawl back under the "dumb" stone she crawled from under.
hautepocket: @racheliza Everything Sarah Palin does upsets me.
deepakiyer: @aditya (about pwn) You betcha! *winks* (and hopes Palin doesn’t sue me for copyright infringement)
toxicandstylish: Adding to my Twilight boycott, I’m also boycotting turkey. ( Palin is one crazy m’f'er.
photoexaminer: Fowl Foto Op with Sarah Palin:
msznitro: @mjsante I say that Palin interview…not flattering at all.
jimmysunshine: Now that I’ve watch Sarah Palin again make herself an idiot, I can go out. I guess the moose she didn’t shoot got pardoned as well. Dumbass!
gyokusai: If you think Palin had touched the ceiling in terms of bizarro dumbosity during the election, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
mjsante: Priceless: Palin being interviewed, with turkeys being beheaded in the background. (r/t @craigstoltz)
pamelalyn: FYI file this away for 2011-12 — "Palin, politics and the pipeline" ( )
unitystoakes: Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre. She was almost President!:
johnohab: Sarah Palin turkey interview. Gobble Gobble!
Chicagoist: Friday Afternoon Diversion: A Sarah Palin Thanksgiving: Sarah Palin gives an interview in front of a n..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – CNN Laughs It Up Over Sarah Palin Interview:
Segment from CNN’s Late ..

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